Discover What Antigua Guatemala is Famous For? | Why is Antigua Guatemala Popular?

Antigua Guatemala is the small city of Guatemala lying in the southern region of the country. Being known for its Mayan ruins, vibrantly coloured ancient architectures and beautiful natural landscapes or rainforests this city account for having the best travel destination. Antigua Guatemala is best known for its amazing picturesque views and spectacular surfing, snorkelling and other beach sports. But despite these incredible features, not many travellers find this small city of Guatemala as a perfect destination. Here are some of the top 10 reasons defining What Antigua Guatemala is well-known for? that will win your heart and offers you,  mind-blowing food joints fabulous in their flavours with unique serving styles across the shorelines of its beautiful beaches. Do follow up the list and comment below if you find any of these places or reasons more exciting.

List of Reasons Antigua Guatemala is Known For

1. Museums

Why Antigua Guatemala is Popular


Antigua Guatemala is one of the most fascinating towns in Latin America that is well known around the world for its fascinating colonial history that stays intact in the form of landmarks that still mark the place like gems and gives the entire city another meaning.  Walking around such cobbled streets is a history lesson in itself due to which Antigua Guatemala is famous for, from a long time. Choco Museum is a perfect example of such art which tells the saga of turning cacao bean into a chocolate bar during the Mayan times and also conducts small workshops, where you’ll learn the tales being revised with practical techniques of making handmade chocolates. At the famous Choco Museum, you can discover the history of the Mayan love affair with chocolates. There are other great museums in the city which are similarly exciting and tempting!

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2. Beaches

Why Antigua Guatemala is Popular


Antigua claims that it has an endless number of beaches and you can spend one beach every day till the whole year finishes with you being acquainted from nearly 365 best beaches in the city. This may be the exaggeration due to the top notched beauty of the Antigua’s beaches, but there’s no shortage of desirable beaches for any beachgoer at Antigua city. In fact, an entire beach research papers can be written about What Antigua Guatemala is known for? And you must consider this place, first before taking any other beachy ride. With spectacular beaches comes amazing beach activities like good snorkelling spots or surfing zones. Most of the families prefer Dickenson Bay in the north and Pigeon Point Beach in the south, due to their calmer water, accommodations and food options. Both are popular, especially when cruise ships are in port.

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3. Local Foods 

Why Antigua Guatemala is Popular

Local foods

Since the city is hearty and drives its core from the lineages of Mayan tribes you can find a whole range of vibrant local food scene with many native specialities available in the whole city. Antigua Guatemala is well-known for the Pepperpot and fungee which is a dish of cornmeal mixed with okra, often as dumplings and it is also regarded as the national dish of the place. The filling is combined with salted meat, pumpkin, spinach, squash and eggplant to make the most out of fresh veggies. You can’t beat local lobster, conch or wahoo, all washed down with the local Wadadli beer at any hour of the time.

4. Beach Activities

Why Antigua Guatemala is Popular

Beach Activities

Not only beaches but the meticulous arrangements of the city which keeps the adventure seekers visiting the city often are the best beach sports driving the adrenaline in your body to next levels giving you a fine touch of thrill and fun in one stroke. All manners of watersports are provided here, as in reckoning to most islands, Antigua excels at snorkelling, windsurfing, scuba diving and sailing. Antigua city is known for the skilled snorkelers that have their pick of beaches including Long Bay, Hawksbill Beaches, Pigeon Point on the top. You can also easily join the scuba diving lessons in this city, as there are various companies around the island that offer dive certification and tours. Popular sites include Cades Reef which offers mindblowing underwater scenes.

5. Colonial History Landmarks

Why Antigua Guatemala is Popular

Colonial History Landmarks

As the city has suffered a lot which not only included a massive earthquake destroying most of their resources and monuments but also a fine line of colonial rulers visiting and ruling over Antigua over certain amounts of time. Historic English Harbour is one of the top colonial influence for which Antigua Guatemala is best-known for. As the harbour never ceases to offer great insights into the English Colonial history there stands a Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, which is also the largest park in Antigua’s National Park System accounting for a newly-minted UNESCO World Heritage Site dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. English Harbour, sustains tremendous 17th-century remains like Fort George and 18th-century Fort Berkeley spots. One of the popular Galleon Beach is also a nearby fun option for enjoying good watersports with the rich history of the city.

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6. Rainforest

Why Antigua Guatemala is Popular


The simplest forests in Antigua city involves six zip lines and is best for all ages, therefore, don’t hesitate if you are offered with a short ride across the rainforest tours in Antigua Guatemala. Just make sure you own the right guides to come out of the forests! As, the lines range from 52 to 328 feet long, propelling thrill-seekers a fabulous rainforest canopy and incredible inside experience of a real rainforest rather than abhorrent them from the typical Anaconda movies of Hollywood! Ultimate adrenaline junkies will love the challenge course, with its 12 zip lines and nine other challenging course features offered in the region. If you experience trouble choosing then opt for combos that add either kayaking, swimming with stingrays or riding a jeep on the beach. It is one of the firm reasons why Antigua is popular? That can make your beach vacations exciting to another level.

7. Luxurious Hotel Scene

Why Antigua Guatemala is Popular

Luxurious Hotel Scene

Since there is no shortage of destination hotels in the city due to a recurring increase in tourism every year. You can look forward to some new additions in the near future that are more enticing and hold the glory of the best luxuries you always imagine. The luxe Hodges Bay Resort and Spa is the first hotel on the island from the Elegant Hotels Group which makes it all possible. Another is Coconut Bay Resort, a $40 million project in construction right now but when it will be completed you won’t find any other place better than this. Redeveloping Half Moon Bay, eventually adding a five-star beachfront resort is also a great take over the top beach resorts commodities for which Antigua city, Guatemala is famous for.

8. Distinct Dollar

Why Antigua Guatemala is Popular

distinct Dollar

US dollar is a widely used and circulated currency on the island, but you must not assume that all the dollars referred are actually the Benjamin Franklin dollar notes. As, they also associate member of the Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean States which is the more common currency throughout Antigua and much more quoted in local places like petrol stations, local supermarkets and restaurants outside any hotel etc. Therefore, before visiting any Antigua destination make sure you withdraw some East Caribbean dollars whilst you’re there for day-to-day spending money in local businesses.

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9. Mayan Weaved Textiles

Why Antigua Guatemala is Popular

Mayan Weaved Textiles

As said earlier Antigua city has strong roots in Mayan cultures and tribal traditions and out of all weaving great amount of fabrics are one of the best features Antigua Guatemala is known for. This city is extensively known for producing beautifully woven textiles, which is inspired by various Mayan waving techniques and vibrant colour arts. Museo Casa del Tejido is the best place to learn more about such traditional designs, and different styles of Guatemalan clothing and weaving industry coming from skilled handmade weaver all across the city. Such refined artwork comes from various villages which you can buy as a unique gift from the shop afterwards for your loved ones back home. These are definitely the must-see places of Antigua city that you should not miss.

10. Unique Jade Products

Why Antigua Guatemala is Popular

unique jade products

The whole world was already amazed at the shiny green material which is titled as jade and various Asian historians and craftworkers came up with iconic accessory designs that were moulded from this precious stone. But Antigua went one level up and owns a lavender shade jade material that is unique in its own occurrence. Whereas the products from such material are one in a kind. Such facts definitely make this city a mystery box germinating more seeds of what Antigua city is popular for?


Hope you enjoyed these reasons which summarise Why Antigua Guatemala’s is popular? The city is superb in views and accommodates one of the best beach activities to make your vacations more exciting and desirable. There are a lot of beautiful and popular landmarks in Antigua Guatemala which you must explore if you are staying in the city for a longer duration. These nearby tourist zones are some of the most visited places but I have also included various unknown spots that are heart-warming but due to no proper tourist influence they stay hidden from the travellers. For more engaging blogs head on to our other post given exactly below this post. You can also help us by sharing and commenting your lovely thoughts regarding our article.

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