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We all recognize Mexico for its incredible food, multistory business hubs and, throng roads. But this city has a lot to offer to the tranquility seekers. What else can be the best escape than visiting the famous waterfalls of Mexico when you want to chill out in perspiring summers. Mexico features some beautiful waterfalls within driving distance from downtown that everyone should see. The delightful view of these waterfalls is capable of soothing disturbed souls. If you are searching for a place where you can spend some quality time with nature, nothing can beat these waterfalls’ mesmerizing view and ambiance. Mexico has so many of them, but we are listing some popular ones easily accessible from public transit.

List of Popular Waterfalls in Mexico

1. Agua Azul Waterfalls

Agua Azul Waterfalls

Agua Azul Waterfalls

Agua Azul is Situated in Mexico’s Chiapas state and is also called Cascades de Agua Azul. In Spanish, Agua Azul means “blue cascades.” It is pretty easy to perceive why this place names with such decency, the translucent blue waters falling through the falls says it all. Tourists can ride a taxi or drive their car to reach the Agua Azul waterfalls. As you are within the range of the waterfall, you will see hawkers and merchants selling street food, knickknacks, and other items. Agua Azul waterfall in Mexico features a series of waterfalls with multiple drop points, and the longest drop is 6 meters high. 

Address: 29925 Chiapas, Mexico

Distance from Mexico: 1655 Kilometer

2. Tzararacua



Someone has said it correctly that you have to walk an extra mile to witness the beautiful things. Likewise, to reach Tzararacua waterfalls in Mexico, you have to cross a narrow, overcrowded road. Also, the waterfall is isolated from the city, and many people are not aware of this. So you will not get any public transit to reach the waterfalls. Instead, we suggest you book a taxi from your residence or drive your car. The Tzararacua waterfall is a natural waterfall with multiple drops at distinct heights. Also, the gratifying ambiance near the waterfall is something that you will not get anywhere else in the city.

Address: 60235 ARROYO COLORADO, 60235 Uruapan, Mich., Mexico

Timings: Mon-Fri: 8 am to 5 pm | Sat, Sun: 8 am to 6 pm

Distance from Mexico: 688 Kilometer

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3. Cascada de Tamul or Tamul Waterfall or Cascada Salto del Agua (El Naranjo)

Tamul Waterfall

Tamul Waterfall

The Tamul waterfall in San Luis Potosi city is known among natives with multiple names, but the meaning of all are the same. This waterfall is easily accessible from a boat, or you can also hike through the trails. The 344-ft. waterfall has multiple drops with a cenote on the top that makes this the largest waterfall in the state. Moreover, the enthralling view of the waterfall attracts visitors from the vicinity and abroad. If you are in Mexico, do not forget to visit Cascada de Tamul to witness the unavowed view. 

Address: 79776 Tamasopo, San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Distance from Mexico: 538 Kilometer

Activities: Diving. Swimming, Boating

Best time to visit: July to march

4. Hierve el Agua

Hierve el Agua

Hierve el Agua

Hierve el Agua waterfall in Oaxaca is an ancient geological site featuring a lofty waterfall with a hot water spring. The outpouring water from the creeks gives an alluring view from the roadside. Besides the falls, there are various food stalls where you can enjoy quick food, a small market to purchase a trinket, and a giant swimming pool for bathing. The stunning view of the waterfall drew the attention of more than 5000 people per day. 

Address: Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, Mexico

Distance from Mexico: 1268 Kilometer

5. El Chiflón Waterfall

El ChiflĂłn Waterfall

El ChiflĂłn Waterfall

El Chiflón Waterfall in Mexico is amongst the beautiful masterpieces of nature. This waterfall is an ideal escape for natives due to its scenic view. You can visit the entire waterfall and nearby attractions in one day. This makes this place a go-to destination on weekends from Mexico. The flat trails and lush green areas in the countryside are enough to keep people busy for a long time. Beneath the waterfall, there is a picnic area where people often come for family gatherings and enjoying outdoor sports. 

Address: Colima 12, 1er Sector de Fidelac, 60950 Lázaro Cárdenas, Mich., México

Distance from Mexico: 1700 Kilometer

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6. Basaseachic Falls

Basaseachic Falls

Basaseachic Falls

The crystal clear water of the Basaseachic Falls in Mexico is extremely rewarding for visitors. The fall is located in the Basaseachi National Park in Copper Canyon. Basaseachic Falls is listed among the second-tallest waterfalls in Mexico, with a whopping height of 807 feet. This is a seasonal waterfall and gets dried in summer. In contrast, it’s outpouring in the rainy seasons gives a majestic view. 

Address: 33326 Chihuahua, Mexico

Distance from Mexico: 1056 Kilometer

Best time to visit: July to September

7. Grutas Tolantongo

Grutas Tolantongo

Grutas Tolantongo

There is no doubt in this that Grutas Tolantongo is the most delightful waterfall cum hot spring in Mexico. It is run by local people and remains crowded on the weekends. The remote location of the Grutas Tolantongo makes it hardly accessible for visitors. However, once you reach Grutas Tolantongo waterfall, it will force you to forget all the efforts you have put in to drive this much long distance. Visitors will get a complete arrangement of camping, lodging, and Food in the waterfall premises. If you want to cover other locations nearby, the Grutas Tolantongo, then keep up to two days in your hand. Additionally, we suggest you visit the Grutas Tolantongo on weekdays to dodge the crowd.

Address: San CristĂłbal S/N, Ejido San cristobal, 42375 Cardonal, Hgo., MĂ©xico

Timings: Mon-Sun: 6 am to 11 pm

Distance from Mexico: 733 Kilometer

8. Minas Viejas

Minas Viejas

Minas Viejas

The worth and beauty of the thing eventually increase when you pay for it. Minas Viejas is a paid waterfall in the Mexican town that attracts visitors through its beautiful view. Multiple cascades flow down into a natural swimming pool beneath the fall. Visitors are not allowed to bathe in the swimming pools for safety reasons. However, you can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the falls from a distance. Tourists can book a guide to visit the entire Minas Viejas.

Address: 79316 San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Distance from Mexico: 277 Kilometer


Tickets: $65 per person 

Activities: Swimming, Cliff jumping, Hiking

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9. Los Chorros del Varal

Los Chorros del Varal

Los Chorros del Varal

Los Chorros del Varal waterfall is located in the Michoacan state in Mexico. No place is better than a pacifying waterfall whenever you want to get rid of the bustling city crowd. As you move out of Los Reyes city, a tortuous road will take you to the Los Chorros del Varal. The enchanting beauty of the Los Chorros del Varal waterfall will soothe your eyes and keep you busy for a couple of hours. The view of the waterfall is different from different locations. As you move to the top, the beauty of the waterfall gradually increases. 

Address: Colima 12, 1er Sector de Fidelac, 60950 Lázaro Cárdenas, Mich., Mexico

Distance from Mexico: 588 Kilometer

10. Cascadas de Tamasopo

Cascadas de Tamasopo

Cascadas de Tamasopo

Cascadas de Tamasopo is a famous waterfall in Mexico City with multiple drops. Whenever you want an escape from your daily routine, you can visit this waterfall. It will ideally take you two days to see the entire waterfall minutely. You can explore other places near the waterpark to kill your time. Also, you will get multiple natural reservoirs, wildlife sanctuaries, and resorts for lodging and visit.

Address: Km 2 Carretera Tamasopo – Agua Buena, Centro, 79700 Tamasopo, S.L.P., Mexico

Timings: Mon-Sun: 8 am to 6 pm

Tickets: $ 100 per person

Distance from Mexico: 500 Kilometer


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If you are searching for a serene place in Mexico City, nothing can meet the alluring waterfalls here. There are multiple waterfalls in the town; some are a few hour’s driving distances while others are at a distance. We have mentioned the distance of all the listed waterfalls so that you can plan a vacation accordingly. These majestic waterfalls in Mexico will keep you stunned with their beauty.

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