Latest Travel Restrictions to Sweden | Top 5 Places to Visit in Sweden

Sweden is a Scandinavian country that is known for its majestic snowy mountains, frozen glaciers, coastal islands, and inland lakes. There are numerous popular travel destinations in Sweden that any traveler will fancy exploring at least once in a lifetime. Yet, the current situations of the pandemic have hugely impacted foreign travel. Yet, being updated with the current travel restrictions in Sweden due to Covid-19 will give you an advanced insight for your future travel bookings. Here all the listed guidelines for a Swedish free-from-infection travel journey will surely help you plan. The ethereal Northern lights, enlightened glacial caves, incredible frozen ice hotel, and soothing lakes will eventually make your arrival worth all the efforts Sweden. So, what more you are waiting for? Grab a pen and start taking notes about the best travel entities offered in Sweden!

Updated Travelling Restrictions for Sweden

Until 31 May 2021, Sweden has implemented an entry ban for travels from other countries with some exceptions in regards.

Who is Exempted from the Entry Ban?

Individuals who are exempted from the entry ban and are allowed to enter Sweden are:

  • All the citizens of EEA countries, Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, or the Vatican are allowed to enter.

EEA(European Economic Area) countries comprise Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.

  • All travelers who have the legal right to reside in Sweden or another EU country.
  • All UK citizens who are holding or have applied for residence status in Swedish states.
  • All travelers who possess a residence permit or right to live in Sweden or another EEA* state. 
  • All those passengers who carry a documented family connection, such as a spouse, common-law partner, partner or child under 18, to a Swedish citizen or an EEA citizen.
  • All those who reside in one of the exempted countries(currently include Australia, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Singapore & Thailand)
  • All the foreign nationals (aged 18 or over) entering Sweden must present a certified negative Covid-19 test result (taken at least 48 hours prior to arrival), at the border, for entry.
  • According to the latest travel updates of Sweden the COVID-19 test required for the entry pass in Sweden verified by the Public Health Agency of Sweden, must be done with a negative PCR, LAMP, TMA, or antigen test. 
  • The certified documentation of the test or vaccination should be originally in Swedish, English, Norwegian, Danish, or French ( any other translations are not accepted), and must contain the following information:
  • Your name,
  • The date and time of the test when it was taken,
  • Type of the COVID-19 test (PCR, LAMP, TMA, or antigen),
  • The certified COVID-19 test result,
  • Mention of the issuer of the certificate
  • Name, contact, and address details of the issuer of the certificate, or the laboratory that conducted the test.

Test of antibodies will not be approved. 

  • Note: The test must be taken before departure, as it is not possible to get tested upon arrival at the border of Sweden. 
  • Swedish citizens don’t have to submit a negative COVID-19 test result, but they should always follow the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s recommendations for everyone traveling to Sweden from abroad
  • All travelers, irrespective of their origin countries are recommended to practice certain guidelines as follows:
  • Get a certified COVID-19 PCR test in Sweden as soon as possible after arriving.
  • Practise self-isolation or home quarantine at least for 7 days.
  • Get a follow-up test after 5 days of self-isolation.
  • Avoid direct contact with others as far as possible or follow social distancing.
  • Social distancing also applies to children in the preschool class or older as well. 
  • Must remain at home or your accommodations until the test results arrive.

For more information, please visit the FAQ page of the Swedish Government.

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The general COVID-19 restrictions in Sweden are as follows:

  • Businesses in Sweden are open but proper social distancing applies to all and everyone must follow the fundamental precautions of sanitization to reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus.
  • Masks are recommended nationwide for all passengers on weekdays between 7:00–9:00 am and 4:00–6:00 pm commuting via public transports. 
  • Restaurants, bars, and catering establishments will be open until 8:30 pm. Yet businesses can supply food for takeaway after 8:30 pm.

List of 5 Places to Explore in Sweden

1.Gamla Stan, Stockholm

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Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is a popular place in Sweden to visit that is renowned for its eternal charm of classic historical architectures. Whereas the narrow stone-paved lanes and cobbled streets turn this place into a tempting historical wonder. One of the famous streets which attracts numerous travelers of Sweden is Stortorget. It is one of the oldest streets of Sweden blessed with old merchant houses & cathedrals. You can also exhibit the Nobel Museum, the Post Museum, the Royal Coin Cabinet, and various scenic churches here as well. Gamla Stan will serve you well with the luxury boutique hotels, guesthouses, and affordable inns or hostels so don’t panic about staying accommodation in Sweden. 

2. Kiruna and the Ice Hotel, Lapland

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Kiruna is the northernmost town in Sweden which is nestled at the same latitude as central Greenland, in Lapland. This place is one of the largest communes in the country, which borders both Norway and Finland. You can administer ‘the midnight sun’ here from mid-May to mid-July.  For sure this is the best place to visit in Sweden that fills your ride with extraordinary adventures altogether. You must not miss the world’s first-ever Ice Hotel at Jukkasjärvi in Kiruna. This hotel is about 17 kilometers outside the city and possesses stunning rooms and furnishings that are re-created each year from the frozen ice of the river Torne. While in summers this place becomes the center of river rafting, stand-up paddleboarding, fishing, and canoeing that suits best to all the enthusiastic travelers exploring this place.

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3. Abisko National Park, Lapland

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Abisko National Park

Abisko National Park is another popular destination of Sweden that is famous with the title of ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’ due to 24-hour daylight lasting for several weeks. It is around 77 square kilometres in size and envelopes some of the pristine natural wonders and Nordic wildlife of Sweden. This is the ideal place to visit in Sweden for spending your Scandinavian winters. Since Kiruna’s location lies almost inside the Arctic Circle travelers get to witness the epic auroral oval & most spectacular- Northern Lights of Sweden. Regular flights function from Stockholm to Kiruna(hence commute won’t be an issue here!) and bus, train, or taxi transfers are also available to reach this splendid park of Sweden.

4. Sigtuna

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Sigtuna is a famous county situated in east-central Sweden. It is channeled by a beautiful Lake Mälaren. The mystic lush green landscapes of Uppland, lying north of Stockholm make this travel destination in Sweden more mesmerizing and memorable. Sigtuna is also regarded as Sweden’s first-ever town which was founded in 980 AD, also the last century of the Viking era. You can easily witness the amazing history via astonishing medieval churches, ruins, rune stones, and majestic buildings that still stand today with utmost glory. Siitguna is the best place of exploration for history lovers & antiquarians.

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5. Visby, Gotland

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Visby which is also referred to as ‘the pearl of the Baltic’ and also counted amongst the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This town in Sweden is the perfect gateway for those who want to spend time in a peaceful & serene environment. The rose-entwined aesthetics of this famous place to visit in Sweden nestled on the island of Gotland draws endless visitors from across the world. Whereas the cobblestoned streets embellished with stepped gables, medieval trading houses & timber buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries mark its historical glory. The walls still bear the scars of attack in the form of two breaches which you will be thrilled to witness.

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Hope you liked the list of the top 5 places to visit in Sweden during the pandemic. The aforementioned travel restrictions of Sweden protect all travelers from further contagiousness of the virus if practiced strictly. There are numerous travel destinations in Sweden filled with wonderous natural phenomena & scenic historical architectures that any traveler fancies. Sweden is an ideal country that comprises all kinds of adventures packed in one single bowl for you to savor. For more engaging travelogues keep visiting Adequate Travel Blog. Till then be safe & wear masks in public places. 

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