Top 10 Things to Buy in Dharamshala | Best Souvenirs to Buy from Dharamshala

Dharamshala is a popular tourist destination for its incredible beauty and tranquility. Located at 1475 meters above sea level, the city is surrounded by dense forests and has a pleasant climate all year round. The 14th Dalai Lama lives here in McLeodganj and is also home to a large number of Tibetan refugees. This city is famous for attracting tourists from all over the world looking for the blessings of the Dalai Lama. Dharamshala offers a number of shopping destinations that will tickle the curiosity of every shopper. Check out the map of hotels in Dharamshala near one of the city’s most famous shopping districts if you want to shop during your holiday. Here are some souvenirs to buy in Dharamshala to visit when exploring the city.

List of 10 Must-Buy Things in Dharamshala

1. Colorful Bags and Wallets

Colorful Bags and Wallets

Colorful Bags and Wallets

Mcleodganj’s vibrant culture and beauty are expressed in light shops, purses, and other accessories with unique types in many shops in the area. The traditional design and the variety of materials, sizes, and colors ensure that everyone has something to take home.

Where: These colorful accessories are sold by stores like Rogpa, Semshook Tibetan Handicraft, Divine Buddha Handicrafts. Markets such as Kotwali Bazaar and Jogibara Bazaar also offer countless opportunities for you.

2. Books on Tibetan Culture and Buddhism

The history and culture of Tibet is both exciting and unique. In Mcleodganj, you will find books on Tibet and Buddhism that provide knowledge and insight into the vibrant art, culture, history, and other places of the local population. You can also find books on fiction and other interesting areas here. As this place sees tourists from many countries, the books are often available in different languages, German, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

Where: There are several bookstores in the city with excellent collections. Some of the shops include the Buddhist Bookstore, Bookworm, the Tibetan Bookstore, the Namgyal Bookstore in the temple, and the Youtse Bookstore. Many cafes also have books that you can study while getting delicious food.

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3. Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and Rugs

Excellent hand-woven rugs and Tibetan ethnic-style rugs are available in Mcleodganj. It was designed for landscapes, symbols, folklore, and so on.

Where: Shops like Tibetan Handicraft Center, Village Boutique, Tibetan Children’s Village Handicraft Center offer beautiful pieces that you would love to see in your own home. Some stores even ship their products, so if you want this, inquire about the option. The shops on Kotwali Bazaar Street often have beautiful rugs and carpets, so be sure to check.

4. Paintings

Tibetan and Buddhist art offers beautiful works that tourists can buy here. You can buy mandala paintings and beautiful thangkas in many places in order to take back a piece of Mcleodganj’s vibrant culture when you leave.

Where: There are many shops in Mcleodganj’s central square that you can visit to buy one or two beautiful paintings. Some of the shops selling thangkas and mandala paintings are Potala Handicraft Shop, Tibetan Jewelry, Semshook Tibetan Handicraft, Tibetan Handicraft Center, Tibetan Children’s Village Handicraft Center, shop within the Norbulingka Institute. Thangkas and Gifts is one of the most popular shops among tourists.

5. Beautiful Dress

Beautiful Dress

Beautiful Dress

Silk and satin wall hangings, ethnic patterns on clothes and bedspreads, fabric paintings, table rugs, and many more can be found in the Mcleodganj market. Many of these patterns are typical of the Tibetan culture of the area, imbued with cultural and religious symbols using traditional patterns and styles. They are handmade and are often made every day. So, if you want a customized design in the design, size, and color of your choice, you can easily get them in these stores.

Where: There are plenty of options when passing through Mcleodganj Central Square, Jogibara Road, and Kotwali Bazaar. Some manufacturers ’clothes are designed based on local styles, while others carry anything from bedspreads to scarves to decorative rolls. In the markets, you can even sew your own Cuba (traditional Tibetan dress) by hand if you wait a bit.

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6. Singing Bowls

They rub a wooden spoon to produce a beautiful melody. tailored worldwide, singing bowls have been used in meditation, music, and related professions. Be sure to buy an authentic bowl if you want beautiful music to be made. Many sellers also sell decorative bowls. Bowls come in different sizes and often have engravings on them.

Where: Shops such as Village Boutique, India Divine Buddha Handicrafts, Tibetan Handicraft Center, Tibetan Museum Gift Shop, and various street markets such as Jogiwara Road and Kotwali Bazaar. Find the perfect bowl at the Tibetan mini market as well.

7. Buddha Statues, Prayer Wheels and Prayer Flags


Buddha Statues

Buddha Statues

Often referred to as “Little Lhasa,” Mcleodganj is the center of the Tibetan government in exile. It is also the home of the Dalai Lama. Untouched beauty in this city is combined with spiritualism, and Lord Buddha statues, prayer wheels, colorful prayer flags and other similar products are available in many shops. The sculptures are of different sizes and different postures. Some are decorated with stones and other decorative materials. Prayer wheels come in different sizes, sometimes decorated with beautiful embellishments or inscriptions. Colorful flags swaying gently in the wind can be found in abundance throughout the town, and you can even buy some for yourself in many of the city’s markets. You can buy aromatic candles and oils, incense, etc.

Where: You can find them in handicraft shops near the Dalai Lama Temple. Shops include Potala Handicraft Shop, Tibetan Jewelry, Village Boutique and Divine Buddha Handicrafts. Many street vendors in local markets will also have such products. However, beware of lower quality or overpriced products when shopping.

8. Local Tibetan Handicrafts

Bowls, wind chimes, carved boxes, wall hangings, pillowcases, lamps and other colored objects and souvenirs. Most of these are handmade local creations that incorporate the unique style and design of Tibetan and Buddhist culture. Many of the shops selling such handicrafts are NGOs and charities that use the proceeds to improve the lives of locals.

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Where: Shops such as Rogpa, Lha Tibet Fair Trade, Divine Buddha Handicrafts, Tibetan Children’s Village Handicraft Center, Potala Handicraft Shop, Tibetan Jewelry, Village Boutique, Tibetan Handicraft Center and Tibetan Stitches. Visit the shop at the Norbulingka Institute, where you will find beautiful wall hangings and decorative pieces.

9. Jewelry



Pearl necklaces, metal jewelry, and other accessories are made by locals in a unique design and style and look quite fashionable. Colorful beads, intricate metal patterns, beautiful gemstones in bohemian style. Keep in mind that most of the jewelry found is made from traditional art patterns that are unique to residents of the area and that are not easy to find elsewhere.

Where: Several street markets, such as Jogibara Road Bazaar and Kotwali Bazaar, sell jewelry. Also, visit the Tibetan convenience store for more options. Many of the stores mentioned above also offer jewelry. Visit the Nowrojis website to learn about history while shopping for beads and metallic creations.

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