Canada Nightlife: Best Cities for Nightlife in Canada

Canada isn’t all about rivers and landscapes, it is also about hip-hop music, fun step dance, the amazing nightlife of Canada and mouth-watering cuisine. The exciting wildlife stories of Canada are well-known all over the world. But, have you ever heard about the famous basement bar Bambi’s bar or award-winning Fredericton Playhouse? The chances are slim. But don’t worry, we got your back. In this article, we have listed the 8 best cities to enjoy the best nightlife in Canada.   

List of top cities to enjoy nightlife in Canada

1. Calgary, Alberta

cities in Canada to enjoy a nightlife


Yes, the first city on this list is Calgary and not Toronto. It is one of the largest cities of Alberta and is famous for crazy and wild nights. From sports bars to nightclubs, this city offers a wide range of hangouts to chill.


Habitat Living Sound is a great place if you want to party hard till morning. Its atmosphere is quite lively and its eclectic tune is like a cherry on the cake. From disco to hip-hop, you can show off your dance moves on your favorite songs. Whether you want to stay at your seat with a glass of wine or hit the dance floor, the call is yours. 


Plan your night in one of the famous Canada nightlife clubs, Commonwealth Bar & Stage. Astonishing live performances of artists and a jam-packed place is everything you need for a perfect nightlife in Calgary. Best for the people who want to showcase their dance moves. The drinks and foods are delicious too in this bar. 


Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Average cost to visit: $1180 for a week

Best time to visit: June to August

2. Toronto, Ontario



The capital and one of the happening cities in the world is Toronto. A busy city, filled with lavish and iconic bars, Toronto has a lot to offer. Comedy clubs, theatre scenes, DJ night, and many other such nightclubs indulge you in its environment completely. 


For a lavish and sophisticated night out Bambi’s is the best place to visit. Located at Dundas and Dovercourt, this basement bar provides a chic party with lots of drinks and food. The electronic music compels you to vibe in your seat. Step up and rock the DJ night in Bambi’s.


If you are itching for alternative nightlife in Toronto then visit Second City. A comfortable place and churning comedy performances look like a perfect Friday night plan in Toronto. The performance of the stand-up comic artists will refresh your mind and make you feel jubilant. 


Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Average cost to visit: $1310 for a week

Best time to visit: April and May & September and October

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3. Montreal, Quebec


Montreal, Quebec

Montreal incorporates a balanced blend of old age and modern monuments and buildings. Travelers yearn for clubbing and partying in the bars of this city. Not only this, its summer seasons festive include popular festivals like Jazz Fest, Fringe Festivals, and Just for laugh Comedy Festivals.


Ausgang Plaza is the best place to experience live music shows, film screenings, VR projections, clothing line launches, fine art vernissages, DJ performances, and many more. This bar is filled with artists and their arts. So, visit Ausgang Plaza, enjoy the variety of splendid performances and experience the bohemian lifestyle.


Another best place to enjoy Montreal Canada nightlife is Bar Le Lab. If you love to experiment with cocktails Bar Le Lab is the apt place. The fire juggling stunts and an unusual combo of the drinks will surprise you.


Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Average cost to visit: $1263 for a week

Best time to visit: March to May & September to November

4. Vancouver, British Columbia

cities in Canada to enjoy a nightlife

Billmorte Cabaret, Vancouver, British Columbia

Famously called ‘Hollywood North’, Vancouver has successfully grabbed its place in the top 5 cities for the best place to party in Canada. This city is also known for its art and culture. And there are enough pubs and bars to lose in the carousing party. 


The Biltmore Cabaret is 50 years old party house in Vancouver. This is the favorite place of the people to have a blast night. This bar is a popular spot among all age groups people. New and talented artists light up the atmosphere with fun and excitement. The splendid live performances of music bands, comedy acts, burlesque, and DJ to enjoy Vancouver Canada nightlife


Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Average cost to visit: $1513 for a week

Best time to visit: March to May & September to November

5. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Gahan House

Gahan House, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Located in the eastern Maritimes of Canada, Charlottetown is known for its picturesque beaches. You will often see packed local and friendly beer bars, nightclubs, and pubs. Make sure that you set a time limit to experience the fun in different bars. Speaking honestly, a twenty-minute time is enough to stay at one pub. 


Begin your night at Gahan House, which is famous for beer. Students and even dressed-up professionals love to spend their night at Gahan House. The second stop is The Brickhouse. It is near Gahan House across the streets. Cocktails and live music are enough to make you feel good in this bar. The last stop is Old Dublin Pub; here you might see some familiar faces as it is a popular bar. Party hard, sing & dance, make friends and go on a date. Doesn’t it sound like exciting nightlife? 


Location: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Average cost to visit: $1440 for a week

Best time to visit: Early July to late August

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6. Edmonton, Alberta

Bar Clementine

Bar Clementine, Edmonton, Alberta

This city is a hub of some of the famous bars all across. If you want to enjoy Canada nightlife clubs, come to Edmonton. Some bars are old and antique and give out a 90s vibe which many people enjoy. 


Bar Clementine is the best place to spend an exotic and fun nightlife. The decoration of the bar is based on 20th-century French design. Oh, and drinks?! They are top-notch. You will find the tastiest cocktails menu and other drinks. The best part is that they offer a homemade wine that tastes refreshing and delicious. 


Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Average cost to visit: $1383 for a week

Best time to visit: June to August

7. Ottawa, Ontario

Mulligans Golf Bar

Mulligans Golf Bar, Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa has a long political history as well as nightclubs and bars. Nightlife in Ottawa gives out the same vibe as Toronto. You can easily find nice and cozy nightclubs, bars, and pubs are all over this city. However, if you are looking for an alternative, you can visit Mulligans Golf Bar. Once you play golf around, you can get steak, beer, and tacos to enjoy. 


Video games fans, you can visit The Loft Board Game Lounge. This game lounge has a collection of 1000 videos games and 1200 board games. Take help from ‘game gurus’ and choose the best game for your group. For ardent game fans, this place offers the best nightlife in Ontario.


Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Average cost to visit: $1168 for a week

Best time to visit: March to May

8. Fredericton, New Brunswick

Fredricton Playhouse

Fredricton Playhouse, New Brunswick

The last city on this list is the capital of New Brunswick, Fredericton. There are many spots where you can find many board games and videos games in this city. If you are inclined towards art and culture, visit Fredricton Playhouse. You will experience some mind-boggling and emotional live performances. Not to mention, this place has won an award for bringing out the best music, theatre, and dance performances from around the world. 


Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Average cost to visit: $1334 for a week

Best time to visit: June to September

Phew! We have finally come to the end of the article. In this article, we have not just mentioned the best cities for nightlife in Canada, but also the best places to visit in each city. If you have already visited the places mentioned here, comment below and share your experience with us. Or if you are planning to visit Canada, this article will definitely help you to visit fun and thrilling places to enjoy the nightlife.

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