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Netherland owns some of the most surreal landscapes & exotic charisma of nature. Though, many iconic moments have also laid a unique meaning to its tourism. Whether it’s about the famous Anne Frank cellar or the hard-hitting works of Vang Gogh, you can never feel at ease until the sun sets and lays down its beautiful hues.

The nights in the Netherlands become the ‘starry night’ of its people and the travelers who seek an unforgettable experience. There are numerous popular cities in Netherland for the best nightlife that can blow your mind. Yet you must know which sock you wanna pull up! It has sophisticated museums to amaze your imagination, wild EDM concerts & nightclubs to turn the heat on for adventure!. A choice must always be yours. Therefore try these 8 iconic Nightlife cities in, Netherlands that will make sure you get what you seek buddy!

List of 8 Thriller Nightlife Cities in Netherlands

1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam has been an epicenter of top EDMs across the world. It hosts some of the world’s best exhibitions, cultural concerts, and huge festivals that will change your way of celebration altogether. There are beautiful cafes, auditoriums, and opera houses to visit; an abundance of surreal waterways to explore the city.

But the sunset brings whole new magic to its aura. The illuminated cobblestone streets become astonishingly romantic & full of enigma. The drinks you enjoy aside at those canal-side cafes carry such a charm that is unforgettable. It is definitely one of the best cities for nightlife in, Netherland filled with wild DJ clubs & adult fun. If you get lucky you can also attend the Amsterdam Lantern Festival too.

Nightclubs o Visit: Escape, Shelter Amsterdam, AIR Amsterdam

Best Time to Visit: May to August

2. Leiden



If you’ve been longing for an astounding night-out adventure. Then, Leiden is the perfect place to step down your party poppers! It has something packed for all kinds of explorers. Whether you’re a nerdy geek, a formal corporate visitor, or an enthusiastic tourist, Leiden will never let you down. It offers some of the top nightlife in Netherlands. If you are a fan of live music then Café de Jester and Jazzcafe the Dauphin, catering usually to the above 30 crowds will be perfect for you. 

Whereas for romantic setups, visit La Gare’s dining or Bistro Barrera’s summer terrace. Though Saturday evenings are booked for student nights hence you might catch’em up playing contemporary pop, 70’s, or 80’s music. 

Nightclubs to Visit: Club Lleida, NEXT Leiden, Techno bunker

Best Time to Visit: June to August

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3. Utrecht



Utrecht is a surreal city in central Europe. It has been well-known for being a spiritual center for centuries. With a wide collection of medieval canals, Christian monuments, and illustrious universities, it is a beautiful place to roam around whether it is in the day or night. Yet the comfortable location in the middle of the Netherlands allows Utrecht easy accessibility that helps a lot of explorers to visit this beautiful nightlife city in the Netherlands.

This city has an amazing collection of restaurants, shops, and pubs that you’d definitely love. With an excavated basement and cutting-edge lighting and equipment, their nightclub scene is also super hot! 

Nightclubs to Visit: BASIS, Club Poema, Back & Fourth

Best Time to Visit: May to September

4. Haarlem

Haarlem is a melting pot of diverse events and venues to explore in, the Netherlands. It has several ideal locations for enjoying the best night out in, Netherland. Be it Grote Market or any other famous landmark. It has a perfect setup for any party lover to enjoy & have fun. Though Grote Market’s historic cellars and colossal Grote Kerk Church are no wonder, it is a must-visit place in Haarlem you shouldn’t miss. 

Art lovers can also lead their travel vans toward the iconic Frans Hals Museum. Whereas, Philharmonie has been a well-known soothsayer of symphonic performances along with the theater night at the Stadsschouwburg Haarlem.  Moreover, it has the best pubs and nightclubs for you to enjoy.

Nightclub to Visit: Bugsy’s, June, Shibuya

Best Time to Visit: June to August

5. Maastricht



Maastricht has some inquisitive & culturally rich experiences for travelers to exhilarate the Netherland nightlife. You will find very polite and efficient people here. Whereas, the beer variety is the major highlight you must be looking for! Relatively affordable and excellently chilled beer. What more do you need after all for a fabulous night out party!

You can never let down a freshly poured pint at De Gouverneur, I’m sure of that. But non-drinkers don’t feel bad; there are many more adventures for you to explore. It has around 300 specialty brews on its menu, entitled under the ‘Beer Bible’.

Nightclubs to Visit: Complex, De Baron Cocktail Club, Cafe Rose

Best Time to Visit: May to September

6. The Hague

The Haague

The Haague

Everyone knows The Hague as the hometown of many parliamentary ministers. There are many royal houses that already sparkle this city with pristine glory. But unsurprisingly a magnificently constructed National Hall and the Binnenhof are also some of its beautiful architecture that you can adore after the sunsets. It is one of the top cities for nightlife in, Netherlands that packs up much more adventure than just usually party houses to explore.

Though some might love drinking and luxurious nights out with buddies. No issues bro! You’d also find some of the finest classic nightlife here with loud music systems and fabulous light exhibits. Club LUX is one such glory that can offer you the best nights in Netherland. 

Nightclubs to Visit: PIP Den Haag, Club Lustig, Club Breeze

Best Time to Visit: June to August

7. Groningen

Groningen has been a buzzing place for energetic enthusiasts to enjoy an endless array of sights and activities across the city. In fact, the dominant student population makes it even from exotic & fun. This city contributes to the youngest average age in the entire Netherlands. 

If you really love partying with budget-friendly options then Groningen is the best city for nightlife in Netherland to enjoy. Take it whether Grote Markt or Poelestraat you can find all kinds of bars and clubs according to your preferences.

Nightclubs to Visit: OOST, Sunny Beach, Paradigm

Best Time to Visit: May to September

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8. Rotterdam



You thought we were leaving our beloved capital Rotterdam out of the top night out zones in the Netherlands? Though many consider it as an ‘odd one out from the entire cultural graph of other cities in the Netherlands. Still, coming from a town that was highly affected during WWII by being Europe’s largest port. And molding itself from a fallen Rotterdam to a center of modern and avant-garde architectures of the world. It is definitely a promising land you must visit either way.

You might not find very traditional Dutch building styles but the surprisingly creative places will definitely blow your mind. Nightlife in Rotterdam Netherland can never be discussed leaving the unique architecture of this city behind. Therefore, besides partying at the best nightclubs of  Rotterdam such as the Cube Houses, Markthal, De Rotterdam, and Erasmus bridge dwell in its typical Dutch food & not-so-typical landmarks.

Nightclubs to Visit:  Markthal, De Rotterdam, Erasmus bridge

Best Time to Visit: April to September

Hope you liked the aforementioned 8 best Nightlife cities in Netherland for your next travel adventures. There’s much more to these night-out cities in Netherland if you try to explore more. Apart from partying, there are surreal backdrops of this city that you can never forget. Binge more into such exotic places through our travelogues at Adequate Travels. Share it with your friends & let us know how was your trip to the Netherlands?

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