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Benin is Loaded up with magnificent culture and architecture. This nation has a lot to offer to its guest. Benin is a little nation situated in the landmass of South Africa. You might think that as a traveler is it worth to visit Benin as it is very small in size but trust me Benin won’t let you go back unsatisfied. Benin has regular magnificence encircle itself from all sides. Benin is definitely a spot that you need to see at any rate once. Culture, wildlife, and Beaches. So in this article, we will cover up the top 10 towns and cities in Benin from where you can access all of the attractive places and can know Benin deeply. Mentioned below is our top picks of best cities in Benin which are must to visit.

Top Cities to Visit in Benin

1. Porto Novo

 towns in Benin, cities in Benin

Porto Novo

Porto Novo is the previous French capital of Dahomey and now it is the capital of Benin. On the off chance that you have visited Cotonou city before Porto Novo, you will presumably think that why Porto Novo is the official capital city, the populace is just around 250,500 and the pace is considerably more relaxed than Cotonou. The impact of the Portuguese around there are still obvious to find in the present day. Places of attraction in Porto Novo includes gardens and the Royal Palace just as the historical center of Porto Novo rulers.

2. Ouidah

 towns in Benin, cities in Benin


This city is influenced by Portuguese and French blend because of the several events that have happened in history this is the reason why it is said as one of the top cities in Benin to visit. Ouidah is situated about 42km far from Cotonou and interestingly is increasingly loose and if you know you are keen to African history at that point, this city ought to be top of your agenda. It has fabulous historical centers investigating subjection and voodoo. Ouidah is not only known for its History as the city is famous for its beautiful beaches also.

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3. Cotonou

 towns in Benin, cities in Benin


It is not the capital city of Benin yet you can feel like it is because of the vibe of Cotonou has. The city is an extraordinary impact of urban vitality joined with an African appeal. In the event that it is your first time in Africa, the city can be somewhat overwhelming and full on however for those eager to hazard the experience, Cotonou has a lot of remunerations These prizes incorporate various staggering heaven shorelines with palm trees and golden sand. The Pendjari National Park is additionally an absolute necessity to find in Cotonou and is viewed as one of the main creatures reserves all over Africa.

4. Grand-Popo

 towns in Benin, cities in Benin


The famous town has a fascinating history chiefly because of the significant job it played in the slave exchange. The town overflows with African appeal and the general population is amicable. The town is about an hours drive from Cotonou and offers an ideal difference in pace from the bustling city. There are numerous rear resorts and hotels in the town and the shorelines are an extraordinary spot to swim and relax. The close-by Mono River is an extraordinary spot to walk and offers an opportunity to see mangroves and fascinating feathered bird life.

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5. Natitingou

 towns in Benin, cities in Benin


Situated around 48km far from the famous Pendjari National Park, the city of Natitingou is one of the famous cities in Benin and additionally has it’s very own attractions that make it a must stop on a journey through Benin. The city has its own historical center which is situated in a French colonel building and archives the way of life of the Somba individuals. Truth be told the city of Natitingou is a standout amongst the best places to see the Somba individuals’ lifestyle and methods for structure.

6. Abomey

 towns in Benin, cities in Benin


Abomey is the home to many demolished royal residences yet the remaining parts are kept in the most ideal manner. The stories of the lords are captivating to hear in the town of Abomey. The place not to be miss in this city is the famous Unesco World Heritage Site. Aside from the remains, the city likewise has some great cafes and restaurants for his visitors. Abomey is one of the unique cities in Benin.

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7. Parakou

 towns in Benin, cities in Benin


Parakou is the second biggest city in Benin, Parakou has an expected populace of around 201,000 individuals. In spite of its size, the city does not feel as crowded and lively as Cotonou or Porto Novo because of wider streets and more ore open spaces. Parakou is innovative with the vast majority of its economy concentrating on peanut oil, textiles and cotton. There are various beneficial things to see in Parakou including the outdoors exhibition hall which shows conventional Bariba design and the market spend significant time in a customary sort of brew.

8. Pehunco

 towns in Benin, cities in Benin


Pehunco is another extraordinary spot to escape from the all-around trodden traveler track. The famous town of Pehunc is known for its jewelry so the business sectors here are additional exceptional. During the time functions occur in Pehunco including the territorial lord’s pony. There are relatively few sights in that capacity in Pehunco, it is only an ordinary Benin town and this is the principal purpose behind visiting. A stop off in Pehunco is an extraordinary exercise and understanding into the town life of the general population of Benin.

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9. Tchaourou

 towns in Benin, cities in Benin


Found generally 65km toward the south of Parkou, Tchaourou is basically a rural town but on the other hand, it is also known for its inclusion with Nigeria in fuel dealing. The primary sights in the town are the market, that happens every Monday, just as the difficult to miss houses of Benin president Yayi Boni which are both sumptuous and strange however worth a look regardless. The close-by cashew production factory likewise offers guided tours at low budget and free at sometimes yet no photographs are permitted.

10. Boukoumbe

 towns in Benin, cities in Benin


Another town in Benin with an amazing market, Boukoumbe is situated about 40km west of Natitingou. The town is an extraordinary base for visits to the most astounding purpose of Benin; Mount Koussou-Kavango. Boukoumbe has its own fascination in any case, the goodbye sombas, conventional two-story manor like structures that were initially inhabited and built by the Dita Mari individuals. The upper floor was utilized by the families residing there and the upper level was utilized by the families dwelling there. The town has a “tats touristique” which is a case of the structures for visitors which is come to through a guided climb or moped.

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All of the mentioned top 10 cities in Benin and towns in Benin are the top places to visit in Benin which are worth to visit. All of these cities are rich in culture, history and offers a lot to his visitors. Hope the post is beneficial to you kindly read our other blogs also if you want to know more about Benin.

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