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Snaking its way through the heart of one of the world’s most atmospheric cities, the Grand Canal Venice is a busy waterway and romantic backdrop in equal measure. As the largest and most popular of Venice’s extensive network of canals, there are lots of facts about the Grand Canal to learn about the city’s busiest thoroughfare. Here the Grand Canal Venice tour will allow you to explore the Venice Grand Canal facts.

The Grand Canal Venice

So called the Canalazzo, is the important waterway of Venice, about 3800 meters long which splits the city into two sides. From above Venice looks like a big fish, not bad for a city on the sea. The Grand Canal is like a thick dark line which creates a kind of “big S” inside the fish. By each side of the Grand Canal Venice, there are many magnificent buildings that testify the richness and beauty of the art of the “Serenissima“ Republic. Since the Middle Age, this street was the center of the trades of the Republic. Here ships used to sail by, in fact, it is right on the Grand Canal, “Fondaci” was born.

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There are 4 bridges crossing the Grand Canal, each built in their different eras. The most recent one is the “Ponte della Costituzione” which is known also as the “Calatrava Bridge” and inaugurated on Sept. 11, 2008. It links the Train Station Area with the Piazzale Roma. Right after it, there is the Ponte degli Scalzi just in front of the Train Station. Proceeding towards Saint Mark’s Square you will find the Rialto Bridge, certainly the most important and famous, once made of wood. It used as a drawbridge that allowed the crossing of the canal to sail ships when Rialto was the ancient port of the city. The last bridge you will meet is the Accademia Bridge, still, a temporary structure made out of wood. It’s an important link between Dorsoduro and Saint Mark’s district.

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These four bridges are not the only way to cross the Grand Canal Venice: a quite cheap gondola service takes people from one side to the other.

The Grand Canal ends in Saint Mark’s where the stunning view of the basin opens wide in front of us.

The Grand Canal was, and still is, the most joyful place to live. All palaces on this waterway were built and embellished by the important nobles families of the City. The best way to see the palaces is by water bus so sit back, relax and enjoy the majesty passing by.

Interesting Facts About the Grand Canal

Check out the facts may be, they will help you remember what exactly the Venice Canal Neighborhood reminds you of.

1. The Grand Canal measures 2.5 miles long and sixteen feet deep and is anywhere from ninety to three hundred feet across.

2. It is the largest and most important Canals in Italy. It connects the lagoon near the Santa Lucia railway station, the other end leads into Saint Mark Basin. Grand Canal Venice facts tell that it is the most important transport corridor as it makes a large reverse-S shape through the districts of Venice.

3. The Grand Canal Boasts a massive 170 houses along its banks, most of which were built between 1200 and 1700.

4. The Grand Canal became so important that by the 10th century, it becomes an important shipping route for the Venetians.

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5. Grand Canal facts explain that many scientists believe, the Grand Canal route is similar to one of an ancient river which traversed Venice.

6. The Grand Canal of Venice is host to an event Rigata Storica boat race that has been celebrated since the 14th century.

7. Venice has hundreds of Canals and islands among which the Grand Canal is the largest and most visible on the international front.

8. In Venice, 60% of traffic passes through the Grand Canal. This goes on to show how important the canal is to the very existence of the city.

9. The Canals of Venice have 400 bridges which connect 118 Islands.

10. Venice is referred by many names including; “La Dominante”, “Serenissima”, “Queen of the Adriatic”, “The City of Water”, “City of Masks”, “City of Bridges”, “The Floating City”, and the “City of Canals”.

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