10 Best Hill Stations in Maharashtra For Holidays(2022)

Maharashtra is blessed with some exotic hill stations due to the Western Ghats and Sahyadri Ranges that turn into charismatic destinations for holidays during the monsoon. Surely, the current world is not suitable for crowded tours hence why not explore these nature-friendly hill stations of Maharashtra that encapsulate a unique touch of nature & make sure you don’t get too many human crowds to pass. I have collated a list of 10 must-visit hill stations in Maharashtra that you should try this year. It is the best pill to relax & give yourself some ‘me-time’ away from the chaos of work that already drained you too much. Not any more! Just scroll ahead & start your journey right away.  

List of 10 Hill Stations in Maharashtra You Should Visit

1. Chikhaldara

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Chikaldara is a wild hub of Maharashtra which is known for its tiger spotting & many more roaring adventures. Indeed, this famous hill station in Maharashtra offers you a spectacular collection of flora and fauna. Chikhaldara hill spot is best for anyone who wishes to relax & explore nature’s surprising wonders. 

Several Tigers projects were launched in Chikhaldara to protect the population from extinction. Out of these Melghat Project Tiger Area spanning over 1,676 sq. km. surrounds one-third of the hill station. These regions are further divided into several smaller wildlife reserves which you can explore under a professional guide. Some of the major highlights of this hill station involve rare wildlife such as Flying Squirrel, Pangolin, Ratel, Mouse Deer, and Honey Badger along with tigers that you mustn’t miss.

Things to do in Chikhaldara: Visit Melghat Tiger Reserve for tiger spotting safaris, explore vintage architecture at Gavilgad Fort and panoramic views at Mozari Point, Shakkar Lake

Best Time To Visit: July to February

2. Lonavala-Khandala

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Khandala Lonavla

Lonavala & Khandala are one of the top hill stations in Maharashtra whose fame has been admired in various Bollywood movies too. Highly known for its pleasant and rejuvenating views this hill station is the perfect hotspot to spend your holidays. In fact, the luscious greenery covering this wonder during the monsoon makes it more tempting. It features some of the breathtaking sights of the valley and hills that you shouldn’t miss.

Especially the well-known Bhushi Dam at Lonavala is a major landmark for visitors during the monsoon. Whereas some nearby darlings to explore include Karla and Bhaja caves, the temple of Goddess Ekvira & Sunil Kandaloor’s celebrity wax museum.

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Things to do in Lonavala-Khandala : For sightseeing & exploration Amrutanjan Point, Bhaja Caves,Tiger’s Leap, Duke’s Nose, and Kondane Caves. Korigad Fort is best for hiking. Try boating in Lonavala Lake, bathing beneath a waterfall, explore Bedsa caves and Visapur fort, witness sunset at the Shooting Point.

Best Time To Visit: Entire year

3. Igatpuri

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Ignatpuri hill station is a surreal blessing of Western Ghats, nestled in Nashik. It features the highest peaks of Sahyadri Hills as an iconic backdrop of hill stations to visit in Maharashtra. Apart from exhilarating adventures, you can also visit Vipassana International Academy in Igatpuri. It is regarded as the world’s largest Meditation Institute for spiritual activities.

The adventure junkies mustn’t fret, y’all can be the high-energy trekkers, photographers, nature lovers, and all kinds of holidaymakers during your trip to this fabulous getaway destination.

Things to do in Igatpuri: Explore Kalsubai peak and Tringalwadi fort for hiking or trekking adventures, Visit Bhatsa River valley for scenic views.

Best Time To Visit: July to September

4. Matheran

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What more can you ask from a place whose literal meaning implies ‘forest on the head’? Matheran is one of the eco-friendly popular hill stations in Maharashtra that you must explore at least once on weekends. Though numerous nearby hill stations of Mumbai are crowded with tourists, during the holiday season, Matheran spares you from those hustles. All credit goes to its law that doesn’t allow motorized vehicles on the roads to avoid any pollution amidst the fresh air of forests. 

There are various scenic viewpoints & long treks passing across the forested areas to offer you a perfect holiday hill station vibe.  Don’t forget to try out the famous Chikki, fudge, and honey of this region. 

Things to do in Matheran: Explore One Tree Hill Point, Echo Point, Alexander Point, and Prabal Fort. Try out trekking and valley crossing.

Best Time To Visit: Entire year

5. Mahabaleshwar

top hill stations in Maharashtra,


Mahabaleshwar is one of the dreamland destinations for various Indian parents due to its religious significance. In fact, the term ‘Mahabaleshwar’ literally implies ‘God of great power’. Nestled just 285 km away from the main city of Mumbai and 120 km away from the southwest of Pune, it is the perfect hill station in Maharashtra to explore. 

Apart from being a super-duper religious hotspot, Mahabaleshwar is known for its refreshing breeze, jaw-dropping views of canopied mountains, unforgettable sunrise & sunsets views, an ancient temple of Lord Shiva, shopping streets, Insta-perfect Venna lake, and much more. 

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Things to do in Mahabaleshwar: Adventure lovers can try out Mountain biking, rock climbing, nature trails, horse riding. Isolation seekers can witness sunrise from Wilson Point.

Best Time To Visit: December to February

6. Malshej Ghat

top hill stations in Maharashtra,

Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat is highly popular amongst the locals for its splendid landscape beauty and breathtaking views of the waterfalls. You can find this wondrous hill station of Maharashtra near the borders of, Thane and Ahmednagar districts. Malshej Ghat is the best place to experience the romantic rains of this state. It is filled with exotic flora and fauna that any camera enthusiast would love to capture. 

You can also spot migratory flamingos, who take a mid-break here while traveling back from the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. Don’t miss exploring the Naneghat too. It is one of the best stargazing spots along with two popular Ashtavinayak temples- Ozhar and Lenyadri representing the unique religious diversity of India.

Things to do in Malshej Ghat: Enjoy Bird watching at Pimpalgaon Joga dam, try out trekking up to Ajoba hill fort, visit Harishchandra gad fort and rock climbing

Best Time To Visit: July to March

7. Bhimashankar

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Bhimashankar is one of the best hill stations in Maharashtra to blend with nature’s bliss and adventure altogether. The monsoon brings a new enchanting aura to these regions. For all the nature geeks it is the best hill station to spend your holidays in peace. You can visit various temples settled amidst the forest representing a forgotten tale of their golden times.

Bhimashankar is also known for being the residence of the state animal of Maharashtra i.e. Indian Giant Flying Squirrel or locally known as ‘Shekaru’ in Marathi. Spot these cute creatures & enjoy your vacations like a pro at Bhimashankar.

Things to do in Bhimashankar: Explore adventures of trekking, for sightseeing visit Bhimashankar Jyotirling Mandir of Forest & Shrine, Shri Bhimashankar

Best Time To Visit: November to February

8. Bhandardara

top hill stations in Maharashtra,


Bhandardara is one of the underrated hill stations in Maharashtra that possess some of the exotic landscapes lined with gushing waterfall & humongous dams that you shouldn’t miss. The towering peaks of the hill station make this destination a binge-worthy place to travel at least once. 

You can also visit the ancient Amruteshwar Shiva temple, known for its fabulous architecture collated with the jaw-dropping views of the hills in the background. Other major highlights of, Bhandardara tour involves Wilson Dam and Arthur Lake.

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Things to do in Bhandardara: Try out trekking to Kalsubai peak, explore Umbrella falls and exotic wildlife of Arthur lake.

Best Time To Visit: June to March

9. Gaganbavda

top hill stations in Maharashtra,


Gaganbavda has already attracted some of the top filmmakers from the Marathi and Hindi film industries. This is one of the best hill stations to visit in Maharashtra if you want to capture some of the unseen views of nature. Settled in Kolhapur, this hilly wonder offers incredible views of the Konkan coastal region. Later it has also emerged as a trekking destination for various adventure lovers.

To spice up your travel don’t miss the ‘Bhajiyas’ (Pakodas) paired with steamy Chaha (Tea) on your road trips to this hill station. Whereas, the trek for Gagangad fort through dense forest, leading to the monastery of Gangangiri Maharaj is a major highlight amongst the trekkers which you can explore. 

Things to do in Gaganbawda: Visit Konkan coastlines for scenic views, Hiking, trekking in the hill tops, visit the monastery of Gagangiri Maharaj

Best Time to Visit: Entire Year

10. Panchgani

top hill stations in Maharashtra,


Panchgani that also means ‘the land of five hills’ is a very popular holiday destination for Mumbaikars. Needless to say, it is a famous hill station in Maharashtra that offers you a five-hill service at one junction. Sahyadris hills consumed amidst the foggy mist of this popular gateway make this place more mystic & travel-worthy.

Panchgani is also a popular tourist place for visitors attending various Sundance festivals. It is definitely a dreamland holiday spot amidst the thick forests offering great trekking spots & lots of other exciting adventures.

Things to do in Panchgani: Try out cycling, local shopping and hiking at Rajpuri caves. For sightseeing visit places like Table Land, Sydney Point, and Arthur Seat.

Best Time To Visit: September to May

Hope you enjoyed the above-mentioned list of 10 exciting Hill stations in Maharashtra to explore this year on holidays. Surely, the monsoon brings another charm to these hilltops but there are many more destinations offering fabulous views of hills & valleys that you can enjoy throughout the year. So, choose your favorite hill station of Maharashtra to explore this year & tell us in the comment section below which one won your heart with its beauty? Till then enjoy & be safe.

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