Most Visited Monuments in Yemen l Famous Monuments in Yemen

Yemen is definitely a novel place to be and a remarkable sight to see. With a trove of deep-rooted traditions and celebrated cultures, a visit to the monuments in Yemen departs from the humdrum sightseeing tours to bring you an enriching experience of scenic colonial buildings. Sana’a is Yemen’s capital city, the country’s most populous city, and the most important commercial center and continues to flourish more than ever. Surrender yourself to the infectious energy of the locals, coated in the beautiful tongue of the Arabic language, as you embark on this journey. Here is one of the top monuments in Yemen:

List of Monuments in Yemen

1. Jabal Haraz

monuments in Yemen, famous monuments in Yemen

Jabal Haraz

Named after the Haraz Mountains it is located in, this area is a great location to visit with its terraced lands and medieval villages built like forts on the edge of high cliffs. These elevated settlements were built like castles incorporated into the landscape with their farmland below. Fortunately, they have stayed out of the wars that have plagued Yemen in the recent past. One of the most beautiful medieval towns in the region, El Hegara clings to the edge of a mountainside and is a popular base for hikers. Due to the current scenario, special permits are required to visit this historic place in Yemen.

Address: Jabal Haraz, Yemen

2. The Ancient Tombs

monuments in Yemen, famous monuments in Yemen

The Ancient Tombs

It is a very interesting fact that the southwestern part of Asia and the northeastern part of Africa are believed to be the oldest part of the world. In Yemen, you can explore different ancient tombs dating back to the Paleolithic period. These lands were inhabited by ancient civilizations and cultures around 40,000 years ago. In western Yemen, in the Al Mahwit area of  Sana’a, hundreds of ancient cemeteries have been discovered. Basically, these tombs are some of the oldest historical monuments in Yemen to add to your visit list, and they are all located near Sana’a.

Address: The Ancient Tombs, Sanaa, Yemen

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3. Shaharah Bridge

monuments in Yemen, famous monuments in Yemen

Shaharah Bridge

If you love architectural wonders, visit Shaharah in northwestern Yemen to see this old architectural wonder. Shaharah is a village in a mountainous region. This famous monument in Yemen was built in the 17th century over a deep ravine. It was a limestone structure that still retains and fears the fear of those who see it. It was built by a local lord to connect two villages located on either side of Jabal al Emir and Jabal al Faish. The 20 m long bridge nicknamed the Bridge of Sighs is suspended 200 m above a canyon. In addition to the spectacular views of the surrounding area, the bridge is also an engineering masterpiece that took about 3 years to complete.

Address: Shaharah Bridge, Amran, Yemen

4. Thula Village

monuments in Yemen, famous monuments in Yemen

Thula Village

One of the most beautiful monuments in Yemen is the well-preserved medieval village of Thula located in the Saana region. At the foot of the magnificent pink sandstone cliff, an intact wall surrounds the city. There are 26 towers and 9 gates on the 2000 m long wall of the city. Narrow alleys meander between old, 3-5-story, ocher-sandstone houses that are built close together. About 600 houses built with the same distinctive decoration and style give this city its unique character.

Address: Thula Village, Yemen

5. Bottle Trees, Socotra Island

monuments in Yemen, famous monuments in Yemen

Bottle Trees, Socotra Island

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Yemen. This historical landmark in Yemen is world-famous for its alien planets like beauty and features. It has wonderful, rugged terrain full of rocks, blue-green sea, sandy beaches, some of which have huge sand dunes. But special mention should be made of the Dragon Blood Trees, commonly known as Bottle Trees. These wonderful trees have thick stems and the upper part is rather thinner than the lower part. If a tree is fully grown and has leaves and branches, it certainly shows some outside world. Visitors gather on this Yemeni island to see this natural wonder.

Address: Bottle Trees, Socotra Island, Yemen

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6. Seiyun Palace

 monuments in Yemen, famous monuments in Yemen

Seiyun Palace

Located in the historic Hadhramaut region of Seiyun, the large Sultan’s Palace is the most characteristic landmark in the area. Built-in the 1920s on this important historical site in Yemen, the palace was occupied by Sultan Kathiri until 1967. Today it operates as an archeological and ethnographic museum.

Address: Saywun, Yemen

7. The Ruins Of Marib

monuments in Yemen, famous monuments in Yemen

The Ruins Of Marib

Marib is one of the ancient monuments of Yemen, considered by historians to be the ancient Sheba described in the Bible. There are many ancient ruins in this area that can be dated for several years before the birth of Jesus Christ. The most famous ruin is the throne of Balquis, the moon god of Arab culture. There are currently five vertical, huge columns representing the throne, which can be dated to the 8th century BC. Apart from these, an ancient dam that also belonged to the same period as the throne of Balquis and the temple of Marib. Marib is 120 km from Sanaa.

Address: The Ruins Of Marib, Marib, Yemen

8. Al-Saleh Mosque

monuments in Yemen, famous monuments in Yemen

Al-Saleh Mosque

The Al-Saleh Mosque is located in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen. The truly immersive cultural and historical place in Yemen is very tempting for visitors. The mosque is very easy to reach and can be seen from afar. As you get closer to the magnificent facade of the AL-Saleh Mosque, you will be an observer of its impressive Yemeni architectural style, which also includes four 160-meter-high minarets and two small minarets, four huge domes. And the whole building is decorated with lush wooden ornaments and engravings, and the adjoining green gardens are photogenic.

Address: Al-Saleh Mosque, Sanaa, Yemen

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9. The Heritage City Of Zabid

monuments in Yemen, famous monuments in Yemen

The Heritage City Of Zabid

Zabid was the ancient capital of Yemen between the 13th and 15th centuries AD. The city is famous for the great mosque, which was built in the 7th century AD by a prophet of Islam. Therefore, UNESCO has declared Zabid a Yemen World Heritage Site. But the conservation status is poor in the city. That is why Zabid is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Yemen. Nevertheless, tourists can visit the place because of its heritage.

Address: The Heritage City Of Zabid, Yemen

10. Baran Temple

monuments in Yemen, famous monuments in Yemen

Baran Temple

It is located 1400 m from the northwestern point of Mahram Balquis. This is a Sabai temple dedicated to the Almaqah, the Holdista. This ancient monument in Yemen is located next to the temple of Awam in gravity and is known locally as “al-Amaid” or the throne of Bilpuis. A German archeological mission discovered this church, at which time it was seen to have a square, open courtyard with the holy well in the middle, and a reservoir with water from the mouth of the statue of St. Bull.

Address: Baran Temple, Marib City, Yemen

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