Top 10 Famous Adventure Sports in Spain | Best Outdoor Adventures Activities in Spain

Spain is famous for its variety of terrains, from coasts to mountains, which are all supplemented by perfect climate conditions. If you are looking for the best adventure sports in Spain, you come to the right place. This recipe makes for an adrenaline junkie’s perfect playground. The Culture Trip has compiled a list of some of the greatest adventure activities in Spain to help you get your fix. Traveling for you needs to be an adventure, going to tourist spots but getting the full view, some come back from holidays with tan lines and a hangover but you lean toward the ageless memory of a bounce into a trench or an amazing ride. 

List of Adventurous Sports in Spain

1. Bungee Jumping or Parachuting,  Costa Almería

Spanish Adventure Sports, Adventure Sports In Spain, Best Adventure Sports In Spain

Costa Almería is the name given to the coastal municipalities of the province of Almería in Andalusia, this adventure sports to do in Spain is known for having stunning seaside resorts and the most beautiful cliffs in Spain. This stunning place is known as a popular destination for travelers seeking thrilling activities such as kite surfing, windsurfing, stand-up paddling, and many other water activities. Laden with 120 beaches, the coast pulls in holidaymakers from everywhere throughout the world including flight aficionados prepared to enjoy paragliding from the most elevated peaks of the mountains or parachuting over the Sierra Maria Los Velez Natural Park or Cabo de Gate-Nijar, one of the most remote geological landscapes in Europe.

2. Diving, Ibiza

Spanish Adventure Sports, Adventure Sports In Spain, Best Adventure Sports In Spain

The nights in Ibiza are famous to be incredible however the submerged world will take you on a dynamic and astounding adventure in its own particular manner, with its gem blue water and reefs populated with fish all things considered and estimates. Scuba diving is an unmissable experience if you want to explore the depths of the ocean to discover a rich and varied flora and fauna, the subtropical climate of Ibiza offers ideal terrain for scuba diving with clear waters and visibility up to 40 meters. It is known as one of the most popular adventure sports in Spain.

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3. Climbing in Turégano

Spanish Adventure Sports, Adventure Sports In Spain, Best Adventure Sports In Spain

Situated in the core of Spain, Turégano is a district in the territory of Segovia, the limestone shakes that line the way to the Piron and Viejo streams through the Covatillas valley make a perfect play area to attempt some climbing. This most popular adventure sports in Spain, undoubtedly breathtaking. In a natural setting halfway between the Castilian plateau and the northern slopes of the Sierra de Guadarrama, ascend the limestone walls from 8 to 15 meters high and offering a variety of different levels of difficulty. A sure-fire winner for climbing.

4. Rafting, Sierra de Guara

Spanish Adventure Sports, Adventure Sports In Spain, Best Adventure Sports In Spain

Normally we would tell you all about how incredible this destination is for canyoning because it’s one of the most famous places in Europe for exciting adventure sports in Spain. Today, however, we want to tell you about the joys of rafting here, which is as much of a thrilling experience as canyoning, if not more! Located in the north of Spain, the Sierra Natural Park and the Guara Gorge are on the Sierra de Guara mountain range in the province of Huesca. Full of hills, cliffs, caves, gorges, and canyons that have been created by the roaring rivers of Alcanadre, Flumen, Guatizalema, Vero and Mascún, this location is the perfect place to embark upon a great rafting adventure in a beautiful setting.

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5. Surfing in Mundaka and the Surroundings

Spanish Adventure Sports, Adventure Sports In Spain, Best Adventure Sports In Spain

Probably one of the most excellent waves on the planet even if the conditions are not always favorable and the way that it’s turning out to be progressively uncommon that the wave is “awake”, anyway when she decides to convey Mundaka is an ideal, if not marginally overpopulated, wave and line-up. A spot is as beautiful as this normally rare but in north-west Spain, you’ll have no trouble finding a picturesque selection of places ideal for all levels of surfing, whether it’s playing around on a longboard, throwing spray on a shortboard or simply your first ever surf lesson.

6. Skateboarding, Barcelona

Spanish Adventure Sports, Adventure Sports In Spain, Best Adventure Sports In Spain

The capital of Catalonia is known for its modernist Antoni Gaudí monuments, notably the Sagrada Família, but Barcelona is also known as the European capital of urban sports. whether you’re into rollerblading, BMX, bike or skateboard, this city is without a doubt the perfect place. It is one of the thrilling adventure sports in Spain. A genuine open skatepark with a great number of spots for street, flat or curves. Barcelona is known worldwide for being the mecca of skateboarding because it’s one of the only cities in the world where people skate everywhere and all the time. The atmosphere and the sun make this city one of the most coveted destinations in the world. If you go alone, it will only take a few minutes to meet people and make friends for a great session by the sea.

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7. Kitesurfing, Tarifa

Spanish Adventure Sports, Adventure Sports In Spain, Best Adventure Sports In Spain

Located on the southernmost point of continental Europe, Tarifa is a fortified city of Andalusia. Its location makes it a must-see spot for sports and especially kitesurfing. Add a touch of culture to your trip too and take the opportunity to visit the famous Guzmán castle and then afterward you can right back to enjoying some outdoor activities in this little paradise. Thanks to Tarifa’s original location, right where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet, this city has a strong wind and strong waves that make it one of the best destinations in Europe to practice water sports like surfing, kite, windsurf, bodyboard and SUP.

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8. Paragliding in Madrid

Spanish Adventure Sports, Adventure Sports In Spain, Best Adventure Sports In Spain

Despite the fact that it will give you a pleasant dose of adrenaline this movement is truly sheltered and offers a decent delicate take-off and landing spot. Glide over Guadalajara or Avila close to Madrid and think about this excellent area suspended noticeable all around with a specialist pilot who will guarantee your outing goes easily and securely, and the mountainous landscapes of the surroundings. If you’re feeling brave and want adventure activities in Spain, one step further then check you well hooked in and let go, this way you can get creative with some paragliding aerobatics and try out some aerial maneuvers.

9. Canyoning on the Costa del Sol

Spanish Adventure Sports, Adventure Sports In Spain, Best Adventure Sports In Spain

The coastal region of the territory of Malaga at the most easterly piece of Gibraltar structure the Costa del Sol, renowned for its 150 km long coastline and 124 beaches, this spot has become genuine heaven for nature darlings and outdoor activities in Spain for sports devotees.  Dive straight in and try scuba diving in the semi-tropical waters encompassing Marbella or for globe-trotters who like to broaden their exercises at that point give canyoning a go as it incorporates a touch of everything. Canyoning is a mix of caving, hiking, climbing, and mountaineering but also mixes in lots of water activities such as tombstoning, swimming in the currents or shooting down the naturally formed rock slides.

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10. Jet skiing, Benidorm

Spanish Adventure Sports, Adventure Sports In Spain, Best Adventure Sports In Spain

What’s better to gorgeously speed over the water while appreciating the incredible scenes of the Costa Blanca, Altea locale, Alfàs del Pi and Benidorm. It is one of the best outdoor activities in Spain. Jet skiing on the electric blue waters of the Mediterranean is a dreamy experience for any holidaymaker and it’s progressively one way to travel along Benidorm’s coastline with speed, daylight and unfathomable view as a setting. 

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So these are the famous adventure sports in Spain, with respect to the address and opening time. You can plan according to your comfort. I hope you will love this article as we have tried to provide you as per your concern and kindly share your views in the comment section.

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