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Here we will be discussing the California mountains region, The following list is comprised of the mountain ranges of U.S. State of California which is designated by the United States Board on Geographic Names and cataloged in the Geographic Names Information System. So to discover more about the mountains of California head towards this content.

California Mountains

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The highest peak in California is Mount Whitney at 14,505 feet, located within the Sierra Nevada in California. California mountain regions were formed millions of years ago during the geologic movements, though the earth continues to move inches per day in some parts of California as new mountains slowly form.

The major mountain range in  California is the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The foothills area of this mountain is comprised much of California’s Gold Rush trail. The same foothills turn over a new leaf having a different type of gold–winery grapes. Wine regions in California include several Sierra foothill destinations.

For the real mountain action head to Lake Tahoe and Mammoth Mountain for ski opportunities which must not be missed. In addition, mountain biking, cross-country skiing as well as hiking, and camping are all extremely popular activities in California.

Other mountain ranges include California coastal range, such as San Bernardino mountains in Los Angeles, Cascade mountains of Northern California, and many more.

Several of California’s mountain ranges are popular for their excellent skiing, but many of the mountains include summertime water sports such as lake fishing, waterskiing, and boating.

National parks in California in the mountains are the most unforgettable and must-see places in the entire state. Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park, and Kings Canyon, all provide the wonderful vacations you will never forget.

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Some Names of the Mountains in California

California Cascade Range Mountains

California Coast Range Mountains

Twin Lakes in Basin Region Mammoth Lakes, CA

Santa Monica Mountains in Los Angeles, Ventura County

Santa Ynez Mountains in California Mt. Range

California Sierra Nevada Mountain Range

Sutter Buttes Mountains in Northern California

California Mountains Transverse Ranges

Waterfalls in Yosemite National Park California

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Head to Primary Mountain Ranges in California

a mountain in California, famous mountains in California, best Mountains in California

Basin and Range is a series of mountains and valleys which include the oldest lake in North America, Mono Lake. The deepest valley in North America is Owens Valley which is more than 10,000 feet deep measured from the mountain peak at the Mt. Whitney. At the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains, there are desert dry lake beds where the largest borax mine can be found in the Mojave Desert.

Cascade Range – All the well known historic eruptions in the contiguous United States have been from Cascade volcanoes. The Cascade Range is a mountainous region from northern California to British Columbia, Canada. Beautiful to look at and offer inspiration and beauty beyond compare to known more about California read these facts and history about it.

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The Cascades are the part of Pacific Ring of Fire, the ring of volcanoes around the Pacific Ocean. All the historic eruptions in the contiguous United States have been from Cascade volcanoes. The last Cascade volcano to erupt was Lassen Peak, which is erupted from 1914 to 1921. Lassen is the southerly active volcano of the Cascade chain.

Coast Ranges – Coast Ranges lies to the west of the Central Valley, including the Diablo Range, just east of San Francisco, and the Santa Cruz Mountains, to the south of San Francisco. These mountains are especially noted for their coast redwoods, which live within the range of the coastal fog, the tallest trees on Earth.

Klamath Mountains-  a mountain range in northwest California and southwest Oregon, the highest peak being Thompson Peak, 9,002 ft., in Trinity County, California. They have varied geology, with substantial areas of serpentine and marble, and climate summers with limited rainfall. As a consequence of the geology, they have their unique flora.

Peninsular Ranges – Southernmost mountains of California are the Peninsular Ranges and contains the Laguna Mountains, the San Jacinto Mountains, the Santa Ana Mountains and the Palomar Mountain Range, notable for its famous Palomar Observatory. San Jacinto Peak’s eastern shoulder has a cable tram which runs from the desert floor to nearly the top of the mountain where riders can set off the hiking or cross-country skiing.

Sierra Nevada Mountain– The Sierra Nevada lies in the eastern part of California, which runs north-south for 400 miles.

The highest peak in the contiguous United States at 14,505 feet Mount Whitney lies within the Sierra Nevada.

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