Top 10 Best Places to Eat in United States of America

The most exciting part about your trip to anywhere in the world is trying the famous food of their region. From hometown dishes to a distinctive fare you won’t discover anyplace else on the planet, a vast part of becoming familiar with a city is enjoying its cooking. Satisfying nourishment critics and local people alike, the USA is constantly adding something new in their menus which plays a major role in inviting visitors to travel to this country. So in this article, we will cover up the best places to eat in the USA where you can eat top-quality food with friendly service.

Where to Eat in the USA

1. New Orleans

 top 10 places to eat in USA, top places to eat in USA

New Orleans

Forget about your dieting plans while visiting  New Orleans and appreciate the rich trifecta of cream, oil, and butter. While customary southern flavors flourish here, don’t miss the New Orleans world-famous cuisines of Cajun and Creole, which highlight a mix of Spanish, Italian, African, and French cooking components. Now Orleans restaurants highlight conventional dishes, like po’boys and red beans and rice– a sub generally loaded up with fried seafood or meat – can be found all through the city. Both Creole and Cajun jambalaya and gumbo likewise staple courses on numerous New Orleans menus. It is one of the unique places to eat in the USA.

2. San Francisco

 top 10 places to eat in USA, top places to eat in USA

San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the best places to visit for food lovers as its dining scene offers different types of cuisine styles from all over the world with upscale and casual establishments as well. Here you can discover a pack of Michelin-star foundations this city is one of just four cities in the U.S. to have a Michelin as well as coffeehouses, just as neighborhoods made popular for their universal contributions, including The Mission(Mexican), The Chinatown (Chinese), and  North Beach (Italian), among others. In any case, what makes San Francisco especially emerge is a commitment to using what’s accessible, rather than what they can get.

3. New York City

 top 10 places to eat in USA, top places to eat in USA

New York City

New York is one of the best places to eat all over the US. As per experts this city is mostly stays crowded with its restaurants to eat as it is a place where you found cozy eateries as well as top-notch celebrity chef spots. Make the most of your trip to the cosmopolitan city by not missing to try some of the main specialties of this city. Many people think that pizza is best to eat here: New York-style pizza comprises a light layer of tomato sauce, hand-tossed thin crust, an assortment of toppings, and plenty of mozzarella cheese. This city has many spots to eat the best pizza but as per locals the best spots to eat pizza in this town are Grimaldi’s Pizzeria and Joe’s Pizza.

4. Chicago

 top 10 places to eat in USA, top places to eat in USA


A great many people identify Chicago cooking with only three things and that is its: hot dogs, steak, and pizza. They are not wrong. New York City has a long rivalry with Chicago about how can serve the best pizza slice to their customers, where Ney York cities people like to eat flat and wide and Chicagoans love to eat pizza with a lot of toppings on it and New Yorkers want there hot dogs simple with just ketchup and potato buns, relish or mustards, while Chicagoans make the most of their hamburger franks on a poppy seed bun with yellow mustard on it, cleaved tomatoes, white onion, pickled peppers, a dash of celery salt and dill pickles.

5. Los Angeles

 top 10 places to eat in USA, top places to eat in USA

Los Angeles

Decent variety is the way to LA’s cooking and Los Angeles is the birthplace of famous celebrity chef phenomenon, with some more popular names like Gino Angelini, David Myers, and avid Myers at the cutting edge of the city’s head kitchens. Diners particularly appreciate the impeccable Italian alternatives at Osteria Mozza in Hollywood. Tourists may likewise settle on specific eateries dependent on who may sit at the following table. Those who want a luxurious can choose among The Ivy in or Palm Restaurant or close Beverly Hills, Fig and Olive restaurant in West Hollywood, L.A.

6.  Charleston

 top 10 places to eat in USA, top places to eat in USA


Charleston is a top foodie goal on its own. Regardless of whether you’re not nearby for one of the city’s culinary occasions like the Food Festival + Charleston Restaurant Week or Charleston Wine, despite everything you’ll get an opportunity to test some low nation cooking at any of the city’s top eateries. Local people and travelers alike stack acclaim on Magnolia’s and Hust for their contemporary Southern menus and friendly service. Most loved dishes at Magnolia’s incorporate the buttermilk fried chicken breast, the parmesan-crusted flounder, and down south egg roll. Ordinary and FIG are similarly mainstream for their fish are driven menus and in vogue insides. Charleston is one of the top places to eat in the USA.

7.  Napa Valley

 top 10 places to eat in USA, top places to eat in USA

Napa Valley

Nappa Valley is a city that is not only known for its famous winemaking scene but even for its amazing food also, Napa city has many award-winning restaurants where you can eat the best food all over California with a glass of wine in your hand. All things considered, appropriately matching sustenance and wine is critical, particularly in the California wine nation. But you need to spend a good amount of bucks as the eateries here are offering top-notch dining facilities. You can choose your preferred pick from the menus, yet Morimoto Napa, Angèle, and La Toque are the best to try and if you want to eat something which will not affect your wallet too much then head toward the Ravioli Factory and Delicatessen are the perfect Italian options for you.

8. Seattle

 top 10 places to eat in USA, top places to eat in USA


As a standout amongst the Best Foodie Destinations in the nation, Seattle eateries dole out delicious nearby admission that is frequently injected with flavors from over the planet. Its Pacific Northwest area enables simple access to crisp fish like clams, shellfish, and salmon. Other Pacific Northwest strengths you’ll likely observe on the menu or supplementing dishes incorporate amusement meats like caribou, elk, and moose, fresh berry jams, and wild mushrooms. The city is also impacted by Asian cuisine which can be seen in salad and sushi plates.  Seattle is one of the famous places to eat in the USA.

9. Portland, OR

 top 10 places to eat in USA, top places to eat in USA

Portland, OR

Known as a standout amongst the best foodie urban areas in the nation, Portland offers a lot of choices as per your budget and requirements. In Portland, you can easily find out the low-budget eateries as the city has a huge number of food trucks and carts which are more the 600 here. For intense training in the city’s culinary scene, you just need to signup for the food tour; past guests prescribed Forktown Food Tours for its benevolent aides and their capacity to oblige an assortment of weight control plans. On the off chance that you can’t make a visit, you’ll need to stop by the Portland State University ranchers advertise, where in excess of 200 neighborhood merchants set up camp each Saturday on the PSU grounds.

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10. Nashville

 top 10 places to eat in USA, top places to eat in USA


Just a couple of years prior, Nashville’s feasting scene was ruled by saucy courses, deep-fried that were sufficient to make even the most beneficial heart palpitate. Burger joints rushed to this southern city for juicy barbecue pork or chicken-fried steak with healthy portions of cheese ‘n’ mac and zesty prepared beans. Be that as it may, over the previous decade or somewhere in the vicinity, Nashville has invited more international and less cholesterol cuisine to its eating scene; you would now be able to discover eateries serving Mexican, Italian, Indian, Mediterranean, and Cajun top choices dispersed all through Nashville.

These all are the top 10 places to eat in the USA where you can eat the top quality food with friendly service all of these cities are well known for their own unique type of cooking style. Hope the post is beneficial to kindly read our other articles also if you want to know more about the USA.

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