Top 10 Foods to Try in Guangzhou China | Famous Foods of Guangzhou

There are a lot of delicacies in this small province that even your checklist might run out of pages. But don’t worry, I have the best food in Guangzhou suggestions that I have curated from various mediums to help you out in trying the best dishes from this city. There are some issues regarding halal foods in Guangzhou, China but I hope my easy descriptions can help you easily identify whether they are halaal or not? All adventurous foodie travelers can follow this amazing list of delicious foods in Guangzhou along with the added restaurant recommendations for finding out the best form of those dishes. So enjoy!

List of Foods to Eat in Guangzhou

1. Steamed Vermicelli Rolls

 Best foods to Eat in Guangzhou, Foods of Guangzhou

Taiwanese have a strange love with Cantonese and Chinese cuisines that you might sometimes end up with a chimeric mixture of dishes that display both of the cultures very skillfully. These rolls are one of those chimeric foods to eat in Guangzhou which is prepared by grinding the rice into rice butter and after steaming the rice butter into glittering and translucent pieces, they are filled with pork, beef, shrimp, or other ingredients according to the customer’s preferences.

Recommend Place to Try: Yin Ji Chang Fen Dian 

2. Wonton Noodles

 Best foods to Eat in Guangzhou, Foods of Guangzhou

There is a huge noodle culture that you can address in all these Asian cities. The wontons in this popular food in Guangzhou are pork or shrimp stuffed balls which are wrapped in skins made of flour. The noodles, on the other hand, are made only with egg and flour and are squeezed with bamboo to prepare them through all the traditional methods. The soup is then later cooked with pork bones or fish, but the detailed recipe is usually never told by any restaurant to maintain their exclusivity.

Recommend Place to Try: Zhuyuan Zhu Sheng Mian

3. Ting Zai Congee 

 Best foods to Eat in Guangzhou, Foods of Guangzhou

This is another Cantonese dish that has made its way among the must-try foods in Guangzhou, China. Ting Zai Congee means “congee on the boat” which reflects the origin story of the dish when during old days, the dish was prepared and eaten on the boats. Fresh shrimp or fish are used as the main ingredients, with jellyfish, fried peanuts, egg, green onion, and ginger in the preparation of this food in Guangzhou. A bowl of well-prepared Ting Zai congee has to be soft and sweet.

Recommend Place to Try: Mei Wei Xiang Mei Shi

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4. Hefen

 Best foods to Eat in Guangzhou, Foods of Guangzhou

These are locally pronounced as ‘shahefen’ and are pondered as a popular rice noodle dish in Guangzhou. They might own some similarity with steamed vermicelli rolls, but for preparing this top food in Guangzhou the rice dough is cut into long narrow strips. Hefen can be fried, cooked with soup, or is served cold and dressed with a sauce. You can tell the waiter about your preference and they can serve you the same.

Recommend Place to Try: ShaHe Fen Cun Restaurant

5. Clay Pot Rice

Best foods to Eat in Guangzhou, Foods of Guangzhou

There are a lot of varieties inside this dish of Guangzhou. The ingredients for this dish range from cured meat, pork ribs, chicken to beef. First, the clay pot is used to cook rice in which later different types of meats are added according to people’s preferences. This is one of the best Chinese foods in Guangzhou where the crispy rice crust and seasoned soup match perfectly with each other to yield the best flavours of clay pot cooked dishes. Depending on your taste preferences, you can pour the soup on the rice or use the soup to soften the rice crust sticking around the walls of the pot.

Recommend Place to Try: Hao Cai Clay Pot Rice

6. Roast Goose

 Best foods to Eat in Guangzhou, Foods of Guangzhou

Some say goose, some say duck! Well, that perplexion will always remain a controversial topic between the northern and southern Chinese people. But this is a must-eat food in Guangzhou if you are a fan of duck meat. The tempting appetizing red colour, crispy skin, and juicy flesh of this meat are in itself a statement for its deliciousness. While the best way to eat the roast goose is to put cranberry sauce on the meat, which provides a sweet and sour flavour and can make the dish less greasy.

Recommend Place to Try: Tao Tao Ju

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7. Double-Layer Milk Custard

 Best foods to Eat in Guangzhou, Foods of Guangzhou

This is one of the famous desserts in Guangzhou that are known to be lady’s favourite food. But there are no gender-biased thoughts related to this dish; you can try this irrespective of your gender. This famous food to eat in Guangzhou has two layers: fresh milk is on the top layer and the mixture of milk with egg white is in the lower layer. Most of the people eat the dish with other ingredients, such as fruit, raisins, or sweet beans. All the dry fruits topping add a crunchy texture to this creamy filling hence I suggest you spread a lot of crushed cashews or dry raisins over this dish.

Recommend Place to Try: Wen Xin Lao Pu Restaurant

8. Tangbushuai 

 Best foods to Eat in Guangzhou, Foods of Guangzhou

These are the pastry of jelly-like rice balls that are cooked after moulding them into balls, into a sweet syrup, and then some fried and grounded peanuts or fried egg shreds are topped over the dish to maintain the textures of this food in Guangzhou. The taste is crispy, smooth, and sweet but not greasy which is the best feature I love about this dessert in Guangzhou.

Recommend Place to Try: Fen Fang Tian Pin

9. Jiang Zhuang Nai

 Best foods to Eat in Guangzhou, Foods of Guangzhou

There are a lot of milk desserts in Chinese cooking but none of them can match up this healthy dessert made from milk and ginger juice. This is one of the perfect drink matches with the best food to eat in Guangzhou. The savoury, mellow, sweet, and slightly pungent flavours of this drink are not only delicious but also helps to keep your body warm and prevent colds. Hence do try this during extreme winters in Guangzhou.

Recommend Place to Try: Shawan Nainiu Guangzhou

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10. Laosabao

Best foods to Eat in Guangzhou, Foods of Guangzhou

One of the best chewy dishes I loved in Guangzhou is these little Laosabao dumplings. These are actually a molten egg custard steamed buns that are kind of new take over the dim sum dishes. This is a purely halal food in Guangzhou which is stuffed with an oozy, gooey egg custard that is sweet and a little granular. Try having this when served steamy hot as the inner fillings will melt out from the side of your mouth which is definitely the best foodie moment to capture after all. And later you won’t be able to stop eating them so better capture the moments before you jump over this delicious dessert.

Recommend Place to Try: Guangzhou Jiujiang

Hope you liked these top 10 foods in Guangzhou, China that are super delicious and fascinating. You can take the help of the recommendations mentioned as par for trying the best food to eat in Guangzhou to carve out the best food memories into your Guangzhou trip. I expect you might be tempted with these dishes as I was and pour out some tasty comments below if you liked this article and follow our other blogs for more info regarding such delicacies.

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