English Reformed Church in Amsterdam: History, Facts, & Services

Most people search for what is the most popular church in Amsterdam. The Protestant English Reformed Church (ERC) in Amsterdam offers religious services in English to the city's English-speaking population. The church is situated in Amsterdam's historic district and has a lengthy and fascinating history that dates back to 1607.

The Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PKN), the largest Protestant denomination in the nation, includes the ERC. The church has a large, diverse membership that spans a variety of ages, races, and nationalities. One of Amsterdam's oldest churches is this one.

Everyone is welcome to attend the weekly English-speaking church in Amsterdam worship services offered by the ERC. Hymns, prayers, and Biblical readings are all included in the services, which combine traditional and modern components. A choir, organ recitals, and other musical events are all part of the church's robust music program.


Beginning in 1607, the English Reformed Church (ERC) in Amsterdam has a lengthy and illustrious history. English businessmen and sailors who had settled in Amsterdam and were looking for a place to worship in their native tongue created the church.

Dissenters and nonconformists who were persecuted in their own countries found refuge in the ERC during the 17th and 18th centuries. Many of these people sought religious freedom and discovered it in Amsterdam, where they could practice their religion without worrying about being persecuted.

The ERC has contributed significantly to the growth of the Dutch Reformed Church over the years. Also, it has functioned as a hub for English-speaking Protestants in Amsterdam, giving them access to religious services, social support, and a sense of community. This is why it is one of the most popular churches in Amsterdam

The ERC has encountered various difficulties throughout its history, such as financial hardships, disputes with other churches, and changes in the political and ecclesiastical climate. Yet, the church has remained dedicated to its goal of giving English-speaking Protestants in Amsterdam a warm and inclusive community.

The ERC still plays a significant role in the religious and cultural life of Amsterdam today, providing social outreach initiatives, community activities, and worship services to its members and the general public.


The English-speaking population of the city is served by a number of services of the English Reformed Church (ERC) in Amsterdam. It is one of the best churches in Amsterdam. The church provides the following services, among others:

  1. Weekly worship services: The ERC offers weekly worship services in English, which are open to all. The hymns, prayers, and Bible readings in the services are a blend of classic and modern components.

  1. Online services: This church provides online streaming services on its Youtube channel. They do live Youtube streaming. 

  1. Music program: The church has a strong music program, with a choir, organ concerts, and other musical events.

  1. Bible studies: The ERC offers Bible studies and other educational programs to help people deepen their faith and understanding of Christianity.

  1. Prayer meetings: The church hosts regular prayer meetings, where people can come together to pray and support each other.

  1. Social events: The ERC hosts a range of social events, including coffee mornings, potluck dinners, and other gatherings, to help build a sense of community among its congregation.

  1. Community outreach: The church has a long history of helping refugees and other vulnerable groups because it is dedicated to social justice and community engagement.

  1. Pastoral care: The ERC provides pastoral care and counseling to those who need it, offering support and guidance in times of need.

Overall, the ERC provides a welcoming and inclusive community for English-speaking Protestants in Amsterdam and is an important part of the city's religious and cultural landscape. Therefore, if you are thinking to visit churches in Amsterdam then ERC is the best church.

Architecture Significance

The English Reformed Church (ERC) in Amsterdam has a noteworthy architecture for a number of reasons. It is also considered one of the most visited churches in the world

First off, the church itself is a stunning illustration of Dutch Baroque design. Philip Vingboons, a Dutch architect, created the structure, which was finished in 1630. The outside of the church has two towers, a sizable central window, and elaborate stone sculptures. The church's interior is similarly spectacular, featuring a sizable nave, elaborate woodwork, and lovely stained glass windows.

Second, the ERC's architecture is noteworthy because it captures the significance of the church both historically and culturally. The structure is situated in Amsterdam's historic district, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The church has played a key role in the city's religious and cultural history for more than 400 years, and the architecture of the structure reflects this heritage.

The architecture of the ERC is noteworthy because it combines English and Dutch influences. The church was established by English seamen and businessmen who had relocated to Amsterdam, and the structure exhibits a fusion of English and Dutch architectural traditions. The church's architecture serves as a significant emblem of the historical collaboration and cultural interchange between the two nations.


Here are some facts about the English Reformed Church (ERC) in Amsterdam:

  1. English merchants and sailors who had settled in Amsterdam created the ERC in 1607.

  1. The church building was built in the 17th century and is located in Amsterdam's historic neighborhood.

  1. The Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PKN), the largest Protestant denomination in the nation, includes the ERC.

  1. The church provides social gatherings, Bible studies, prayer groups, and weekly English-language worship services.

  1. The ERC boasts a robust music department that includes an organ concert series, a chorus, and other musical activities.

  1. With its commitment to social justice and community involvement, the church has a long history of assisting refugees and other vulnerable communities.

  1. People of many ages, backgrounds, and countries make up the ERC's congregation.

  1. The church has persevered through numerous difficulties over the years, such as financial hardships and disputes with other churches, by continuing to fulfill its objective of offering an inclusive and warm community for English-speaking Protestants in Amsterdam.

  1. The ERC is particularly renowned for its stunning stained glass windows, which feature historical and biblical events.

  1. The church is closely associated with Amsterdam and is regarded as a significant piece of the city's religious and cultural legacy.