Baths of Caracalla facts

Baths of Caracalla Facts | Interesting Facts, History of Baths of Caracalla

Let’s have a look at some Baths of Caracalla Facts. The Baths of Caracalla is an ancient fountain dating back to 19BC when the Aqua Virgo canal, was built in Rome for providing water to its residents. It would be easy for you to discover the Baths of Caracalla history. Before visiting Rome you should know the interesting facts about the Baths of Caracalla which would create interest to explore more about the Eternal City ie Rome.

Baths of Caracalla Facts and History

1. In Italian, the Baths of Caracalla are known to be the Terme di, Caracalla.

2. Public baths of that time were called as thermae.

3. If the Baths of Caracalla were completed in six years instead of seven, which has been suggested that it is necessary to install more than 2,000 tons of building material each day.

4. The baths of Caracalla were a complex, which includes complete areas for bathing (in heated water), and a large courtyard with exercise space having a changing room around it.

5. Baths of Caracalla contains two exercise courtyards, and their pavement was designed with black and white patchwork patterns.

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6. There were balconies overlooking the courtyard for spectators to watch others exercised below. The balconies are gone but still, there is evidence in the brickwork where the balconies were fastened to the walls.

7. The cold baths in the Baths of Caracalla were known as natatorium or frigidarium.

8. The warm baths in the Baths of Caracalla were known as the tepidarium and the hot baths were known as the caldarium.

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9. The water in the baths was heated by slaves, who were present in the basement for adding coal to the ovens to keep the water hot.

10. In 1824 a patchwork was discovered in the northern hall depicting a variety of athletes. The patchwork can be seen today in the Vatican Museum.

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11. When Baths of Caracalla was built, 1600 people could use the actual baths at one time.

12. In the 1500s the Farnese family granted the right to remove all valuable objects from the Baths of Caracalla. They removed two large bathtubs made up of Egyptian grey granite which are now located on the Piazza Farnese near the Palazzo Farnese in Rome.

13. Many original statues and mosaics of the Baths of Caracalla are now located in the Vatican Museums including “Torso of the Belvedere”. A statue of the Greek hero named Ajax.

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Here far we told you about the interesting facts about the Baths of Caracalla which help you to explore the Baths of Caracalla history. Hope you have gathered some information regarding Baths of Caracalla facts. Desired to know more information Kindly concerned to our other articles as well. Please like it and provide your views in the form of comment and share it.


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