Top 10 Foods of St. Petersburg, Russia | Famous Foods To Try in St. Petersburg

A food tour of St. Petersburg is a must when you are in Russia’s economic capital.  This city delivers a tremendous variety of flavors to explore. You will love the popular foods in St. Petersburg as they cater to every genre of food ranging from juicy steaks to completely sugary delights, you will get all types of custom dishes in this city but since the love for meaty dishes is a bit extra you will have to adapt the culture of adding meat in almost every dish with silence. You might feel chaotic after looking at so much variety and wonder about what food to eat in St. Petersburg?

List of Foods to Eat in St. Petersburg

1. Olivier Salad

 best foods of St. Petersburg, famous foods in St. Petersburg

Olivier Salad

If you’ve spent a few days in Russia and start to feel guilty about fresh vegetable intake, you can breathe a sigh of relief to notice Olivie. This popular food in St. Petersburg is also called Olivier salad or sometimes simply “Russian salad”). in the restaurant menu. But prepare for a little shock when the food arrives as a multicolored mountain of diced potatoes, carrots, pickles, peas, eggs, and a variety of meats, all overdosing in an ape avalanche. Salad in the world’s loosest definition, Olivie isn’t a healthy or sophisticated dish, but in a delicious, steroidal potato salad!

Where: Olivier salad was created in the 1860s at Moscow’s esteemed Hermitage Restaurant. The facility no longer exists today, but its most famous invention is still served throughout the city. The Dacha Na Pokrovke restaurant offers a rustic, country-house atmosphere, greetings from Moscow’s busy city center, and serves classic dishes such as Olivie in a peaceful, nostalgic setting.

2. Blini

best foods of St. Petersburg, famous foods in St. Petersburg


The “Russian pancakes” known as blini are made with yeast dough, giving them a light, fluffy texture and a characteristic tango. This must-try food in St. Petersburg can be filled with an infinite variety of fillings, including a mixture of minced meat and diced vegetables or berries and cream cheese, although they are often served simply with sour cream, condensed milk, or jam. Blini is also a traditional Russian accompaniment to caviar.

Where: With its more than 30 sweet and savory selections specializing in blinis, Hallemok offers a wildly popular Russian grocery chain. It may be a fast-food restaurant, but their delicious, tasty blinis eat a happy meal any day of the week! 

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3. Medovik

best foods of St. Petersburg, famous foods in St. Petersburg


Russian food is not just meat! Desserts also have a special place in Russian food culture. One particularly decadent pastry found all over Russia is Medovik (gingerbread). This soft, sticky, crumbly, and creamy cake looks stunning and has a divine taste, consisting of several layers (supposedly 15 is the ideal number) of ginger and cinnamon-spiced honey pastry, sandwiched between sweetened sour cream and condensed milk.

Where: This one of the best foods to try in St. Petersburg is a very traditional cake, so the best way to get a slice is to find an old-fashioned style bakery. In St. Petersburg, Sova is a moderately priced café located on the lovely old buildings on Mayakovsky Street, offering good Medovik paired with tea or coffee.

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4. Borscht

best foods of St. Petersburg, famous foods in St. Petersburg


Although beets and their many variants are often considered iconic Russian food recipes, beet-based soup is actually of Ukrainian origin and is loved throughout the Slavic world. Bobbing in extra deep purple-red broth is a delicious treasure of the ingredients of the mystery. You will usually find several types of meat as well as steamed vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, onions, tomatoes, beets, and potatoes. Peppercorns are served hot, usually with sour cream. For a full Russian experience, it includes a black Russian sourdough Borodiksy bread, shaved frozen fat salo, a clove of fresh garlic, and a shot of ice-cold vodka.

Where: These popular foods to try in St. Petersburg can be found on the menu of both high-end restaurants and cozy cafés. A dr. Zhivago Grand Café, the elegant National Hotel in Moscow, is famous for its decadent Moscow-style borscht with beef, ham, and Viennese sausages.

5. Caviar

best foods of St. Petersburg, famous foods in St. Petersburg


The luxury dish in St. Petersburg most closely associated with the Russian aristocracy’s love of decadence, high-quality caviar (eekra), is the world’s most expensive dish, with the most exclusive varieties costing thousands of dollars for a teaspoon. Despite its delicacy reputation, caviar has acquired a flavor. The gelatinous, mouth-breaking beads have an intense salty and fishy taste. Caviar is the salted vulcanized egg and egg traditionally extracted from wild (and now highly endangered) sturgeon. Cheaper varieties come from salmon, steelheads, trout, uniform fish, and white cod. In Russia, caviar is usually served with blinis, chopped onions or pickles, quail eggs, and sour cream, which somewhat reduce the extreme salt content.

Where: Given the relationship between caviar and extravagance, the best choice for this exotic pampering is the lavish setting of St. Petersburg’s historic downtown. The charming Caviar Bar at the Grand European Hotel serves paired fine beluga caviar with chilled vodka and ornate Russian snacks.

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6. Pelmeni

best foods of St. Petersburg, famous foods in St. Petersburg


Pelmeni is said to be traced back to Chinese merchants who visited Siberia in the 15th century. This one of the top food to eat in St. Petersburg is the Russian version of cooked dumplings These bite-sized tubes are made from unleavened dough, wrapped around a stuffing of minced meat (usually pork lamb, chicken, or beef) and seasoned with onions, garlic, pepper, and spices. As an ideal cold-climate dish, Siberians can freeze pelmeni in bulk outdoors, ensuring they have a well-preserved supply of meat during the winter.

Where: Pelmeni people are loved all over Russia, but the best way to honor the Pelmeni gods is to eat them in their homeland, Siberia. Located in Irkutsk, Real Zames is a cozy restaurant offering a mouth-watering daily selection, including Siberian-style Baikal fish dumplings and imaginative fusions such as beef and cheese with pesto sauce.

7. Kamchatka Crab

best foods of St. Petersburg, famous foods in St. Petersburg

Kamchatka Crab

Red king crab or Kamchatka crab is one of the most sought-after seafood in the world, launching fearless fishermen to fight the frosty arctic waters of the Bering Sea in the hopes of exploiting these overgrown crabs. Red crabs can grow to enormous sizes and are native to the waters of Alaska and the Kamchatka Peninsula, and appreciate the abundance of their moist, sweet white flesh. This famous Russian dish in St. Petersburg is exported as a delicacy all over the world and attracts a huge price tag.

Where: The famous Komsomol Square fish market in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the capital of Kamchatka in the Russian Far East on the Kamchatka Peninsula, is one of the few places where you can try fresh king crabs before it is sold frozen for export. eye-catching prices in upscale restaurants. Amidst the sights, sounds, and bustling atmosphere of the market, live crabs can be selected, bought, and cooked on site – a sacred grail experience for serious lovers of seafood. In Moscow, we recommend a visit to Crab and Wine or Erwin Reka. Further. Okea restaurants where you can find a wide variety of seafood, including different types of crabs.

8. Pirozhki

best foods of St. Petersburg, famous foods in St. Petersburg


Literally, “little pies,” pirozhki (or redhki) is a beautiful, miniature-filled bun made of soft, buttered dough that contains a meaty and vegetable-flavored filling, often spiced with cheese and herbs for extra flavor. Pirozhki is a popular Russian Christmas dish in St. Petersburg that is often served as a snack in the kitchen, while aunts and grandmothers are preoccupied with the ritual of preparing a sophisticated festive dinner. Baked or sometimes baked pirozhki is also available in a sweet version, the inside of which leaks with jam, stewed apples, cherries, or cottage cheese.

Where: Easy to consume with one hand and on the go, pirozhki is perhaps the most common street food in Russia. Vendors set up stalls in parks and street corners, hoping to entice passers-by with the smell of freshly baked pasta. In St. Petersburg, head to the old school bakery Pirozhkovaya on Moskovsky Street, where you can taste the nostalgia of the Soviet era, which includes the city’s most popular pirozki.

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9. Moscow Mule

best foods of St. Petersburg, famous foods in St. Petersburg

Moscow Mule

Moscow mules are sure to refresh on hot summer days, but thanks to their strong ginger flavor, they are also suitable for a holiday. They find that elusive balance between spicy, sweet and strong, and I would sip one every day. Moscow mules are very easy to make! You will only need three ingredients (ginger beer, vodka and lime).

Where: You can taste this amazing refreshing anywhere in Russia or you can also make it at your home too!

10. Beef Stroganoff

best foods of St. Petersburg, famous foods in St. Petersburg

Beef Stroganoff

This famous Russian cuisine in St. Petersburg is one of the best-known contributions to family dinner tables in the Western world – a classic convenience dish made from sliced beef, onions, and mushrooms, roasted in white wine and sour cream sauce. There are countless variations in the recipe, some advocating the addition of tomato puree, mustard, or pepper. Legend has it that the food was named after the Stroganovs, a family of merchants who enjoyed enormous wealth and power in the time of the tsars. What better way to make your mark on history than to lend your name to one of the most popular icons in a traditional Russian cookbook?

Where: The beef stroganoff is served at the Pushkin Café in Moscow with legendary fried, chopped potatoes and an ultra-rich sauce that is sure to warm your heart and fill your belly.

11. Solyanka

best foods of St. Petersburg, famous foods in St. Petersburg


Borsch may be better known, but soljanka is the real king of Russian soups – a dense, tasty, meat-based broth that is salty, spicy, sour, and always a little sweet. Winter’s favorite, Solyanka, is made from selected pieces of meat, cooked slowly for several hours. The common recipe includes marinated and fresh beef, as well as ham and sausage. Onions, carrots, garlic, peppers, and tomatoes are added, and additional vegetables and herbs come in a variety of colors. A tasty food dish in St. Petersburg that arrived in Russia via Georgia is often consumed with adzhika (Caucasian spicy red sauce) and lavashal (Georgian flatbread).

Where: Every region of Russia has its own version of Solyanka, but the Tatar version is particularly unique. Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan is an impressive stop on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Here you will find a number of local restaurants serving Solyanka in “boiler style”. The secret ingredient? Horse meat. So, if you don’t like to eat Mr. Edet, you might want to avoid Kazan picking up this hearty Russian soup.

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Hope you enjoyed these top 10 foods of St. Petersburg that are super juicy and delicious. You can find the above-mentioned foods anywhere in the local’s corners of the city, therefore, no need to search for expensive places to dine anymore. Besides, you can shop around with your saved money from food and thank us later! Because St. Petersburg is also a very great spot for buying souvenirs for your loved ones. Just enjoy the famous foods in St. Petersburg that can fill your tummy and save your pocket money. For more engaging blogs head on to our other travel blogs and try out our latest Adequate travel app available on the play store now for more exciting features.

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