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Iceland is an island which is world-famous due to its dramatic landscape with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields. There are massive glaciers lying in this country which you can explore by sitting through various best cities in Iceland. When visitors initially visit Iceland it is a bit difficult due to the large language gap as most of the speakers prefer Irish as their first language. Still, with the surge of tourism, all the most popular cities in Iceland have upgraded their services to ease the tourists. So have a look at these beautiful cities in Iceland to have the best experiences and adventures from this amazing country.

Iceland City List

1. Reykjavik

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First and foremost let’s go through its pronunciation as you must at least know what to tell the taxi driver when you first land in this city. This is pronounced as ‘ Rey-ka-Vik’.This city is Iceland’s capital and owns the biggest city areas housing almost 200,000 people(according to Iceland it’s really extreme). You might like the vibe of this city as it is a very likeable vibrant and charming city to explore. Situated on the coastline, Reykjavik is believed to be the permanent settlement in the country and is a very nice Iceland city to visit. The city has been the capital since the nineteenth century when Iceland started to move towards autonomy from Denmark, which it got in 1918. 

2. Akureyri

major cities in Iceland, popular cities in Iceland,  Iceland city list, best cities in Iceland to visit


One of the popular cities in Iceland and is eminent for the beauty of both the town itself and its normal environment. It developed in size gratitude to its normally without ice harbour and ideal conditions for agriculture. There are various fascinating social and chronicled museums with regards to the middle, yet the genuine must-see is the Professional Botanical Garden which contains pretty much every plant that develops in Iceland. Contingent upon when you choose to come, there’s additionally a decent possibility that you’ll get one of the town’s numerous shows, celebrations, and displays.

3. Húsavík

major cities in Iceland, popular cities in Iceland,  Iceland city list, best cities in Iceland to visit


The legend behind the Húsavík goes like this as it was the site of the main settlement in Iceland when a Viking sought the winter and after that left, deserting a man and two slaves who might proceed to construct a ranch there. Presently, it’s one of Iceland’s key visitor towns, for the most part since it’s an extraordinary spot to desire whale viewing. Various species can be found at the straight, and you can likewise visit the Húsavík Whale Gallery after you’ve seen one, all things considered. This is one of the must-see cities of Iceland that you must not miss.

4. Vík í Mýrdal

major cities in Iceland, popular cities in Iceland,  Iceland city list, best cities in Iceland to visit

Vík í Mýrdal

This incredible destination is the southernmost town in Iceland, and less than 200 individuals are sufficiently blessed to call it home. The visitor business is greatly created here because of the lovely coastlines on which it lies. The sand on the beach is made of dark basalt, as the town sits specifically below an enormous volcano. You’ll likewise observe the precipices that make the town renowned, just as the ocean stacks that ascent up out of the water like apparitions. The town is minimal in excess of a little gathering of low buildings and a church rising on the slope.

5. Seyðisfjörður

major cities in Iceland, popular cities in Iceland,  Iceland city list, best cities in Iceland to visit


If you ever saw the filmy Irish houses this is the city where you will find those dramatic scenes and interesting houses, Seyðisfjörður is one of the best city to visit in Iceland. The art scene here is especially energetic, and the town overflows with inventiveness. Seyðisfjörður’s occupants are very neighbourly and are dependably close by to make you feel welcome. Other than all that, the town sits at the deepest point of a fjord, so you’ll likewise have the capacity to go climbing around the taking off slopes that ascend up from the water.

6. Siglufjörður

major cities in Iceland, popular cities in Iceland,  Iceland city list, best cities in Iceland to visit


For all the business trips which can also serve your purpose of having a nice vacation this famous city in Iceland is the best spot to land. Perhaps, the best time to visit Siglufjörður is in the winter when you can take part in such winter sports as cross-country skiing, ice skating, and snowmobiling. In summer, you can likewise share in a wide range of exercises like hitting the fairway and angling. One point of social intrigue is the Herring Historical centre, which will instruct and illuminate you about how the quest for these fish prompted extraordinary financial development in the nation.

7. Kópavogur

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Wonderfully enough, the word Kópavogur means “seal little guy straight.” You may very well observe a seal puppy yourself, however, regardless of whether you don’t, you won’t be disappointed that you came here. Structurally, the most captivating building is the Kópavogur Church, which ascends dramatically over the remainder of the city. Found only outside of Reykjavik, Kópavogur is the second greatest network in Iceland with a little more than 30,000 occupants and is at present experiencing quick advancement. The Kópavogur Craftsmanship Art Museum, which opened only 30 years back, is an unquestionable must-visit city of Iceland.

8. Hafnarfjörður

best cities in Iceland, top 10 cities in Iceland


Situated outside of Reykjavik, Hafnarfjörður is the third biggest town in Iceland. It was previously a critical exchanging post in the Hanseatic Association, and it has been occupied in any event since the fourteenth century. These days, it’s a centre of the Icelandic shake ‘n’ move scene and home to two or three incredible celebrations, including the Splendid Days festival, which takes place each year in May and June, and the Viking Celebration, which adjusts itself to the late spring solstice. Individuals visit from everywhere throughout the world to celebrate and investigate the town’s Viking past.

9. Selfoss

major cities in Iceland, popular cities in Iceland


Around 30 miles toward the southeast of Reykjavik, Selfoss is bitten by bit turning into a sleeper network for the nation’s capital. However, the town is substantially more than that. In the late spring, the encompassing region is rural, making the city fly out. The scaffold over the water cuts an emotional profile, and the slope ascending enlarges the view. The best city to visit in Iceland has a perfect time to come that is amid Selfoss’ yearly summer celebration when the nearby occupants improve the town and sell their handcrafted specialities and sustenance.

10. Vestmannaeyjar

best cities in Iceland, top 10 cities in Iceland


Only south of terrain Iceland, you’ll discover the Westman Islands — the name of both the town and the archipelago. Normally, it’s somewhat harder to achieve this goal, however, it’s certainly justified regardless of your while. The archipelago comprises volcanic islands, with the town’s greatest island, Heimaey, the most lovely and geologically captivating. 

11. Ísafjörður

best cities to visit in Iceland, major cities in Iceland, popular cities in Iceland


This is the largest town in the peninsula of Vestfirðir (Westfjords). This town of Iceland hosts some of the best cultural events that are outside of Reykjavik, including the Ísafjörður Rock Festival, which is a classical music festival where lots f great Irish musicians offer their visits,  Við Djúpið Music Festival, and the Fossavatn Ski Marathon, which is not a music festival but a ski race which has been held since 1935.

12. Egilsstadir

major cities in Iceland, popular cities in Iceland,  Iceland city list


Another, popular and smallest towns in Iceland. This town is amazing if you are looking for a place to stay or your want during your stay there isn’t much to do in the actual town but there are a few nice hotels to stay at and just chill through the time. You can also choose between multiple tours from Egilsstaðir, mostly hiking tours or just lie in your comfy beds and watch the snowfall outside your window and sip through the steamy hot chocolate in your hands.

As par described Iceland’s city list is delineating through the 12 best cities to visit in Iceland that is suggesting and giving you, a  brief description of the top 12 cities, towns in Iceland to visit. If you are looking for some serious fun and adventure then kindly go through our list and easily find out the preferable city which suits your taste and budget. Hope this article was beneficial and be kind to pronounce such words otherwise we or google is always at your services. Please, share the article and write your views in the comment section below.

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