New non-stop train in Switzerland will connect three famous resort towns

Synopsis: The GoldenPass Express will begin connecting three of Switzerland’s major tourist destinations on December 11. The three-hour-and-15-minute journey will take travelers across the Swiss Alps.

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Switzerland is the best country in the world to experience a scenic rail ride. So, this winter season, officials has decided to connect Gstaad, Montreux, and Interlaken through a non-stop train which also aims to attract more tourists to the country. This will be the first train ride of its kind in Switzerland. 

According to the most recent news reports, beginning on December 11, the GoldenPass Express will begin connecting the three best cities in Switzerland, after which people will be able to visit major tourist destinations located in this city. This train journey that will take travelers across the heart of the Swiss Alps will last for a total of three hours and fifteen minutes.

The company behind the new train, Montreux-Oberland-Bernese Railway Co. (MOB), claims that the concept of directly connecting Switzerland’s most visited regions—Lake Geneva in Montreux, Lakes Thun and Brienz in Interlaken—emerged at the same time as the development of railway projects in Switzerland. The Interlaken region is home to these lovely lakes.

Some of the most beautiful places in Switzerland, including the rocky Stockhorn region, the chocolate at Maison Cailler in Montbovon, and a day trip canoeing on Lake Thun, have always been accessible from either end of the country.

However, for a long time, engineers were unable to construct that direct route because they lacked the technology to smoothly switch trains between the two gauges of track used in Switzerland: the European standard and the metric. These rails are of a different gauge than the rest of the system.

The Golden Pass Express train can now easily move from the mountain track to the standard track and back again. This is made possible by bogies under the coaches that can change gauge and an adapting ramp. This was possible because the coaches were modified, not the tracks.

An informed official has reported that the first batch of tickets has sold out, and that demand is expected to remain high in the coming weeks. A reliable source with knowledge of this train revealed this information. He also said that they are pleased with the reservations, although it is not yet the winter break for schools associated with the Christmas holiday.

In addition, it has been suggested that there would be only one train trip in each direction per day, making for a total of two trips per day. The first one will leave from Montreux, and the second one will leave from Interlaken, and they will both leave around the same time in the morning. Starting on June 11th, 2023, the frequency of visits is expected to increase from twice daily to four times daily.

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