Unusual and Bizarre Food in Pakistan That People Eat

Pakistan is one of the nations that has a rich heritage and culture. Traditional food items and Pakistani cuisines are bombarded with flavors. Apart from famous halwa poori, briyani, Siri Paye, nihari, Sarson ka saag, there are many lesser-known unusual food items in Pakistan that are equally delicious and rich in flavors. Pakistan has five provinces, Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Gilgit Baltistan. This article is about a few of the weird food items from Pakistan that may not be common but are very popular in their local vicinity.

Weird Foods in Pakistan

1. Maghaz (Lamb or Goat Brain)

Bizarre Food in Pakistan

Maghaz (Lamb or Goat Brain)

Perhaps the only item on this list of weird food in Pakistan, yours truly has eaten, just the sight of brain masala is enough to send shivers down your spine. Mixed with spicy ‘karahi masala’, the creaminess of brains is actually very delicious. However not really sure if it makes you any more intelligent.

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2. Panjiri

Bizarre Food in Pakistan


Panjiri is a Punjabi dish and it has a very unique finished form. It is a sweet prepared with wheat flour consisting of herbal gums and lots of dried fruits. It is fried with sugar in ghee and it looks like a brittle powder with nuts like coconut, almonds, pistachio. This unique food in Pakistan is considered a natural supplement and is consumed mostly in winters along with warm milk.

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3. Kaleeji (Liver)

Bizarre Food in Pakistan

Kaleeji (Liver)

We know what you’re thinking. This unusual food item in Pakistan isn’t bizarre enough. However, surely there are plenty of people out there like other Pakistani who cannot stand the thought of chomping down the liver. Yes, the texture of the liver and the smell too keep you miles away and it is said to be very good for health.

4. Sattu

Bizarre Food in Pakistan


This bizzare food in Pakistan is a Punjabi cold beverage that is used in summers. It is made with a mix of spices and powdered gram flour. The powdered mix is soaked in water in a mud pot. It is considered a refreshing drink that makes the body cool and calm in hot weather. People in villages love drinking it from the same mud pot or glass as it refreshes them and gives instant energy.

5. Buttain (Intestine)

Bizarre Food in Pakistan

Buttain (Intestine)

A common Pakistani’s relatives pride themselves on making something from this organ. On the other hand, you won’t sure which organ this was, and when searched, honestly wasn’t too pleased with the result. Buttain refers to the inside of a cow’s stomach. Usually served in a curry, the texture of this bizarre food of Pakistan is similar to a towel. That alone can make you politely decline this particular Pakistani food item.

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6. Punj Ratani Daal

Bizarre Food in Pakistan

Punj Ratani Daal

Punj means five and daal mean lentils. In Pakistan, there are a variety of lentils available that are cooked in almost every household. Generally, lentils are cooked separately or two at a time. But in a few localities of Punjab, a special dish is made with five different types of lentils soaked and cooked together. This weird dish of Pakistan is served with roti (flatbread) or rice along with mint chutney and pickles.

7. Kapooray( Testicles)

Bizarre Food in Pakistan

Kapooray( Testicles)

To be very honest, didn’t have too much fun searching for this dish. The lengths you go to for an article may surprise you. Kapooray is made from testicles, usually from a goat or lamb. Why anyone would want to eat this bizarre food in Pakistan may beyond you. Still, you pay for your sacrificial animal you might as well get your money’s worth.

8. Sai Bhaaji

Bizarre Food in Pakistan

Sai Bhaaji

This strange food in Pakistan is a Sindhi dish that is not very common but is very creative and scrumptious. Sai means Green and Bhaaji means vegetables. This dish is a creative blend of lentils and different vegetables like spinach and aubergine. It is eaten with rice.

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9. Khatakhat

Bizarre Food in Pakistan


Khatakhat also is known as taka-tak is from Punjab. It is a meat dish that includes various meat organs like the brain, kidneys, testicles, liver, lungs, lamb chops, and heart. All the ingredients are put together on the griddle and it is cut, mixed, and cooked with sharp blades. The name of this dish is an onomatopoeia from the hitting sound of those sharp blades on the griddle.

10. Thadal

Bizarre Food in Pakistan


Thadal is a drink that is a specialty of Sindh. Almond is the main ingredient but it also includes poppy seeds and various spices that make it a refreshing drink. This bizarre food item to drink in Pakistan has a cooling effect and is consumed in large quantities by the people of Sindh in summers.

11. Chicken Feet Soup 

 Bizarre Food in Pakistan

Chicken Feet Soup

No stranger to paye(Feet), Pakistanis also have a dish called Panjo ka soup, and when looked up is a dish made entirely up from chicken claws. This popular unusual food in Pakistan is an important part of the famous Pakistani dish. Pakistani love to take it and they also say it has very healthy and boosts one’s immunity system and sexual diseases.

12. Kheer Kharkun

 Bizarre Food in Pakistan

Kheer Kharkun

Kheer is a version of rice pudding that is enjoyed by Pakistani people, especially during special events and functions. Kheer is a common sweet that is easily available across Pakistan but Kheer Kharkun is another specialty of Sindh that is not very common. This unusual food to eat in Pakistan is prepared with dates and milk instead of typical rice.

13. Tongue

 Bizarre Food in Pakistan


Ours is already very long. But that doesn’t stop us from indulging in a cold cut of an animal’s tongue. Said to be a delicacy, Lord knows why these are mostly served in sandwiches. Their texture of this unique food in Pakistan is velvety and a dollop of mayo would probably make it a wholesome meal for someone more daring perhaps.

14. Roosh

 Bizarre Food in Pakistan


Roosh is a Balochi dish that is cooked with chicken. Balochi cuisine has fewer spices. This bizarre food in Pakistan has very simple flavors with very few spices, only yogurt, and green masala. Rosh is served with fresh salad and roti. There is nothing fancy about the ingredients of Roosh but it tastes amazing. 

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15. Mundi Salan (The Head)

 Bizarre Food in Pakistan

Mundi Salan (The Head)

No, this isn’t like the brains. This is the actual head of an animal. The dish known as Mundi Salan offers diners a chance to have the entire head of a goat served in a curry. Again I do not know why this unusual food dish in Pakistan is so popular.

So far we have discussed the unusual foods in Pakistan, which contains the proper information regarding all the famous strange foods in Pakistan. I hope you might have loved reading this article and if you love to know more about Pakistan then kindly head to our other articles as well which will help you to get knowledge about.

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