What to Eat in Venice | Necessary Food and Drinks to Try in Venice

Pizza and Pasta are world Popular and are the staples we mainly connect with Italy and its food. The truth, however, is that Italy is home to an assortment of foods, In this article, we will discuss the 8 necessary food and drinks to try in Venice. At the point when guests come to Venice, a standout amongst the most popular destinations in the nation, numerous in this way tragically flock to touristy restaurants serving food that reflects their desires and not what local people or Veneziani truly eat. With its one of a kind lagoon area and closeness to the island gardens of Sant’Erasmo, certifiable Venetian cooking comprises of some genuinely delightful and refined dishes depending vigorously on vegetables and fish. Here is a manual for a portion of the what to eat in Venice which you should attempt when visiting La Serenissima.

Best Food to Eat in Venice

1. Sarde in Saor

What to Eat in Venice, best food to eat in Venice

Sarde in Saor

This mouth-watering sweet-sour or agrodolce is certainly our favorite and it is standout amongst the delicious food to eat in Venice. Comprising of broiled sardine filets marinated in vinegar, raisins, onions and pine nuts, saor was initially imagined in the Middle Ages as a technique for safeguarding by Venetian fisherman and sailors.nevertheless, the all the while sweet and tangy flavors portraying this preservation strategy were obviously exceptionally speaking to the Venetians’ taste buds and, accordingly, the dish lives on as a cutting edge appetizer or antipasto.

2. Baccala Mantecato

What to Eat in Venice, best food to eat in Venice

Baccala Mantecato

Coming in at a nearby second is another superb fish-based appetizer. creamed dried cod or Baccala mantecato is set up by poaching, soaking and mixing the fish into a smooth mousse prepared with olive oil, pepper, and salt. You may likewise run over garlic and parsley in a few variations. It is then served spread on cuts of crisp bread or grilled white polenta, an average staple of the Veneto area.

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3. Risotto al nero di seppia

What to Eat in Venice, best food to eat in Venice

Risotto al nero di seppia

Rice is the other generally developed staple in the Veneto area, and few dishes are more Venetian than this fish based risotto, this dish comes under the category of famous food to Eat in Venice. The squid ink in this primo or starter may confer a rather alarming and apparently unpalatable dark black shading to the rice. This recipe, however, wins even the most incredulous guests over with the particular briny kind of its squid, onion, wine, tomato and ink braise.

4. Risi e Bisi

What to Eat in Venice, best food to eat in Venice

Risi e Bisi

Our gastronomic manual for Venice would not be finished without mentioning another rice-based starter, Risi e Bisi or Venetian-style rice and peas. On April 25, St. Mark’s Day, this primo was customarily filled in as an offering to the Doge of Venice from the peasantry from the bay islands. Not exactly soup nor quite a risotto, Risi e Bisi is made with vialone nano rice, onion, pancetta, margarine, parsley and shockingly enough, pea-shell juices.

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5. Bigoli in salsa

What to Eat in Venice, best food to eat in Venice

Bigoli in Salsa

Bigoli in Salsa is one the signature starter recipe of Venice. Bigoli, or on the other hand, bigoi as they called in the nearby lingo, are basically thick, long, entire wheat strands of pasta taking after spaghetti. A sauce or salsa comprise od salt-cure fish and onions in then uses to lead the pasta. Generally served on Giorni di Magro or lean days, for example, Good Friday and Christmas Eve, this straightforward however mouth-watering dish is presently served to last through the year in Venice.

6. Fegato alla veneziana

Special food of Venice, delicious food to eat in Venice

Fegato alla veneziana

Offal devotees will savor this principle course made with stewed onions and calf liver. The naturalness of the liver is complimented impeccably by the caramelized onions. With its well-defined flavor fusion, this exemplary dish has been known to change over numerous a guest claiming not to like liver. It is regularly served on a rich bed of polenta.

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7. Moleche

Special food of Venice, delicious food to eat in Venice


Moleche is one of the Special food of Venice, the Venetian tidal pond is home to a wide range of brilliant scavengers, making Venice the ideal place for seafood lovers. Moleche, little green crabs, are a seasonal, springtime delicacy eaten after they shed their shells. Speed is required when the crabs are being gathered, as inside the space of a couple of hours they frame new shells which solidify after contact with water. Brilliantly delicate and tender, these crabs lend themselves well to fried dishes and plates of mixed greens.

8. Wine

Special food of Venice, delicious food to eat in Venice


The Veneto locale has a strikingly fluctuated scene and is home to an assortment of microclimates, making the ideal conditions for developing both quality red and white wines. The shining white wine Prosecco – and different mixtures, for example, the Bellini and Spritz that are made with it – has turned out to quite fashionable as a pre-supper drink of lately. Choose a bottle of Soave of white wine to accompany all the fishes you will be eating here. To go with heartier dishes, you may go with the reds like Valpolicella or Amarone. These wines are created on the islands of the lagoon.

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These are the top 8 must eat food in Venice which you should definitely try on the visit to Venice. Venice is well known for its food – all the previously mentioned foods and beverages are well renowned all through the guests and local people. Hope you loved our post, you can read our other articles also related to Venice to know more about it. Please give us your important views in the comment box about this article.

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