Vietnam hosted International Fashion Tour to promote tourism and culture

Synopsis: Vietnam hosted the ‘Vietnam International Fashion Tour (VIFT)’ to promote tourism and culture. Voyage Group, Vietnamese fashion brand S Designer House and IEX Group are operating together to organize this event.

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The Vietnam International Fashion Tour (VIFT) occasion will be managed together by Voyage Group, Vietnamese fashion brand S Designer House and IEX Group. VIFT is ready to welcome 40 worldwide brands and creators on stage in the Vietnam International Fashion Tour. More than 1000 models will participate in this fashion festival and show their glamour to promote Vietnamese culture and tourism. There will be five urban communities and eight style shows distributed according to different regions in the country.

Vietnam has been hosting international fashion tours since 2012 to promote tourism and culture. In 2012, the country welcomed over 6.84 million visitors from around the world. Since then the country has hosted many events including fashion shows, art exhibitions, music festivals, etc. However, in the past two years, the country has witnessed fewer visitors than ever in the history of Vietnam. But this time, Vietnam is all ready to attract nearly 2 million foreign tourists for this fashion tour.

The fashion tour was set to host between August 28, 2022, and August 27, 2023, in five urban communities in the country. VIFT will be hosted in Quang Ninh on August 28, 2022; in Hanoi from December 25, 2022, to December 31, 2023; in Lao Cai on October 30, 2022; in Hoa Binh on June 25, 2023, and Ninh Binh on August 27, 2023.

During the event, the organizers will run multiple activities to raise funds for noble causes. There will be a charity program for child education, model casting, and promoting tourism and culture in the country. 

Both creators and viewers will come together on a single platform during this event to promote international tourism in the country. Also, the occasion will facilitate the brands that participate in this event. The S Designer House showcases collections that depict the combination of the culture of three regions of Vietnam. Additionally, Ỷ Vân Hiên will exhibit the collection of traditional dresses and Tuyết Nhung Bridal will promote the beauty of women in white by showcasing the collection of Dreams Come True. 

Vietnam is a famous tourist destination among global travelers and is considered a Leading Cultural City Destination 2021 in Asia. It has also received the World Travel Awards in 2021.

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