10 Best Bubble Hotels in The World to Visit

There are so many unique places in the world that people are not aware of. One of such places is the world’s best bubble hotels. These bubble hotels are the most recommended vacation spot among the GobbleTrotters. If you are oblivious to the beautiful bubble hotels across the globe, then this article is for you. These bubble hotels are the best place to plan a vacation for couples. What can be more impressive than having a fantastic night with your partner under the sky?

People usually look forward to such experiences and are ready to pay any amount of money. But we are sharing the list of budget-friendly bubble hotels that are pretty famous among couples. These bubble hotels will give you a wholesome experience of hospitality.

List of Top Bubble Hotels in The World

1. Domaine Des Bulles

Domaine Des Bulles

Domaine Des Bulles

Domaine Des Bulles is an eco-friendly transparent lodge located in Martinique. There are three types of domes in Domaine Des Bulles that are entirely covered with greenery. Domaine Des Bullesis the best place to spend a tranquil time with nature, take a relaxing spa and or a jacuzzi bath before heading to the magnificent dome. Visitors can also visit the terrace to enjoy traditionally cooked breakfast in the early morning. There is a pond, swimming pool, and an air suite that maintains an accurate balance between you and nature. 

Address: Chemin rural de Ravine Plate, Le Vauclin, Martinique

Website: https://www.ledomainedesbulles.com/

Price per night per couple: 130 €

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2. Wilderness Hotel Nellim

Wilderness Hotel Nellim

Wilderness Hotel Nellim

Wilderness Hotel Nellim is a beautiful hotel in Northern Lapland in Finland. The specialty of Wilderness Hotel Nellim is its transparent rooms that give a perfect view of the Arctic lights in the night. This place is truly a heaven for night owls, as they can enjoy an entire night under the naked sky with shining stars. The traditional hotel rooms in Wilderness Hotel Nellim look like a water bubble from the air. Couples can easily spend the night in the glass dome gazing at the evening stars or watching the dancing aurora borealis comfortably from their private dome. The serene atmosphere of the Wilderness Hotel gives you sufficient time to enjoy with your partner under the starry night.

Address: Nellimintie 4230, 99860 Nellim, Finland

Website: https://nellim.fi/

Price per night per couple: €199

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3. Bubble



The bubble hotel in Iceland is a uniquely beautiful hotel famous for its transparency. The northern lights and the midnight sun both are clearly visible from the bubble hotel. Visitors don’t have to make any efforts or to go anywhere to witness the fascinating beauty of nature with northern lights. Just sleep comfortably in your bobble, look above in the sky, and you are all done. The bubble hotel is just a 70-minute driving distance from Reykjavik that makes this place more accessible for visitors. They can either drive their own car or rent a cab to reach the bubble hotel in Iceland. Whether it’s the colorful late-night sunset or vivid green aurora borealis in winter, every possible view from this transparent dome is ravishing on its own. 

Address: Hrosshagi, near Reyholt, THE GOLDEN CIRCLE, Iceland 

Website: https://www.buubble.com/

Price per night per couple: ISK 26.900

4. Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp

Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp

Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp

Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp is a luxurious accommodation option for visitors in the Desert of Jordan. There is no better way to enjoy the nights in the desert other than a pleasant stay in Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp. There are 25 fully equipped luxurious tents that are framed with perfection. Every tent has a separate king-size bed with an eco-friendly bathroom and kitchen. Visitors can enjoy the clear view of stars at night and scenic desert in the daytime from their tents. There is no hassle to rent a can to witness the beauty of the sandy desert, as you can do it all from the comfort of your transparent tent. However, you have to move out of your comfort zone to experience the camel ride in the wadi desert.

Address: Wadi RUM, P.O Box. 124, Petra, Jordan, 71810

Website: https://www.wadirumnightluxury.com/

Price per night per couple: $211

5. Attrap’ Reves

Attrap' Reves

Attrap’ Reves

People usually prefer to sleep in a shelter, but what if the ceiling is transparent. Attrap’ Reves in franc is a place that offers a unique experience of night stay under the bare sky. The location is easily accessible from France, and most of the newly wedded couples visit Attrap’ Reves to spend a fantastic night under the stars. This place is perfect for soaking in the beauty of Nature amid your comfort. All climatic-controlled, transparent bubble tents have luxurious beds, a modern kitchen, and an eco-friendly bathroom. Also, you can order breakfast or lunch in your tent to avoid the hassle of cooking on your vacation. Attrap’ Reves is a popular vacation spot for couples as it comes from the list of famous bubble hotels worldwide.

Address: Chem. de la Ribassière, 13190 Allauch, France

Website: https://www.attrap-reves.com/en/

Price per night per couple: 149 Euro

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6. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland is an Instagram-worthy location where you can have a clear look at stars, moon, sun, and nature from your transparent dome. This transparent dome is designed with temperature-controlled sheets that can bear the heat of sparkling summers and balance the temperature in winters at night. There are around 65 fully equipped glass igloos far away from the city bustle. If you are looking for a place to sleep under the stars on a winter night in Finland , nothing can give you a similar experience to this resort. Additionally, visitors can also enjoy reindeer safari, hiking, or ice fishing in seasons.

Address: Kiilopääntie 9, 99830 Saariselkä, Finland

Website: https://www.kakslauttanen.fi/

Price per night per couple: 370€

7. Hotel Aire de Bardenas

Hotel Aire de Bardenas

Hotel Aire de Bardenas

Central Spain has gamut of things to keep visitors engaged for a week, but the overnight stay experience at the Aire de Bardenas hotel is entirely unmatchable. These transparent hotel rooms are designed with perfection to bear all the climatic changes. Moreover, visitors can also enjoy hiking in Bardenas National Park or have a camel ride in the desert. The Aire de Bardenas hotel is among the best luxurious bubble hotels in Spain. Visitors can enjoy the serenity with the captivating view of stars and moons in the night.

Address: Ctra. de Ejea, NA-125, km. 1, 5, 31500 Tudela, Navarra, Spain

Website: https://airebardenas.com/en/

Price per night per couple: € 269.50

8. Bubble Lodge

Bubble Lodge

Bubble Lodge

Everyone has heard of the beauty of Mauritius and must have thought of going there someday. If you plan to visit Mauritius on your next vacation, we are here to tell you about the most unexpected place there. Mauritius is already a beautiful city, and the Bubble Lodge on the coast of Madagascar is an addition to its beauty. The charming location of this bubble dome is enough to give you goosebumps. What can be more beautiful than a view of a gloomy night from a transparent room on the coast of a lagoon? Each room is built at a distance with different paths so that no visitor can peek into or get a view of another room. The rooms give a clear view of stars from the bed. All rooms have separate bathrooms, air conditioners, and eco-friendly dry toilets.  Visitors can also enjoy traditional breakfast and dinner while their stay and spend their evening is kayaking and paddle boating.

Address: Ile aux Cerfs, Trou d’Eau Douce, Mauritius

Website: https://www.bubble-lodge.com/

Price per night for couples: 250 €

9. Levin Iglut-Golden Crown

Levin Iglut-Golden Crown

Levin Iglut-Golden Crown

If you are looking for a place to go with your spouse on your next vacation, you should think of a pleasant stay at bubble hotels in Finland. Levin Iglut is the unique igloo theme hotel in Finland. The transparent roofs of Levin Iglut give a magical view of stars in the Arctic night. This location is a perfect spot for couples to spend quality time far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are a total of 12 glass-roofed hotels in Levin Iglut that eat packers with all modern amenities like bathroom, kitchen, king-size bed, geyser, refrigerator, and television gives a magical view at night. As there are limited rooms here, we recommend you to pre-book your rooms before visiting. Also, visit the website and avail extra discount. 

Address: Harjatie 4, 99130 Kittilä, Finland

Website: https://leviniglut.net/

Price: 299 € per night.

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10. Finn Lough

Finn Lough

Finn Lough

Finn Lough is a lake in Northern Ireland surrounded by forest all around.  This place in Ireland is the best escape for couples to book their dream bubble hotel in Finn Lough. The location is entirely immersed in nature and far away from the city crowd. Also, you will barely find any mobile network in the Finn Logue, so there is no one to disturb you here. The forest hideaway is equipped with all the basic amenities that anyone can look for in a forest. A spacious bathroom with a geyser and dryer facility, a comfortable king-size bed, and whatnot. Also, Finn Lough provides an on-call food facility so that visitors don’t have to go anywhere else in search of food, leaving their comfortable bubble.

Address:33 Letter Road, Aghnablaney, BT93 2BB Enniskillen Co. Fermanagh, GB

Website: https://www.finnlough.com/

Price: £295 per night for a couple

We all keep searching for fantastic places to visit on our vacation. The excitement gets doubles when we are planning it with our partner. If you are looking for such a location, then these bubble hotels will meet your searches. So, read this article to gather information about some beautiful bubble hotels across the world. Each of them is equipped with modern gadgets, a bathroom, and a luxurious bedroom. Also, most of them provide food facilities in the bubble so that you can enjoy your vacation comfortably under the shining stars. 

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