Top 6 Beaches in Berlin | Best Beaches in Berlin, Germany

Berlin one of the illustrious cities in Germany famous for its tragic yet epic WWII legends and Holocaust Memorials. The city owns a finite combination of natural as well as modern areas to explore. Aside from famous landmarks various abandoned place of this city also marks a unique image of their natural gifts. As even after being short of beach seashores they sustained some spectacular popular beaches in Berlin that might look like a lakeshore to any laymen but if you explore these places you will find the best beach sports and top accommodations that are not even offered by the typical beaches in the world. Hence I have mentioned such six well-known beaches in Berlin that are not only sandy shores but have some weird and interesting architectures holding their lineages. 

List of Beaches in Berlin

1. Gay Beach Berlin

Best Beaches in Berlin

Gay Beach

As the name suggests this is a very famous beach in Berlin among individuals from the Gay community in the area. You can sunbathe in the beach which is dotted with Palm trees along with smooth particles of sand, loungewear, and straw brollies. A day at the beach can become more exciting as the evening kicks in because you can avail amazing discounts on pizzas and Sazerac, to be enjoyed at night, with the DJ playing and party lovers dancing energetically. This beach is a full package which gives you all the best accommodations at one place in the city.

Address: Bay of Metaxas, Invalidenstrasse, Berlin

Entry fee: EUR 5

2. Freibad Plotzensee

Best Beaches in Berlin

Freibad Plotzensee

Berlin is a free-living cultural city where you can experience an extraordinary sense of liberty that you might not find anywhere in the world.  Alike this top beach of Berlin which sets the culture to enter nude on this beach. There are separate sections for children and family as well. All together this place is a fabulous destination to spend your beachy vacations. They have well-maintained facilities for families and children like playgrounds and theme parks for the children to have fun in while their parents and spend a rejuvenating spa or sunbathing on the beach enjoying the surroundings in their beach wears.

Address: Nordufer 30; Berlin

Entry fee: Free or EUR 4

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3. Strandbad Wannsee

Best Beaches in Berlin

Strandbad Wannsee

This is one of the best beaches in Berlin which is located along the East of the Lake Grober Wannsee. This beach was inaugurated in the year 1907. Strandband features the biggest interior pool in the continent of Europe and with its perfect location in the vicinity of Nikolassee to the south west of Berlin you get incredible panoramic views and soothing winds sailing your way. The pool extends till the Eastern Lake to the North, and the Breite’s ending in the East therefore, even the buys days can’t destroy your fun time at this beautiful beach in Berlin.

Address: Wannseebadweg, Berlin

Entry fee: EUR 4

4. Strandbar Mitte

Best Beaches in Berlin

Stranded at Jannawitzbrucke

If you are hanging around the municipal areas of Berlin, for recreational purposes or not! You can get a short visit at this popular beach of Berlin that is lined with numerous volleyball courts on the sand and manages various clubs in which all age groups of people come here to play volleyball. Beach is also surrounded by numerous galleries that provide amazing views all around and give its artistic visitors another famous landmark to explore. Even if you don’t art exhibitions you can visit the nearby food stalls to try out delicious local cuisine of the city.

Address: Monbijoustrasse 3; 10117, Berlin

Entry fee: Free

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5. Beach at Tiergarten

Best Beaches in Berlin

Beach at Tiergarten

This is a very unnatural beach situated on the side of Tiergarten. Along with spell bounding natural essence, this beach has a strange routine according to which Monday nights are reserved for the Male Homosexuals on this beach to part and enjoy their private times together. While during high-temperature days, this place is jam-packed with people therefore, it’s suggested you either reach this must-visit beach in Berlin early in the morning or book in advance.

Address: Englische Strasse 21-23, Berlin 10587

Entry fee: Free. 25 Euros for homo boy’s night at Sun loungers.

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6. Oststrand

Best Beaches in Berlin


One of the biggest beaches among all the beaches at Berlin especially in the urban areas this beach is large enough to provide varieties of aura, crossing many of the buffets in the city. You can visit this beach at any time of the year as the temperature here of Oststrand is relieving throughout. There are even different dances and other events organised often here to provide entertainment and touch of fun parties to the visitors.

Address: Muhlenstrasse 24; 10243, Berlin at the back of the Gallery of Eastern Side

Entry fee: Free

Hope you enjoyed this list of top 6 beaches in Berlin, Germany. Some of them are not even like typical beaches but hopefully, you will enjoy their beach activities which are creatively adjusted to give you a complete package of pure adventure and scenic natural zones of Berlin. You must be aware that not all the beaches are free or public therefore follow up the guide of entry fee mentioned above and enjoy a rejuvenating experience at all of these famous beaches to visit in Berlin. Some beaches or lakes surrounded by great architectures as well hence don’t miss out as they worth a visit for the best beach vacations in the city after all. For more engaging and useful information like this please head on to our other blogs and pull out your valuable views to great use by mentioning them in the comment section below.

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