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The most important monuments in Kuwait include numerous wonderful architectural wonders which are considered modern as well as customary and these are a part of the Arabic style of architecture. Kuwait is adorned with historical monuments that not only allure the tourists but reflect the glorious past of the city, its times and past era. The 10 historical monuments in Kuwait which attract the tourists round the year and have gleaming facts of the past describing Kuwait are mentioned below:

List of Monuments in Kuwait

1. Dickson House

Monuments in Kuwait

In Kuwait, Dickson Houses are the first house of British political representative. This was constructed in 1870 for the Kuwait merchant and later in 1929, it was occupied by Dicksons. After the attack, the Kuwaiti national council culture, arts and literature are restored in this house and opened for visitors. It is located east of Seif palace. Near the Maritime Museum, this older house has a large array of photographs of various British renowned figures and other foreign officers. The photos are less interesting to the casual observer than the restored second floor that is accessed from the back of the house. The living quarters are interesting and informative as to what life would have been like in the last century before the oil boom. It is free of charge to access the place.

Address: 7450 Arabian Gulf Street, Kuwait City Kuwait

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2. Grand Mosque 

Monuments in Kuwait

This mosque is known as the Al-Masjid Al-Kabir by the locals located in the heart of the city. Kuwait’s largest mosque, the Grand Mosque is known for its conventional Islamic architecture. The mosque is not as impressive from the outside, as it is from the inside, with a capacity of some 10,000 people! There are elements of Persian structural design characterized by a central dome, pointed arches and pillar arcades. You will definitely be mesmerized as you enter this religious monument in Kuwait by the blue and gold combination. The dome of the mosque is engraved with the Asma al-hosna, the 99 names of God, as depicted by the Quran. The Amir’s room which leads from the prayer hall is not to be missed. Visitors must be attired conservatively, in loose-fitting clothes preferably. Headscarves are available if you do not carry your own.

Address: Sharq Kuwait City, Kuwait City Kuwait

3. Kuwait Towers

Monuments in Kuwait

Everyone in Kuwait and around the Gulf knows that this is an iconic structure. Especially first-time visitors, it is a must-go place for everyone visiting Kuwait. It’s like Big Ben of Kuwait but then, it ends there. The owner or management must do something to ensure that there will be repeat visitors by providing something delightful to ensure a continuous stream of visitors and/or patrons. The restaurant is simply too ordinary for the average people that anybody can dine here. The management should capitalize on the iconic structure and the view from the top to pull in the crowd with a rightly priced specialty menu. As it is, the place is somewhat in a sorry state. I’m not sure having a sad-looking museum – with due respect to the fallen heroes of Kuwait – in that tower is a good idea. Sure it’s to remind the younger generation of how this iconic monument in Kuwait was badly damaged during the invasion but it’s not a good commercial decision. The owner should open up a tender to some innovative entrepreneur willing to try out something new to exploit this lovely iconic structure – perhaps based on a concessionary basis – otherwise, it’ll just remain standing there in silence waving the proud flags of Kuwait in the daytime and flickering beautiful Kuwaiti colors during the night.

Address: Arabian Gulf St, Kuwait City, Kuwait.

4. Sadu House

Monuments in Kuwait

Sadu is a custom Bedouin art of weaving numerical designs made by hand with dyed and colored wool to make carpets, rugs Bedouin tent screens. In sadu house, visitors can view the Bedouin women while weaving. This famous monument in Kuwait is situated near a national museum. Since it is located in an old house in Kuwait City but if you are interested in a very beautiful traditional Bedouin weaving culture, it is an interesting place to explore. They have examples of old weaving art, but there is also a very good film on how it is made and the culture expressed in the designs. In the gift shop you can buy pieces of sadu made by local women and, after that, there is a very pleasant little café with good coffee run by a group of very friendly young men from Africa!

Address: Arabian Gulf Road Next to National Museum, Salmiya, Hawalli Governorate 13057 Kuwait

5. The Seif Palace

Monuments in Kuwait

Seif Palace is a palace in Kuwait city, located opposite to the grand mosque. It is built with blue tiles with a roof plated in pure gold. It was destroyed during the gulf war. Since the late 19 century, and being the focal point of the capital city, Seif Palace was renovated three times throughout its history. Located opposite the Grand Mosque of Kuwait, this beautiful monument in Kuwait was the original seat of the Government of Kuwait. The used construction material is something that can be found within the country, such as clay, rocks, limestone, wood, and metals. The well known and major feature of the palace is the watchtower which is covered in blue tiles and there is also a roof which is plated in pure gold, with original Islamic mosaic tile works making it a wonderful example of Islamic architecture.

Address: Arabian gulf street, Kuwait City Kuwait.

6. Tareq Rajab Museum

Monuments in Kuwait

In 1980 it was established to present its collection to the public. Its collection includes the Islamic arts resources of ceramics, gold and silver jewellery, metal and glasswork, old English costumes and musical instruments. Now they are divided into two, that is Area A and Area B, each area represents the collection of historic handmade objects. Striking Omani silver and Saudi gold jewellery, headgears from prayer caps to designer Mongol helmets and costumes of princesses and shepherds form prime attractions of this museum. Pearls of Bahrain, the enamel of Jaipur and Necklaces of Nepal goddesses are no less attractive. It is the Arabic manuscripts of the Calligraphy Museum that have earned international importance. If you want to explore more Arabian history you must see this must-visit monument in Kuwait.

Address: 1 St, Jabriya, Kuwait.

7. Liberation Tower

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This is one monument of Kuwait you cannot miss while gazing at the city’s skyline, towering high above the city of Kuwait. It represents the sure sign of the country’s recovery and Kuwaiti liberation. It is one of the longest telecommunication towers in the universe having 372 meters in height and is 40 meters taller than the Eiffel Tower. The tower is named after the multinational coalition that led to the liberation of the country from annexation by Iraq. Apart from the telecommunications office, there is a revolving restaurant and an observation platform. Even if you are not climbing up to the observation platform, go see this structure, given its historical significance.

Address: Abdulla Al Salem St, Kuwait City, Kuwait

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8. National Museum

Monuments in Kuwait

In the National Museum, the visitors can view a number of things like – prehistoric fossils, bones, Islamic arts and crafts, flint and pottery tools. Between the national assembly and Seif Palace, it is situated in Arabian gulf street. Michel Ecochard, the National monument in Kuwait is the true representation of Kuwaiti heritage designed by French architects. The museum used to and formerly known as the residence of the royal Al Sabah family. Although it was robbed during the Gulf War, a lot of it has been restored over the years. There are three main sections – Archaeology, Heritage and Planetarium. The most striking of these is the collection from Failaka Island, dating back to the bronze age. The Planetarium, the first of its kind in the Gulf region is in the form of a horizontal dome.

Address: Arabian Gulf Street next to the Seif Palace and Kuwait’s National Assembly، Kuwait City, Kuwait.

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