Ideas For Diwali Celebration in USA | How to Celebrate Diwali in USA

Diwali, an Indian festival celebrates every year full of fun but Diwali in the USA also take as major festivals for Americans also. in a Like food, fashion, and trust, Indians convey with them their darling celebrations any place their business takes them. It’s no different in the US where people of Indian origin have been living since the 1820s. A growing Indian immigrant population has been celebrating Diwali, over the years.  This India festival of lights and happiness, going all out to replicate the massive festivities from their motherland. The scale of celebrations has become such that popular US tourist spots like Disneyland in California and New York’s Times Square get painted in vibrant Indian colors. Even the President’s residence, the White House has been celebrating the festival for many years. After all, the 3.1 million Indian-Americans form one of the most successful immigrant communities in the US. Because of the large population, its impact on the country is evident with the festivities of Diwali in the USA. 

Background of Diwali In America

Diwali In USA, Diwali celebration in USA

As we all know there is a large population of the Indian Hindu community lives in the USA and in present day not only day lived also take part in American government and political system. Now the you may thinking when is Diwali in USA?  Diwali festival is known as the “Celebration of Lights” and is praised to respect Lord Rama. It is accepted that on this day Rama came back to his kin following 14 years of an outcast during which he took on and won a conflict against the evil spirits and the devil ruler, Ravana. Individuals lit their homes to commend his triumph over underhandedness. The goddess of happiness and favorable luck, Lakshmi, additionally considers along with the festival. It is accepted that she meanders the Earth on this day and goes into the house that is unadulterated, clean, and brilliant. Diwali festivities may change in various networks however its essentialness and otherworldly significance is by and large “the consciousness of the inward light”.

Diwali celebration in USA

Each fall September, October, and November in the United States thousands of American Hindus celebrate one of Hinduism’s most important festivals, Diwali,  or the Festival of Lights. Diwali celebration in New York City is a five-day holiday marks the triumph of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and light over darkness as symbolized by the burning oil lamps called Diyas. “New beginnings, new endeavors and an opportunity to renew ties with family and friends” is what Diwali brings to Hindus, says Neeta Bhasin, a Diwali event organizer in New York. Many Jains, Sikhs, and Buddhists also observe Diwali in accordance with their own traditions. Diwali takes place this year October 25–29.

How is Diwali Celebrated in America?

Diwali In USA, Diwali celebration in USA

Diwali is one of the greatest Hindu celebrations celebrated among numerous individuals and networks in the United States. Numerous schools, local gatherings, Hindu affiliations, Indian associations, and corporate organizations engage in observing Diwali. Legislators, including governors and past presidents, recently made open declarations communicating their welcome and well wishes to Hindus on Diwali. 

1. Shopping 

Diwali In USA, Diwali celebration in USA

Numerous Indian stores sell jewelry and traditional outfits, for example, chiffon saris, just as statues of Hindu divinities and incense sticks utilized in supplication around this time. Numerous ladies and young ladies use Mehendi, which is a transitory henna design, on their palms. It is likewise regular to wear fine gems and silk outfits to praise this blissful celebration.

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2. Decoration of Home

Diwali In USA, Diwali celebration in USA

Diwali decorations at home in USA is much equal to Christmas. Different lights, candles, and sparklers are lit on Diwali. A few organizations observe Diwali with Indian desserts and Chai tea. Numerous homes that observe Diwali have grouped desserts, savories, and Diwali herbs. A few networks sort out firecracker shows and state, for example, Diwali celebration in Texas as one of their state celebrations. 

3. Rituals

Diwali In USA, Diwali celebration in USA

A Diwali celebration in USA offers prayers to Hindu deities at a local temple. Hindus prepare large vegetarian meals and offer it to Lord Krishna. Langars are held across the city where Hindus will be serving home-cooked vegetarian meals. Special menus are made in several Indian restaurants. Although rituals vary among the diverse Hindu population, many Diwali observers especially revere Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual.

4. Prayer

Diwali In USA, Diwali celebration in USA

Like all Hindu festivals, spirituality lies at the center of Diwali. Guyanese-American participants pray and present offerings in the Hawan ceremony as part of Diwali celebrations in the Richmond Hill neighborhood of Queens in New York. The neighborhood of Richmond Hill is home to one of the largest populations in the Guyanese Hindu diaspora. You will find many shops of Diwali sweets the USA for prayer(Pooja).

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5. Tradition

Diwali In USA, Diwali celebration in USA

Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity who is widely revered as the god of beginnings and good fortune, also receives increased attention during Diwali.

6. Indian foods on a Silver Platter

Diwali In USA, Diwali celebration in USA

Diwali celebration USA revelers customarily hold large family gatherings and offer traditional sweets to everyone who visits their homes. On the fifth day of Diwali, it’s traditional for sisters to invite their brothers and their families for a meal. In return, brothers treat their sisters with gifts.

7. Celebration

Diwali In USA, Diwali celebration in USA

Diwali party ideas in USA created by Indian and other Asian. Diwali at Times Square in New York City is the world’s largest such celebration outside of India. Everyone dressed up in their best traditional Indian attire, worship Laxmi-Ganesh, Hindu Gods of wealth and protection. It is an evening spent with family and friends, playing indoor games like cards and dancing and singing. Using fireworks is not permitted to the households in America; however, one can see the sky lit up with fireworks.  This year’s event takes place on October 21.

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8. Public Life on Diwali in America

Diwali In USA, Diwali celebration in USA

Diwali is certainly not an across the country open occasion in the United States yet it is an enormous celebration celebrated in numerous cities and urban areas. On this day white house distributes Diwali gifts in USA to their staff. There might be traffic clog and stopping spots might be full in territories where occasions are held to observe Diwali. Some Indian organizations may close at an opportune time Diwali, Visit some famous monuments in USA.

So here in this blog, we have described all about the Diwali celebration in the USA and also briefly how is Diwali celebrated in the USA.  I hope you will love reading this content and if you love to know more about the Diwali festival the world then kindly read our other articles as well which will help you to get some information about the Diwali celebration.

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