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Iran probably won’t the first country come in your mind while thinking about best countries to visit in the world, and it’s positively obvious that religious juntas, an intensity for everything atomic, and stories of dictatorial shahs from decades passed by don’t make for the most luring of movement mixed drinks. The previous Persian Empire cities, architectural masterpieces, magnificent mosques, and beautiful wonders beguile explorers from a far distance and bait them to Iran to view these fortunes direct. From the Persian Gulf to the Caspian Sea, the natural site, cultural, and historical destinations are unlimited, So here is our top pick of top 10 cities in Iran which are must-visit on your trip to this nation.

List of Cities to Visit in Iran

1. Kandovan

major cities in Iran, beautiful towns in Iran


A town which is covered up in the beautiful precipices close to Tabriz. Its name is the plural type of “kando” – which means bee’s hive. Legend says that occupants dove homes in volcanic rocks to escape from Mongolian attack. Today – Kandovan is one of the most famous cities in Iran yet remains moderately unexplored contrasted with the adversary Turkish Cappadocia.

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2. Esfahan

major cities in Iran, beautiful towns in Iran


It’s in light of current circumstances that Esfahan is Iran’s crown gem and one of the primary two cities attracting guests to this nation. Imam Mosque with its symmetry and calligraphy and Sheik Lotfollah Mosque with its elevated vaults show Islamic design at its best. Somewhere else, the city’s 11 scaffolds traverse the jabbering Zayandeh River make a most sentimental air. A walk around the bazaar resembles strolling through a living gallery where you can observe the creation of a portion of Esfahan’s most well known painstaking work. 

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3. Yazd

major cities in Iran, beautiful towns in Iran


Yazd covered around 250 km east of Isfahan and is the Persian desert city. One nearly gets the feeling that at any minute Luke Skywalker could go by on a modern air vehicle. Actually, the old city of Yazd is totally made of sun-dried mud that guarantees for a lovely coolness inside the houses and for a light darker horizon, all things considered, that is overwhelmed by the Badgers, antiquated breeze towers ascending from pretty much every rooftop in the desert sky. Yazd is one of the major cities in Iran.

4. Ahvaz

major cities in Iran, beautiful towns in Iran


Ahvaz has earned the moniker as the city of bridges gratitude to the many traverse the Karun River which goes through it. Since it lay near the forefronts during the Iran-Iraq war, it endured enormously at the time, yet the lighthearted mentality of this south-western city today is infectious. The adjacent towns of Khorramshahr, Shush, Shushtar, and Dezful are likewise worth stops for their amazing nature and triple portion of UNESCO world legacy destinations. Since Ahvaz is lamentably frequently tormented by cruel climate conditions, the best time to visit for the most part concurs with the Persian new year, exactly toward the start of spring.

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5. Abyaneh

major cities in Iran, beautiful towns in Iran


A settlement of adobe-shaded houses lost among the marvelous red mountains. The majority of the youthful populace has moved from here quite a while back, however, older folks still remain – and, consistent with the customs of their progenitors, they are one of only a handful few in Iran who still practices an old Zoroastrian religion instead of authority Islam. Their lifestyle and old lingo are for all intents and purposes unaltered – as years go, ladies still wear customary garments with painted roses trimming. Abyaneh is one of the unique cities in Iran.

6. Shiraz

major cities in Iran, beautiful towns in Iran


Shiraz is the capital of the focal southern territory of Fars and is viewed as the city of affection, nurseries and extraordinary artists, driven by the significant writers Hafez and Saadi, who even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once revered. Today, their smooth sepulchers, tomb of Hafez and tomb of Saadi, in awe-inspiring broad pull in armies of Persian guests. Regardless of whether the name of the city recommends something else, Shiraz isn’t a city loaded with flavorful red wine. Because simply like anyplace else in Iran, liquor carefully disallowed. 

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7. Pasargadae and Persepolis

major cities in Iran, beautiful towns in Iran

Pasargadae and Persepolis

Brazilian writer Manuel Bandeira alluded to it as an ideal world, and however Pasargadae is a long ways from its previous days, you haven’t seen Iran until you’ve visited the origin of its old domain. Stroll in the strides of the extraordinary lords of the Persian Empire and wonder about the huge tombs and reliefs cut into the stone at Persepolis. A neighborhood direct at these destinations is fundamental, as they will lead you through the historical backdrop of the remnants and give profitable understanding, all with a profound feeling of pride and energy.

8. Kachan

Pasargadae and Persepolis


The desert spring city of Kachan, only north of the city of Tehran, is a decent acquaintance for first-guests with the nation and my little insider tip other than the better-known sights and urban communities in Iran. Notwithstanding the very photogenic Agha Bozorg Mosque, it concocts a little however decent bazaar including a noteworthy caravanserai called Khan Amin al-Dowleh Timche. Kachan is one of the best cities in Iran.

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9. Masuleh

major cities in Iran, beautiful towns in Iran


A lovely town covered up in the northern woodlands of Iran. Developed so that pathways and streets are based on the housetops of houses underneath. You won’t discover any vehicles here – however, that is the reason it is so natural to breath. Investigate houses painted in ochre shading. Stroll around the little bazaar and shop for painstaking work, and – try to get something to eat at a nearby teahouse or conventional bread kitchen. It is one of the beautiful towns in Iran.

10. Tehran

major cities in Iran, beautiful towns in Iran


Try not to be put off by the traffic, brown haze, or wild perplexity since Tehran merits a piece of your time. Iranians from everywhere throughout the nation, in the long run, discover their way here as do significant global organizations, which make the capital city a mixture and best spot to get a feeling of advanced Iran. There are a lot of royal residences and exhibition halls to fulfill your recorded necessities just as hip craftsmanship and bistro scene to cause you re-to assess all that you contemplated Iranians.

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Here are our top cities in Iran which are must to visit on your trip to this nation as there are lots of things to do and see there. Iran is a country which is known for its ancient cities culture and in these cities, you will get everything. Hope the post is beneficial to you kindly read our other blogs also if you want to know more about this country.

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