Top 13 Foods to Eat in Seoul, South Korea | Famous Foods of Seoul

The list of best foods to try in Seoul can never be complete as they have tonnes of different varieties inside the same core dishes that you might find hard to recognise. Hence it’s not easy to try out 100s of dishes especially when you are traveling on a tight budget and want to explore other attractions of this fascinating city. For such an end number of choices, you can try out one from each type of Korean dish, but for that also you need a specific guide that addresses the foods in Seoul in an intricate manner that can aid you to cover every kind of cuisine. Therefore I mention here the top foods of Seoul, South Korea that are budget-friendly and don’t miss out on any popular Korean delicacy.

List of Foods to Eat in Seoul

1. Bibimbap

Famous Foods of Seoul

You might have heard about this famous food to eat in Seoul from many travelers. Most of the people just love the style of the serving of this dish which consists of rice, topped with a variety of vegetables that comes with a fried egg on top which you have to mix along with gochujang (a Korean chili paste) inside your whole bowl. Sometimes they sell it after tossing and mixing all the ingredients together to create a savory and flavorful combination that perfectly represents Seoul.

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2. Tteokbokki

Famous Foods of Seoul


This is one of the best street foods in Seoul which is sold by local street vendors as lunch. These are actually cylindrical rice cakes in which you find another triangular fish cake and vegetables stuffed nicely while being simmered in the spicy and slightly sweet red chili sauce to create the spicy flavors.

3. Ramyun Topped with Processed Cheese

Famous Foods of Seoul

You might have eaten Ramyun a lot of times but have you ever paired it with cheese? No right! But this combination can be so delicious which can be experienced precisely by trying out this popular food in Seoul, Korea. It’s a common practice to serve a bowl of piping hot Ramyun with a slice of cheese in Seoul. And it can’t just be any cheese, it’s usually the cheap processed cheese or their slices which just stay on top when you are served with a piping hot noodle and later it melts into your bowl decreasing some of the spicinesses of the noodle and adding a creamy texture to the whole dish.

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4. Korean Stuffed Rice Roll (Kimbap)


Famous Foods of Seoul

They are slightly different from Bibimbap. This is also a very comforting Korean snack that becomes a must-try food in Seoul Korea due to its white rice stuffed with meat and vegetables and rolled on dried seaweed. You might find its analogy with Japanese Maki or Chinese sushi rolls but there are some small key differences in the taste whereas all the ingredients in Kimbap are fully cooked contrast to sushi rolls where only the rice is cooked ingredient in the entire dish.

5. Jeon (Korean Savory Pancake )

Famous Foods of Seoul

The term pancake always draws a picture of sweet dessert that is topped with honey or other sweet syrups but these Korean pancakes use a special type of rice flour which gives it a more dense and “bouncy” feel along with crispy texture which is not sweet at all. There are two kinds of Jeon: Green Onion jeon or Seafood jeon. Both of them are spicy and mouth-watering and are usually served pre-sliced into little squares. This is one of the best pancakes among the foods in Seoul, South Korea.

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6. Dak Galbi

Famous Foods of Seoul

These are combined dishes of various favorite items of Koreans that they love to infuse in every dish through some new way of preparations. This popular food of Seoul comprises chicken, rice cakes, and vegetables stir-fried with Gochujang (Korean chili paste) in a huge pan and eaten communally on the table.

7. Beer and Fried Chicken (Chimaek)

Famous Foods of Seoul

It’s weird that a lot of people prefer beer with any meat or usually chicken but Koreans named a dish which literally coined the term Chimaek, which is formed from a combination of ‘chicken’ and ‘maekju’, which means ‘beer’ in Korean. This food delivery in Seoul is so famous that you can even have it delivered to a park along with a chilled beer. Such fabulous food delivery can definitely make your day for trying the delicious food that is just one click away from your smartphone.

8. Patbingsoo (Korean Shaved Ice)

Famous Foods of Seoul

If you were waiting for the desserts then worry not you have to wait for a bit more! As this ice shaving is not perfectly sweet also. Unlike other ice shavings which are usually made by water here the ice used is actually made from milk! The ice is shaved so thin that it feels like you are eating milk-flavoured snow. All of this is incredible food to try in Seoul is served with red beans and rice cake or powdered sesame seeds.

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9. Bulgogi

Famous Foods of Seoul

These are grilled thin slices of marinated beef which is one of the most popular Korean meat dishes. The slices are put later into the marinade that usually consists of some combination of soy sauce, sesame oil and sugar. This is Seoul’s famous food that looks like normal grilled beef slices but owns some incredible flavors due to that combination of sauces inside the marinade.

10. Twigim

Famous Foods of Seoul

Twigim is a popular street food in Seoul  which follows the generic order of major street food preparation that is deep-frying the meats. But here you get some vegetarian options that include sweet potatoes and assorted vegetables along with some soft non-veg items such as eggs, shrimp, fish, all of them are covered with a flour batter and deep-fried that tastes super tasty.

11. Hotteok

Famous Foods of Seoul

Well, now it’s the time to reveal the topmost dessert of Seoul that is a very sweet and satisfying treat for a lot of people around the world. This dessert consists of a dough-based pancake that is filled with sugar and cinnamon and sometimes nuts, or other sweet ingredients. All of this is fried, resulting in a pleasingly crisp exterior and soft, gooey interior food of Seoul, Korea that must be tried at least once.

12. Dakkochi

 Foods to Eat in Seoul


This dish is basically a combined form of grilled chicken and Twigs. These are normally sold as the street foods in Seoul where the grilled chicken skewers are infused with spring onions in a spicy and tangy marinade to bring out the best of the dishes here.

13. Gyeran Bbang

 Foods to Eat in Seoul

You might have seen this in a lot of Korean videos where a street guy is making some extraordinary type of omelet. This is one of those Seoul’s famous street foods where a regular egg is skillfully cooked with bread and it looks like an oblong muffin topped with an egg. This is one of the comforting street breakfasts found all over Seoul and a popular snack during winter seasons.

Hope you enjoyed the above mentioned 13 Seoul’s famous foods that are extremely iconic and delicious. You are provided with a very huge list of various foods to try in Seoul, South Korea that is not only limited to high-end restaurants but is sold over the streets, due to which you can easily try out these incredible dishes inside a favorable budget.


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