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Summer Festivals in Singapore is full of weeks of cultural and music festivals as well as art and dance installations. All major venues, including museums, city stages, shops, and restaurants, are transformed into galleries and exhibition platforms with the most exciting and brightest promotions of the year. Follow the schedule of the 10 best summer festivals in Singapore with the highest festive rating!

List of Summer Festivals in Singapore

1. Vesak Day

Top 10 Summer Festivals in Singapore

Vesak Day

Vesak Day is celebrated by devotees of Buddhism all over the world. This marks the enlightenment and death of the Buddha. During the Singapore festival, devotees are often meditated and do a significant amount of charity work. This day also allows people to self-reflect. Vesak Day falls on the full moon in the month of Vesak.

When: May

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2. Hari Raya Haji

Top 10 Summer Festivals in Singapore

Hari Raya Haji

Also known as the Sacrifice Festival, Hari Raya Haji commemorates Prophet Ibrahim’s trust in God and his willingness to sacrifice his own son for it. The devotee should dress and go to the mosques to say prayers and listen to sermons. Although it is basically a ceremony, cows, sheep, lambs, and goats sacrifice for God in a ceremony known as “Age”. The sacrificial animal is later cleaned and cooked for devouring, and then the Muslims visit each other’s places and talk during a sumptuous meal.

When: July

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3. Dragon Boat Festival

Top 10 Summer Festivals in Singapore

Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is also known as the Duanwu Festival or the Zhongxao Festival. This top summer festival in Singapore is a cultural festival in Singapore that originated thousands of years ago. The festival is also called the Double Fifth Festival as it falls on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar. During the festival, dragon boats will compete in competitions around the world where Chinese communities are present, including Singapore. The boats compete at the Bedok Reservoir. People consume rice dumplings (zhongzi) and realgar wines on this day.

4. Hungry Ghost Festival

Singapore Food Festival

Hungry Ghost Festival

All right, there can be no chicken now. The Hungry Spirit Festival is a Chinese festival that is thought to be the festival where the dead travel the Earth. Are you scared? Do not be. As long as you make offers to them, you can avoid the products of their comrades. It is believed that ghosts have material needs in the afterlife that people take care of when it comes to making money, cars, jewelry, and so on. In addition, Chinese operas and lavish dinners are organized at Ang Mo Kio and Yishun to nourish these spirits with food and entertainment.

When: 15th August every year

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5. Singapore Food Festival

Top 10 Summer Festivals in Singapore

Singapore Food Festival

Pamper yourself with authentic local dishes prepared by the chefs that leave a heavenly flavor in your mouth. The one-month festival consists of various competitions and different cuisines. There are also a number of workshops at the festival for hands-on learning. This popular summer festival in Singapore is organized by the Singapore Tourism Council and is recognized around the world.

When: End of June until the end of July

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6. Singapore International Festival of Arts

Top 10 Summer Festivals in Singapore

Singapore International Festival of Arts

To promote various art forms such as music, dance, and fine arts, the Singapore International Arts Festival, organized by Arts House Limited, is one of its kind in Singapore. If you are an art fanatic, this famous summer festival in Singapore is for you. From art exhibitions to Shakespeare on stage, you can witness this perfect blend at this annual summer festival in Singapore.

When: During the months of May and June.

7. Singapore Night Festival

Top 10 Summer Festivals in Singapore

Singapore Night Festival

The Singapore Night Festival brings the best of the city with its heritage sites decorated with colorful lights. This summer takes place on two weekends every week. Bras Basah Bugis is an art enclave in the civilian center of Singapore that comes alive during the Night Festival. See how international artists present their original works on the street. Some areas will only become pedestrian streets to allow the festival to take place. The SNF (Singapore Night Festival) has a different theme each year, according to which artists and decorators are selected. This is an event not to be missed if you are in town in August.

When: Two weekends, every August

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8. Singapore River Festival

Top 10 Summer Festivals in Singapore

Singapore River Festival

The Singapore River Festival is a rich showcase of cultures, arts, music, and dance along the waters of Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, Empress Place, and Robertson Quay along the Singapore River every year for a week. By the way, this festival watches magicians, entertaining parades, and DJs to sway and be grateful for life. You can even show your passion for fun, eating, and good food while you’re in it. This most popular summer festival in Singapore is one of a kind that allows you to forget about the world’s worries for a week

When: Around September and October

9. Singapore Grand Prix

Top 10 Summer Festivals in Singapore

Singapore Grand Prix

Yes, you heard me right. The Grand Prix season in September is the perfect place to enjoy the excitement and feel the rush. Entertainment takes place both on and off the field. The Formula 1 championship takes place through the city. Many concerts and parties are held after the competition.

When: September 1

10. National Day

Top 10 Summer Festivals in Singapore

National Day

Marking the day Singapore achieved independence, the national holiday itself is a holiday of freedom. If you find red and white plaguing the entire island, consider yourself in the best mood of the National Day. The parades show the discipline and camaraderie of the army. In addition, the extravagance of multicultural songs and dance performances attracts crowds from everywhere. Vibrant energy and beautiful scenery, as well as amazing fireworks, never want to leave.

When: August 

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Hope you enjoyed the brief list of the top 5 summer festivals in Singapore that offer umpteen beach sports and fabulous scenic views of the city. There are various famous spots at the mentioned Festivals of All Seasons Celebrated in Singapore which delivers many attractions. For more engaging blogs like these head on to our other blogs and ping us in the comment sections below if you hold any queries regarding the travel destinations.

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