Top 10 Foods to Eat in Bonn | Famous Foods of Bonn, Germany

Bonn is a very adorable city where you can find perfect greenery to relax and enjoy your food under the soothing breeze of trees and green lands. Most of the best food in Bonn is served in restaurants having a very natural and eco-friendly atmosphere. You can have the best meals at very affordable prices in Bonn. Since the migrated population of Bonn is majorly Turkish, you can even taste their incredible skills in the meaty dishes of Bonn. So follow along with this list of popular foods in Bonn that are super juicy and delicious.

List of Foods to Try in Bonn

1. Rheinländische Küche(Rhenish cuisine)

 Best foods to Eat in Bonn, Foods of Bonn

Rheinländische Küche

This is a characteristic local cuisine in Bonn which is very simple and consists of hearty ingredients. The most important components in this typical food in Bonn are agricultural, regional products such as various vegetables, potatoes, milk, butter and meat. The solid basis of seasonal vegetables ranging from green cabbage “Grünkohl´´ (mixed with potatoes and bacon) in winter-time is a particular speciality of this cuisine in Bonn that you must never miss. You can find the best Rhenish cuisine at Zum Gequetscht restaurant that is close to the Friedensplatz at the corner of Kasernenstraße. 

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2. Rheinländische Sauerbraten(Rhenish Sauerbraten)

 Best foods to Eat in Bonn, Foods of Bonn

Rheinländische Sauerbraten

This is a sweet-sour marinated veal stew served which is served with applesauce. This is one of the weirdest things you might find in Bonn where a meat stew isn’t just spicy but comprises boiled raisins and various other odd ingredients providing it with a sweet and sour taste. Yet it is one of the famous foods in Bonn you can taste which has slices of intricately seared meat from the lard and the whole mixture is being cooked and braised for about 45 minutes. 

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3. Reibekuchen´´ or “Kartoffelpuffer

 Best foods to Eat in Bonn, Foods of Bonn


These are the German-style pancakes you will find everywhere in Bonn. These are some of the most regular yet incredibly tasty foods of Bonn, Germany that you can eat in your daily breakfasts. Such delicate potato-pancakes are the best delicacy you can taste in Bonn Obviously made from grated potato, onion, eggs and flour. Such preparation is very common during Christmas times when everyone is cheery and enjoys the little snacky and heavy breakfast in the mornings.

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4. Grünkern Buchweizen Bratlinge(Green corn buckwheat patties)

 Best foods to Eat in Bonn, Foods of Bonn

Grünkern Buchweizen Bratlinge

These are some of the regular foods to try in Bonn where you can find the same healthiness of salads into whole-wheat burgers. You can find the best of these burgers at the restaurant, Cassius Garten. This is one of the perfect burgers that pairs precisely with a famous drink “Sanddornmilch”(made of Oleum Hypophaees). The main ingredients of the patty are egg and cream that is stirred together with the onion cubes, spices, and parsley into the lukewarm grain. These are some of the best mouth-filling dishes you can get in Bonn. Even the patties are made with wet hands and fry them in clarified butter over medium heat.

5. Aachen’s Christmas sausage

Best foods to Eat in Bonn, Foods of Bonn

Aachen’s Christmas sausage

Aachener Weihnachts-Leberwurst is the top sausage that is super delicious in Bonn. These sausages date back to the 19th century when the butchers of Aachen perfected the production of Aachener (Öcher) sausage for the holiday season. You must try these famous foods of Bonn, Germany. Usually, the sausages are made from the fresh liver in the process. While the addition of cream and the use of a special mix of spices, which most often includes cardamom, anise, coriander, and cranberries or honey makes the whole dish super tasty.

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6. Kolsch

Best foods to Eat in Bonn, Foods of Bonn


Bonn is the major spot for having the best wines and beer in Germany. You can’t get away with the popular foods in Bonn without pairing them with the most famous Kolsch beer that originated in Cologne, Germany. These beers own an original gravity between 11 and 16 degrees Plato. In appearance, it is bright and clear with a straw-yellow hue colour. You must visit Biergarten Alter Zoll place for having the perfect mug of Kolsch in Bonn.

7. Stromberger Pflaume

 Best foods to Eat in Bonn, Foods of Bonn

Stromberger Pflaume

These are not the foods in Bonn but constitute the most important ingredient that provides various incredible cuisines in Bonn. Stromberger Pflaume is the oldest plum varieties, also known as the ‘golden Blue’, by the Stromberg locals. These are small but very fine plums. Due to its low water content, you can easily dry them in a shorter time compared to other plum varieties. Such qualities make it mildly aromatic and easily soluble. These are an excellent choice for cooking and baking, and due to their extravagant sweetness, it makes them the perfect choice for producing alcoholic beverages.

8. Nieheimer Kase

 Best foods to Eat in Bonn, Foods of Bonn

Nieheimer Kase

Another side dish that can be eaten raw or included in other famous foods to eat in Bonn to make them more creamy and delicious is the cheese from Nieheim known as Nieheimer Kase. These cheese varieties are made from low-fat sour cow’s milk quark using a traditional recipe. Later the cheese is ripened for a few days, and rubbed with a mixture of salt, cumin, and water. Nieheim cheese tends to become stronger and harder over time, which makes it perfect for grating and being used as topping over various meaty dishes of Bonn.

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9. Flonz

 Best foods to Eat in Bonn, Foods of Bonn


These are delicately smoked blood sausage from the Rhineland region that consists of lean meat and small pieces of fat in it. Such fat gives the whole Bonn’s food its signature appearance where coined red sausages are tainted with white small spots of fat in the middle. This is also the least expensive local sausage you can have in Bonn. Blood sausage is firm as its made from various parts of the pig, including the rinds, head, and blood combined with salt and spices.

10. Döner Kebab 

 Best foods to Eat in Bonn, Foods of Bonn

Döner Kebab

As the major migrants living in Bonn are Turkish it’s evident that you will find lots of their impressions over the Bonn’s cuisines. That’s why the famous Turkish Döner kebabs are one of the best foods in Bonn that is consumed heavily. You can have it as a standard sandwich in a pita-like pocket or try out the döner dürum, which is served in more of a tortilla-like shell. Germany’s largest immigrant group is even Turkish, who first began immigrating to the country around 1960 and bought some of their top cuisines in Bonn.

I hope you enjoyed the top 10 foods in Bonn, Germany. These are super delicious and mouth-filling. The major foods of Bonn are available in every restaurant. You can have a mouth-filling breakfast where the slightly heavy burger or a fatty sausage might fill your tummy faster but are not unhealthy due to their whole wheat ingredients. You can follow our other blogs about Bonn and discover more amazing things you can do in this city. So, share and comment below if you liked our blog and wish you see more engaging content like this. 

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