The US reduced the visa processing time for Indians for the first time

Synopsis: Under the new initiative, Indians applying for a US visa for the first time have to appear for the special in-person visa interviews on Saturdays. Additional staff will be assigned for these in-person visa interviews to speed up the process. 

Those who have been planning to apply for a US visa can now finally do so, as they will now have to wait less to get their visas. The United States (US) embassy in India has launched a new initiative under which the overall visa processing time will be reduced.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, visa applicants who have to appear for in-person visa interviews have to experience a long waiting time for visa processing. But from now onward, they won't have to wait for very long. As part of the plan, more people will be assigned on Saturdays to speed up the visa interviews.

Applicants who have already been granted a US visa do not need to go through the in-person interview process anymore. These applications will be processed electronically as part of the recently launched visa processing initiative.

The consulate in Mumbai has extended its working hours during the weekdays in order to accommodate more applicants from Mumbai who are interested in obtaining visas.

People who are applying for student visas, visas in the H and L category, H-1B visas, business visas, tourist visas, B-1 visas, and B-2 visas, as well as the crews of airlines and shipping companies, will benefit from this new initiative.

Travel to the USA

As we all know, March and April are the ideal months to visit the United States for tourism. At this time of year, you can enjoy the spectacular cherry blossom display. After a long, harsh winter, nature reawakens. Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Oregon, Seattle, Texas, and San Francisco are among the top travel destinations in the USA at this time of year. These months see a rise in the popularity of ecotourism vacations. So, make sure to plan a trip to the United States this spring and take advantage of this marvelous initiative from the US Embassy in India.