Best Route to Reach Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center 

The Macau Tower, also known as the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center, is one of the tallest towers in China, located in the coastal part of Macau City, Se Province. Route guide to reach Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center is easy and convenient. It is 1109 meters high and is a very popular nightclub with a revolving restaurant, a large lookout terrace, a huge shopping center with a cinema, theater, and other entertainment facilities. This is one of the best options for a family-type holiday for local families. The best way to reach Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center from Macau  is by bus: 

Best Route Guide to Reach Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center

Know More About Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center

Rising 338 meters above the ground, world-class conference facilities, entertainment, leisure, shopping facilities, and a unique bird’s-eye view of Macau under one roof. The Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Center (Macau Tower) has been a major attraction in the city since 2001. High-speed panoramic lifts take visitors to the 233-meter peak, where they can enjoy stunning views of Macau and therefore the surrounding regions on board the Tower’s outdoor observation deck, where you can see the Chinese Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong. clear days. Adventurers can try AJ Hackett’s tours, including the Skywalk, Sky Jump, or Bungy Jump, the tallest commercial building on the Guinness record, and even fight the ultra-light Tower Climb to reach the top of the tower 338m.

Address: Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center, Macao

What to Expect

Located on the southern tip of the Macau Peninsula, the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center is internationally recognized for a few things: the view and the view! The 338-meter-high Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center is inspired by New Zealand’s Sky Tower and is a desired and preferred venue for large and regional events. From the moment you arrive, you will understand how important the tower is to Macau and how it represents Macao’s place in the world. An ear climber can climb the glass facade elevator in 60 seconds and enjoy the view as the entire peninsula stretches beneath you. It’s really amazing, you don’t want to miss this.

The Macau Tower offers delicacies, from a strong buffet at the 228-meter 360 ° café to fine dining at Lua Azul Chinese Restaurant or the original Portuguese Tromba Rija Restaurant. The tower can be a one-stop dining experience for any epicurean, and visitors can shop with a selection of retailers with a new trend. As a world-class conference venue, the Macau Tower serves all types of organizations and companies, offering a well-equipped exhibit space, banquet facilities, and a 3D cinema. it is the preferred venue for many business and personal event organizers to create amazing events that will be remembered by their clients.

Macao Tower

Macao Tower

How to Reach

By Bus: Take bus 5, 9A, 18B, 18, 23, 26, 32, 73, or N2 to Macau Tower.

What to See 

Surrounded by glass windows, the Observation Deck offers a sensational 360 experience from 223 meters upwards. From this stunning height, you can see Macau as a whole, as well as parts of Taipa, Coloane and China. While staying here, pay attention to the view of the Pearl River Delta, the Penguin and Zhuhai. While visiting the Macau Tower, you can take advantage of iVenture card holders ’Show and Save offers for AJ Hackett Bungy Jump, Skywalk, SkyJump and Tower Climb attractions.

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Important Notes

Due to the Coronavirus, Macau Tower will be closed until further notice.

Opening Timings

Thursday 10 AM-9 PM

Friday 10 AM-9 PM

Saturday 9 AM-9 PM

Sunday 9 AM-9 PM

Monday 10 AM-9 PM

Tuesday 10 AM-9 PM

Wednesday 10 AM-9 pm

The timing may vary. They are automatically booked for the duration as part of the payment process. Please visit the official website to confirm the duration before your visit.

Ticket Price

For Adults: 18 USD for the observatory

For Seniors(65 years old and above) and children: 10 USD for the observatory

Macau Tower Sightseeing Observation

The Macau Tower is 338 meters (about 1108 feet) above the ground. The highest level of observation is the level 61 outdoor observation deck. Walking around the observation deck offers beautiful panoramic views of the Pearl River Delta, the Macau Peninsula and the Taipa (Coloane Islands). The Observation Lounge is located on the 58th level. The Macau Tower is a stunning place to watch the sunrise in the morning or see the spectacular view of Macau at night.

macau Tower

macau Tower

Macau Tower Bungee Jump

This is the highest bungee jump in the world. By jumping about 223 meters (about 732 feet), the Guinness record can be renewed.

Macau Tower Mast Climb

Standing 100 meters high (about 328 feet), you can climb to the top of the Macau Tower. You’re at the highest point in Macau at the time, it will be another special memory because what you see here is a completely different experience.

Macau Tower Skywalk X 

Walk 223 meters (about 732 feet) on the edge above the ground and there are no handrails. This is another special experience in the Macau Tower.

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Useful Tips

The Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center is great to visit any day, but the weather can of course affect what you see. Check the weather forecast to plan your visit to get the most out of the view up there. If the sun is particularly clear, you might want to consider a visit to the tower under the sunset, where the colors and flashing lights of the big city are staggeringly appealing – and very romantic if you’re looking for a dating night spot! As for convenience, there is a cafe on top, but you might want to consider your own snacks as the cafe is not that big but has good simple food and hot coffee.

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