6 Best Cities in Montenegro to Visit | Major Cities in Montenegro

Montenegro is a very prosperous country. There are numerous cities in Montenegro that are famous for its beauty and historical monuments. People from every corner of the world usually come to this place to cherish its beauty and discover the truth that lies behind the historical monuments. Apart from this, the rugged landscapes of the country are also very renowned all across the world. So if you are really wondering to go to major cities in Montenegro, then Kotor is the best option. The glacial lakes of this place are also very famous all around the country. They have amazing beauty that cannot be described in words. Here are some best cities to visit in Montenegro.

List of Cities in Montenegro

1. Podgorica

Best Cities in Montenegro

Delta City

This is really a great city with wonderful shops and stalls. This capital city is simply best for shopping for various kinds of goods. The price of the goods in these largest cities in Montenegro is very affordable and nominal at the same time. The very famous named Delta city is the county’s biggest mall. Here are beautiful cafes that are located in this city. So you should taste the delicious coffee of this place It has been seen that the whole city is surrounded by hills. Most of the people come to this place for shopping and spending some amazing time with friends and relatives.

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2. Kotor

Best Cities in Montenegro


This city in Montenegro to visit veiled its life behind the high and wide ramparts. Its bulwarks seem to have been eternally growing rock tendrils along the hill, up to the old fortress that overlooks the city. It is a dramatic city too where the present lives in the maze of medieval churches, cathedrals, Venetian palaces, and pillars. Kotor is made up of contrasts the old squares with modern cafes, the sounds of serenade and live music, the echo of the footsteps down the narrow cobblestone alleys and the lazy purr of cats lying under the balconies with wrought iron railings, decorated with petunias.

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3. Budva

Best Cities in Montenegro


Budva is one of the popular cities in Montenegro and the metropolis of Montenegrin tourism. It is also counted in one of the loudest and most packed towns at the Montenegrin coast during the summer. Budva boasts many luxurious yachts, new buildings, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs where amazing fun awaits. Budva has its own Hawaii an island opposite the city with beautiful beaches, ice-cold refreshments, and seafood specialties. In the evening, on the promenade along the beach, you will be overwhelmed by the loud music that comes from the cafes, the laughter and screams of children from nearby amusement parks, the scent of the sea mixed with the aroma of delicious barbeque, and beams of light from the disco that stroll through the sky. Budva is a big light show.

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4. Tivat

Best Cities in Montenegro


Once a modest, ordinary and top cities in Montenegro, Tivat went through a major remodeling of its marina and the surroundings and today it is a place where the world’s jet-set resides and rests in the summertime. Although a big portion of Tivat is modern and glamorous, you can find traces of history here  Renaissance Summer House Buca in the center of the city. Major attractions of this city are Ostrov Cvijeca with sacred monuments, the old nucleus, the magnificent beach at Plavi Horizonti, the island Sv. Nikola and Gornja Lastva.

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5. Zabljak

Best Cities in Montenegro


Zabljak, the best city in Montenegro is located in the very center of an enormous mountain of Durmitor and in the middle of Durmitor National Park. Zabljak represents a good destination for winter tourism, but for many tourists, this unique city is the best choice for a summer holiday. In its vicinity, there is the deepest canyon in Europe, the magnificent canyon of the Tara River. This beautiful little city is surrounded by a number of mountain tops. Zabljak attracts a large number of visitors during the summer for its natural beauties emerging at each step.

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6. Petrovac

Best Cities in Montenegro


A list of top 5 major cities in Montenegro is incomplete without Petrovac. Petrovac is a pretty Mediterranean city that epitomizes the coastal Montenegrin lifestyle.  this amazing city located at the end of the Budva Riviera. The boardwalk is lined with small boutiques, where shop owners gather to chat over Turkish coffee with their neighbors. Seaside restaurants serve fresh-caught calamari and sea bass drizzled with garlic and parsley-infused olive oil. Tanned children build sandcastles with leather-skinned grandparents, who have been coming here for all of their lives. Petrovac is a true beach holiday destination. read more: Monuments in Montenegro

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The land of lost cities, mesmerizing sites, and the best cities to visit in Montenegro are waiting for you. What are you waiting for? Plan your vacation to Montenegro and discover this peaceful, peace-loving and cities to visit in Montenegro country.

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