Europe will launch long train routes to reduce carbon emissions

The increasing carbon footprint is a major concern these days, and every country is making efforts to reduce it. However, we all know that the only way to reduce carbon emissions while traveling is by choosing a sustainable mode of transportation.

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Train journeys in Europe are experiencing a revival since flight-free travel is gaining popularity. However, the country still wants to promote conscious travel for sustainability

According to Eurostar, a high-speed passenger railway service in the UK, a flight from London to Paris generates 14 times as much carbon dioxide as taking the train. After keeping this in mind, European countries are now more inclined to construct railroads that offer better and faster connectivity than introducing more international flights.

They want to introduce more budget-savvy night trains to cross-country tracks.

Here are all the most recent rail routes in Europe.

  • Vienna to Paris with Nightjet (Austria)

Europe has introduced a new rail route between Vienna and Paris that passes via Salzburg and Munich in late 2021. The overall journey from Vienna to Paris by train will take around 14 hours. This train runs thrice a week, and tickets will cost around €30 and €120 for a seat and a private compartment respectively.

  • Berlin to Stockholm with Snälltåget (Germany) : 

The full journey takes just under 17 hours, with prices for the direct service starting from €50. 

  • Genoa to Naples with NTV Italo (Italy)

NTV Italo launched a train from Genoa to Naples in 2021 that takes just seven hours and costs around €80 in return.

  • Milan to Paris with Frecciarossa (Italy)

Frecciarossa provided an extremely comfortable ride to the travelers at just €29 and will drop you at your destination within seven-hour. 

  • Amsterdam to Austria with TUI’s Ski Express (Netherlands)

TUI’s ‘Ski Express’ is a special period train run between 23 December and 31 March. This train will depart from Amsterdam every Friday night at 5:30 pm and after a single halt at Utrecht, it strops direct to the destination (Austria).

  • Amsterdam to Zurich with NightJet (Netherlands)

This is an overnight train from Amsterdam to Austria with luxury couchettes that will drop you at your destination within 12 hours. Passengers can purchase tickets ranging from €60 for couchettes to €120 for sleeper cabins.

  • Barcelona to Madrid with Iryo (Spain) 

This train will take as little as 2.5 hours each way and cost just €18.

  • Ljubljana to Budapest with Hungarian Railways (Slovenia)

The journey takes from 7.5 hours, and the lowest ticket will cost you around €16 each way. The train departs from Ljubljana at 5:05 am and reaches Budapest at 9:35 am.

  • Stockholm to Hamburg with SJ EuroNight (Sweden)

This recently introduced night train is powered by renewable energy. The train runs daily at 5.30 p.m. and arrives at 6.30 am with the cheapest seats starting at €25.

  • London to Bordeaux with Eurostar (UK)

Eurotunnel execs have hinted at plans to introduce trains between London and Bordeaux in the next five years. After which tourists will be able to visit the Côte d’Azur more sustainably.

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