Top 10 Famous Monuments in Tokyo Japan | Most Visited Monuments in Tokyo

Tokyo is also home to the Imperial Palace and the capital city of Japan. The monuments of Tokyo are worth visiting. The seat of the Government and Parliament also situated here. Tokyo is a melting pot of different styles. Some of its most important monuments in Tokyo date back hundreds of years, while others, such as the breathtaking Tokyo Tower, are just a few decades old. You will be impressed by the shrines and particularly inspired by the views afforded from the Tokyo Tower, truly iconic monuments, but for some real culture, visit the Kaminarimon, a 1,000-year-old gate in the heart of Asakusa. Here are some of the top monuments of Tokyo: 

List of Monuments in Tokyo

1. Hanazono Jinja 

Monuments in Tokyo, landmarks of Tokyo Japan

Tokyo’s Hanazono Jinja was constructed in the early Edo period. This monument to visit in Tokyo boasts a particularly long and interesting history. A 4th-century imperial prince who has become a popular hero in Japanese mythology and one of the deities of the shrine is Yamato-Takeru-no-Mikoto. Some locals believe that his soul was transformed into a swan and that he flew away into the night when he died. To pray for success in business, many people choose to visit the Hanazono Jinja shrine. 

2. Tokyo Tower

Monuments in Tokyo, landmarks of Tokyo Japan

Tokyo Tower was constructed in 1958 and stands at an impressive 333 meters / 1,093 feet, 13 meters / 43 feet higher than the Eiffel Tower. The tower is amongst the city’s most breathtaking man-made monuments.  This most visited monuments in Tokyo boasts two viewing platforms, from which you can get panoramic views across Mount Fuji and Tokyo. You will also find the popular Tokyo Tower Wax Museum, the Mysterious Walking Zone and the Trick Art Gallery, inside the tower.

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3. Meiji Jingu Shrine

Monuments in Tokyo, landmarks of Tokyo Japan

This shrine is a prime example of Shinto architecture and was first opened in 1920 to commemorate the death of Emperor Meiji. This iconic monument in Tokyo is surrounded by approximately 173 acres / 70 hectares of land with shady trees and a variety of Japanese plant life. Tokyo’s Meiji Jingu Shrine is one of the most sacred within the whole of Japan and worthy of some time. The Imperial Treasury House annex can be found on the grounds and displays mementos from Emperor Meiji’s reign.

4. Belfry

Monuments in Tokyo, landmarks of Tokyo Japan

The Belfry is the tiny hill of Benten-Yama and considered in one of the historical monuments in Tokyo. It is home to a shrine to the goddess of good fortune that’s why it is known as religious monuments in Tokyo. It is the site of the belfry. It is said that bell once tolled the hours for the people of the district and it could be heard for a radius of no less than 6 km. You can hear the sound of the bell at 06:00 every day, as well as on New Year’s Eve.

5. Kaminarimon (Kaminari Gate)

Monuments in Tokyo, landmarks of Tokyo Japan

Kaminarimon which lead to Sensoji Temple is the first and most impressive of two large gates. This Japanese monument in Tokyo gate was constructed over 1,000 years ago and has since become the symbol of Asakusa. The Nakamise shopping road leads from Kaminarimon into the grounds of the shrines.

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6. Asakusa Shrine

Monuments in Tokyo, landmarks of Tokyo Japan

The Hirokuma brothers found the statue of Kannon in their fishing nets and the village chief dutifully enshrined it legend has it that over one millennium ago. Legend says that the three brothers became gods of the shrines, Asakusa Shrine was consequently established in the mid-17th century. This is, without a doubt, the beautiful monuments in Tokyo, also playing host to the Sanja Festival in May.

7. Statue of Liberty

Monuments in Tokyo, landmarks of Tokyo Japan

See one of the famous monuments in Tokyo in the middle of the Japanese capital as you look up at the Statue of Liberty, a replica of the famous American statue. this 12.25 m tall statue has long outlasted its originally planned one-year stint overlooking Tokyo Bay was constructed in 1998 to commemorate the ”French Year of Japan”. The statue suits the urban surroundings of contemporary Japan well-backed by an impressive bridge and surrounded by a peaceful garden area.

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8. Hachiko

Monuments in Tokyo, landmarks of Tokyo Japan

One of the top monuments to see in Tokyo, the statue of Hachiko depicts a dog that became world-famous for the incredible loyalty to his owner. The dog still waited for him in the same spot near a local train station, repeating the same routine day after day Nine years after his master’s death. The bronze monument remains one of the city’s top spots for photographs.

9. Ushiku Daibutsu

Monuments in Tokyo, landmarks of Tokyo Japan

This bronze statue stands 120 meters tall,  looking down from a lotus platform. It is one of the monuments in Japan Tokyo. Take the elevator provides a panoramic view of the countryside to the observation platform embedded in Buddha’s chest. Stop on the third floor your way up, where you can see nearly 3,300 gold Buddha statues. Using a traditional Japanese brush and ink you can copy ancient scriptures.

10. Moyai Statue

Monuments in Tokyo, landmarks of Tokyo Japan

A popular monument in Tokyo is known for its quiet meeting place. Head springing up from a sprawling mini-garden, Moyai Statue is a giant two-faced stone. A volcanic Japanese island in the Philippine Sea, a donation from Niijima this sculpture sits in sharp contrast to its surroundings. This tiny attraction makes a nice short stopover, erected in 1980 to mark the 100th anniversary of Tokyo as the capital of Japan. 

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