What to Buy in Macau, China?| Top 10 Things to Buy in Macau

Macau is well known for its busy casinos and nightlife that has rooted a big market collection for all the travelers to explore and invest their money in buying lots of cool items from Macau. Even the tax duties are charged very less which booms every shopping industry in Macau giving full exposure to sell the top things to buy in Macau. There are tonnes of markets selling a lot of products but one who doesn’t have any idea What to buy the best from Macau? Can be easily looted by the distracting smart sellers there. So get a tight hold of this list of top 10 souvenirs to buy in Macau and enjoy your shopping spree further.

List of  Things to Buy in Macau

1. Macau Cookies and Treats

What to Buy in Macau, Things to Buy in Macau, Macau travel tips

You might have seen these golden small coin-sized biscuits sold by local vendors all around the city. These are almond cookies which are the finest delicacy in Macau’s culture. You can get them at very cheap prices and they are delicious pass time snacks for your flight along with being the best thing to buy in Macau for your lovely kids back at home. There are other delectable treats as well which are hygienic as they are airtight and packed in plastic bags for longer journeys.  The city’s many bakeries have become popular tourist spots for such sweet treats. The most famous brands are Koi Kei and Choi Heong Yun, which have various stores in Macau. The Venetian Macao also has several stores that sell traditional Macau treats.

2. Cosmetics

What to Buy in Macau, Things to Buy in Macau, Macau travel tips

When the whole world has been hallucinated with the major Korean, Japanese and European brands, why do you fall behind? Especially when you can get them at very low prices here in Macau relative to other countries of the world. Hong Kong, products are also typically kept in stock here and are readily available to buy for the buyers. Not only these cosmetics are incredible in quality but they also have very great packaging which are even perfect for gifting them to someone. Hence cosmetics are the easiest and perfect answer to all those What to Buy in Macau, China? queries.

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3. Portuguese Bottled Wines

What to Buy in Macau, Things to Buy in Macau, Macau travel tips

What can be more authentic to Macau than buying an aged Portuguese wine? You can buy the authentic Douro or Alentejo wine imported straight from Portugal here, at very reasonable costs with total guarantee of the authenticity of the wine. For more ease, you can look for Vinho Tinto in Portuguese on wine bottles which means the red wine and Vinho Branco indicating the white wine. Macau Wine Museum is the best place to sample and try different types of wines and get professional advice on how to buy the best wines. All the western world has to follow such rules of bringing a wine bottle while they visit for the first time to someone’s house. This is the perfect thing to buy from Macau to save up both your dignity and money spent on expensive wines.

4. Fruit and its products

What to Buy in Macau, Things to Buy in Macau, Macau travel tips

There are certain markets that sell a wide range of fresh fruits and fruit products such as marmalade or dried fruits at very cheap prices. So whenever any of your friends ask what cheapest things to buy in Macau? Tell them about the Red Market & Av. de Horta e Costa which are actually the red buildings constructed by the Portuguese in the 20th century selling all sorts of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers clothes. The fruits here are the best in the city and are very low priced.

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5. Jewellery

What to Buy in Macau, Things to Buy in Macau, Macau travel tips

Macau’s low taxes, cause many visitors to come in Macau for buying the best quality of gold and other jewellery. Gold prices are updated daily in Macau and based on the lowest rates along with an extra crafting fee added on the products you can cut a very good deal of precious stones and gold accessories at very cheap prices. After all the accessories of gold and platinum are the all-time relished things to buy in Macau. What better to buy from a place where the Platinum and coloured gold have no government price restrictions in Macau. Just make sure to check for the Macao Consumer Council’s “Certified Shops” trust certification for buying the authentic gold instead of fake ones. You can look up at Flora Garden in Guia Hill, Av. de Horta e Costa which is also known as the ‘Three Lamps Districts’.

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6. Antique and Furniture

What to Buy in Macau, Things to Buy in Macau, Macau travel tips

For the best quality of Chinese antique porcelain, ancient coins and traditional Chinese rosewood reproductions you must look up in Macau. These are the best escapes when you aren’t able to decide What to buy from Macau? Most shops even offer good delivery services at reasonable prices if you end up bargaining for a good deal. There are various peddlers who set out all kinds of pottery, figurines and Chinese paintings that can be the main attraction for your home decors and mementoes from your trips back at home. Try looking for these at Rua de S.Paulo Area.

7. Clothing

What to Buy in Macau, Things to Buy in Macau, Macau travel tips

Clothing outlets in Macau areas are very vibrant, huge as the city itself. As even the Locals have stylish tastes, preferring fashionable Korean, Hong Kong, and European brands. If you have a funky and trendy taste in fashion you can definitely look for the good things to buy in Macau especially at The Venetian Macao and The Parisian Macao which features some of the most popular international fashion brands of Macau, such as Antonia and I.T. The areas around Rua Mercadores in the Senado Square Area or the Red Market Area are also best for shopping for cheap yet good quality of clothing.

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8. Peanut Candy

What to Buy in Macau, Things to Buy in Macau, Macau travel tips

If you have little kids waiting at home for you to bring those same old chocolate bars from the airport that are unnecessarily expensive and very less in amount. Try these peanut candies that are very popular in Macau. These items are very cute and extremely tasty and the peanuts in them make them top souvenirs to buy in Macau that is healthy for your kids back at home and present them as a traditional offering from Macau especially from the Koi Kei Bakery in Macau Rua Felicidade. 

9. Meat Jerky

What to Buy in Macau, Things to Buy in Macau, Macau travel tips

If you are American teen you know what a Jerky is but for all the other kids around in the world Jerky is lean trimmed meat that has been cut into strips and dried. Basically jerkies are the meat chips which you can stuff into your mouth all at once just like french fries( just kidding! eat them one by one).

Beef jerky and pork jerky are the best answers to all What to buy in Macau?  while carrying the taste of authentic Macau back at home is just another nostalgia to relish after all. You just have to spend $5.50 to $6.50 per packet at the Koi Kei Bakery in Macau to take back this amazing memory of Macau in your homes.

10. Postcards

What to Buy in Macau, Things to Buy in Macau, Macau travel tips

I know these have been far long out of the fashion gifts that you should give while travelling back from anywhere. But trust me these old traditions are renewed by the sellers in Macau in a very interesting way. You can purchase all sorts of authentically designed Macau postcards or just write on these postcards in the store and purchase the stamps which you like. These stamps will always help you in making your customized postcards whenever you like, isn’t it amazing? Such a best souvenir to buy in Macau only for around $4 getting 5 incredible postcards (Excludes stamp costs)is the best deal to crack. You can get them from Macau Creations.

I hope you enjoyed this entourage of What to buy in Macau, China? Along with the best places mentioned where you can easily buy the best forms and enjoy your shopping spree in all the free time. Macau is the best place for shopping only if you know what you are looking for and where to look for those items. The lesser tax duty on most of the items to buy in Macau makes this city the best place for perfect souvenirs.

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