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Europe is an active volcano of incredible travel destinations across the world. It keeps erupting with surprising adventures every day. Whether it’s about visiting the ancient monuments or witnessing the latest invention of the 21st century, Europe has been firing up the world of art, culture & innovation like a Pro! With tonnes of things to offer and an electrifying atmosphere on the streets of popular nightlife cities in Europe. You can never halt your amazement on this continent.  

But nightlife in Europe brings a unique manifestation to its glory. The cultural music, diverse cuisine, dances, live events, drinks, and fully-packed bars. Everything comes into a harmonious sync after the sun sets its motion & night crawls in here! Travel solo or in a group, these 10 best night out cities in Europe will definitely make your holidays much more thriller & exciting. Let’s tune in!

List of 10 Amazing Nightlife Cities in Europe To Visit

1. Budapest, Hungary



If you have a thing for Ruined Bars then Budapest is the best nightlife place in Europe for enjoying your summers. This city has poured its artistic inheritance onto numerous empty derelict buildings and classic abandoned outdoor spaces. And now they’ve been wonderfully transformed into the most fun and quirky bars for partying.   

With alcohol being super affordable and ornate natural spring baths collections it’s hard to avoid such a fabulous city for the best nightlife in Eastern Europe. Apart from hungover brunches people also prefer chilling out at these swimming pool-sized spring baths to sober up & recharge for the next night out adventure.

Best Nightclubs: Doboz, Kobuci, Akvárium Club, Corvin,  A 38 and Sparty. A38 Hajó, Zeller Bistro, Müpa Budapest, and OPUS Jazz Club

Avg Prices: Entry fee – Min. 5 Euros/ person

Best Time to visit Budapest: March to November.

2. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, Spain

No, you don’t have to take a pill in Ibiza to actually realize how cool of a party hotspot it is! Though Mike Posner won’t be upset if you played his hit song Pill in Ibiza on loop here. Definitely, this exclusive island in the Mediterranean is one of the biggest party cities in Europe to enjoy your vacations. It is the hub of hypnotic music, all-night-long parties, fun crowds, and beautiful weather. Basically, everyone comes to Ibiza to find the best night-out adventures of their life.

Though make sure you have a flexible budget to afford pricey booze & entertainment activities here. As it gets really expensive, especially when great artists & DJs perform at live events in Ibiza. 

Best Nightclubs to Visit: Pachá, Lio, La Bodega, Nikki Beach Ibiza, Bora Bora Beach Club, and Amnesia.

Avg Prices: Entry fee- Min. 70 Euros/ person, Drinks- Min. 15 Euros/person

Best Time to Visit Ibiza: March to May and September to November

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3. Paris, France



Paris- The Epitome City of Romance might be your beloved’s choice to travel. But I may tell you that the glistening Eiffel Tower at Night, is just the starter. There’s a whole new world of France that comes to life after sunset in Paris. The glitz and glam transform this famous city of Europe for nightlife into a completely new realm. 

Housing plenty of high-end clubs, it also offers a classic jazz scene to enjoy. You can immerse yourself in the authentic renaissance of golden Paris at such unique jazz clubhouses.  Whereas the abundance of the student population, allows you to get numerous cheap options for alcohol. If you desire to explore more night-out places, try out these 8 best cities for nightlife in France for adventure.

Best Nightclubs to Visit: Le Duplex, Mix Club, Raspoutine, Batofar, Magnum Club

Avg Prices: Entry fee- $27 per person for one night

Best Time to Visit Paris: June to August & September to October

4. Mykonos Island, Greece

Mykonos Island

Mykonos Island

Greeks have mastered the art of partying long ago! Now, it’s impossible to omit this city if you are browsing the best nightlife cities in Europe. Whether it involves partying all day at the beaches or just chilling after sunset at the gorgeous riverside restaurants. You can find it all on Mykonos Island. 

It gets all stacked up to the brim during summers so make sure you plan your vacations in advance for easier & cheaper bookings.  Whereas the booze becomes highly expensive during high seasons go a little slower on drinking here (if possible!)

Best Nightclubs: Cavo Paradiso, Scandinavian Bar and Club, Babylon, Tropicana Beach Bar & Restaurant, and Super Paradise Beach Club.

Avg Prices: Entry fees: 10 Euros- 30 Euros per person

Best time to visit Mykonos Island: April to mid-June and September to mid-October

5. Stockholm, Sweden



Another expensive drinking member in the world of party hotspots in Stockholm(Not the Money Heist one!) in Sweden. It is one of the most beautiful nightlife cities in Europe that is jammed with wonderful monuments & historical landmarks apart from a spectacular clubbing scene. 

Though, bouncers at the nightclubs are a little stiff here, towards the dress codes. So try putting something nice & wild before visiting the famous nightclubs of Stockholm. Otherwise, I’m sure you’d love the fun-loving party vibes of the Swedish people altogether.   

Best Nightclubs: End Nightclub, Spybar, Rose Club, Myst Stockholm

Avg Prices: Entry Fee-Min 15 Euros/ person &  Drinks- Min 5 Euros/ person 

Best time to visit Stockholm: June To August

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6. Krakow, Sweden



Krakow is known for its popular nightlife in Eastern Europe throughout the world. Not just the lifestyle but they’ve also modernized their way of partying and essential equipment involved in the process. Surely, a great remark is that Krakow takes its night-out scene very seriously. 

Many people consider this city a perfect choice for bachelorette parties in Europe.

Though you can explore this thrilling nation whenever you feel like it. 

Best Nightclubs: Frantic Club, Baccarat Music Club, and Taawa Music Club.

Avg Prices: 30- 50 Euros per person for one night.

Best Time to Visit Krakow: March, April, Late- September, and October.

7. Prague, Czeck Republic



Prague is the hub of exotic bars & affordable beers. It is one of the top nightlife cities in Europe that never loses its charm to tickle people with excitement. Whether you are in the mood to enjoy the finest wines or spin out some dance moves, you’ll have no trouble finding diverse clubs throughout the city. 

In fact, the largest club in Europe — 5-story Karlovy Lazne Club is also situated in Prague. Apparently, this city has something for everyone to enjoy. Yet, some of the best ways to explore the night of Prague are via cruises, clubs, Riverside Parties or  Beer Bikes.

Best Nightclubs: Chapeau Rouge, Lucerna Music Bar, DéjáVu Music Club, and Retro Music Hall.

Avg Prices: Entry Fee 5 to 7 Euros/ person

Best time to visit Prague: Mid-April to May and September to mid-October.

8. Amsterdam



How could Amsterdam be kept out of the list of top 10 cities in Europe for nightlife after all? A city that has significantly made its mark for chilling out, getting baked in coffee shops & legalized escorting fun should be served with immense honor for sure. Amsterdam has some of the best techno and trance music scenes in the world.

But the party scene is no less of a wonder! You’ll mostly find partying in Amsterdam expensive. Therefore, keep track of your expenses. And if you have a thing for tall people, then Dutch fellas of Amsterdam are surely going to woo you out!

Best Nightclubs: Tolhuistuin, De Marktkantine, De School, OT301 and Oedipus Brewing.

Avg Prices: Entry fee at 5 Euros- 20 Euros / Person & Drinks at Min 15 Euros/ person

Best time to visit Amsterdam: Mid-April to May, and September to November.

9. Belgrade, Serbia



Belgrade is one of the cheapest cities in Europe for nightlife & partying. The night-out scene becomes much hotter in summer due to the huge crowd & of travelers visiting this city. Many popular musical events & special performances at the nightclubs also attract tonnes of party geeks from different parts of Serbia.  

Such fame has even honored Belgrade with the title of “ Party capital of Serbia” along with a tag of a city that never sleeps.

Best Nightclubs: Freestyler, Hot Mess, Money Club, River Club, Shake ‘N’ Shake, and Leto Club.

Avg Prices: Usually clubs offer free entries ( but you have to pay for booze)

Best Time to Visit Belgrade: March to May and September to October.

10. Berlin, Germany



Berlin has been a melting pot for artists, musicians, painters & other eccentric skills since the olden times. With such a rich historical structure, Berlin offers tonnes of cheap lodging spaces. Whereas many abandoned buildings are artistically transformed into fabulous party zones that are active throughout the night. You get affordable food and alcohol here. 

Though new luxurious nightclubs have completely taken up the scene, you can still find plenty of underground clubs hidden away throughout this city of Europe for the best nightlife experiences.

Best Nightclubs: Kitkat, Syphos, Salon Zur Wilden Renate, and Chalet

Avg Prices: Entry Fee- 5 to 20 Euros without drinks.

Best Time to Visit Berlin: March to August 

Sadly, we’ve arrived at the end of our thriller list of the 10 best cities in Europe for nightlife. Hopefully, this insightful travelogue will always come to your rescue whenever you can’t decide which country to explore & have the best fun of your life. Such a blend of cultures, ethnicities, traditions, architecture, and lifestyles is what makes Europe a total G.O.A.T  of all travel destinations. So, wind up your work and slip into the party shoes to have a fun nightlife in these incredible cities of Europe.

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