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Top 10 Best Cities in Indonesia to Visit | Beautiful Cities in Indonesia

Cities in Indonesia full of life, color and delightful cuisine, Indonesia’s drape cities can be a bit faithless for travelers to navigate, although the wealth of sights make a visit more than worthwhile. A mix of old and new greets you in its streets, such as ancient temples and mosques lie side by side with skyscrapers, fast-food joints, and flicker shopping malls. A populous nation, cuisines, and cultures are on a show wherever you go. Cities to visit in Indonesia contains beautiful beaches and splendid mountains, caves, lakes, and rivers lying nearby, the best cities in Indonesia offers an invigorating escape into the wild. With a rich cultural heritage and fantastic historical and cultural attractions on offer, truly exploring Indonesia will be an unforgettable experience.

Indonesia City Name List

1. Yogyakarta

Indonesia city name list, best cities in Indonesia to visit

A delight to wander, Yogyakarta is the best city to visit in Indonesia having an artistic and cultural heart of the island, the rich Javanese heritage shines forth wherever you look. One of the oldest cities in Indonesia, there are several historical sites, I must tell you that still it is ruled by a sultan, whose aesthetic, walled palace dominates the center of town. Yogyakarta’s delightful street art, fantastic art galleries, and museums, and its sumptuous dining options make it a lovely place to visit. There is always something fabulous to see or do. Although the local culture and traditions are still very present, and fast-food joints have sprung up all around the city. With the stunning temple complex at Borobudur and Prambanan nearby, Yogyakarta is a great base to explore the surrounding region.

2. Ubud

best cities to visit in Indonesia, top cities in Indonesia

Ubud’s center is packed with tourists, although if you head further out, you will find more peaceable parts of town and secluded paddy fields. Dripping in history, nearby surroundings are home to a multitude of cultural and historical attractions. There are plenty of spectacular temples for you to visit, some delightful caves, lovely stone carvings, as well as some great museums. On top of all that, there are several good restaurants, bars, and local shops to check out, over sixty-five art performances are put on each week.

3. Kuta

Indonesia city name list, best cities in Indonesia to visit

Once it was a small fishing village, Bali‘s Kuta has been developed over the decades, its fast-food joints, cheap bars, and nightclubs are full of young Australians searching for a good time. Here you can spend all your time partying, it is Kuta’s white beach which is the main attraction and may even be the best beach in Bali. All along the coast, there are gallant beaches for you to enjoy. Head to nearby Legian and Seminyak if you want to have some more peaceful time, or to the superb beaches of the Gili Islands which are a boat ride away.

4. Jakarta

Indonesia city name list, best cities in Indonesia to visit

The capital of Indonesia this teeming megalopolis is a dynamic place full of life, it is the top city in Indonesia which must be visited. Although its streets can feel maniac and chaotic at times, and almost thirty-million residents are a welcoming and friendly bunch. Its fast pace of development which means the city is constantly changing, as high-rises and tower blocks spring up through the delightful Chinatown and colonial buildings of the old town help show another side to Jakarta.

5. Bandung

Indonesia city name list, best cities in Indonesia to visit

The third largest city in the country, Bandung is a traffic-filled city that is minacious to engulf many of the attractions which make it worth visiting. There are several lovely buildings scattered about, with some particular architectural styles on show and some great markets, shopping centers, and restaurants on offer. Surrounded by mountains, there are loads of natural wonders for visitors to enjoy nearby, you can travel volcanic peaks, bathe in relaxing hot springs or take a trip to the nearby tea plantations.

6. Surabaya

top 10 cities in Indonesia, cities to visit in Indonesia

Chaotic, traffic-filled and polluted, the best city in Indonesia acts as a transport hub for a lot of tourists, although that is great mistreatment to Surabaya. Since there are no attractions, the old Arab quarter with tiny streets is fascinated to wander around, old colonial buildings are scattered around the city. With the lively Chinatown, lots of great restaurants, bars, and nightlife on offer.

7. Medan

best cities in Indonesia, top 10 cities in Indonesia

This cities to visit in Indonesia lies near the northeast coast of Sumatra. There is a multitude of dishes for you to try from a vast array of food stalls and restaurants. With some lovely seeding architecture on the show and fine museums, Medan has lots of shopping malls, yet devoid of the chaos of other large Indonesian cities. Although it is delightful to explore, most de the visitors use it solely as a transport hub.

8. Banjarmasin

Situated in South Kalimantan, Banjarmasin is home to cavernous shopping malls, teeming business areas, waterways for which it is renowned. Beautiful to behold, its floating markets are fun to explore, and there are divers rivers and canals, which is the main reason for travelers to head here. With some nice architecture on offer and fantastic cuisine, it is also a great base from which to explore the Loksado region.

9. Jayapura

Indonesia city name list, best cities in Indonesia to visit

With a setting between delightful, tree-clad hills, Jayapura is the largest Indonesian city on Papua. With a tropical vibe, this former settlement is quite traffic-filled, though there are several lovely natural sights just outside the Jayapura if you want to escape the chaos. There are night markets offering delicious local cuisine, but apart from some nice colonial architecture, it’s best to head to the nearby natural sights. 

10. Bukittinggi

top 10 cities in Indonesia, cities to visit in Indonesia

Lying in Western Sumatra, Bukittinggi is located on the edge of a picturesque canyon, with diverse mountains dotting the horizon around it. A market town, having historical sights to explore, such as the Jam Gadang clock, fantastic restaurants, and cafes for visitors to choose from. Most travelers stop by for natural setting and the amazing sights which lie beyond the city.

So far we have been discussed some of the best cities to visit in Indonesia, here Indonesia city name list is trying to describe briefly about the best cities in Indonesia to visit. If you are planning your trip to any elsewhere in the world then kindly head to our other articles as they provide the best travel tips,  and also provides the best travel destination, and please don’t forget to share your views in the comment section.


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