What to Buy in Shenzhen China | Best Things to Buy in Shenzhen 

The best things to buy from anywhere is not just a memory but a good experience along with the locals of that city. But when the prices are unbearable you can lose all the nostalgia that you expect to take back home with you. Such troubles won’t happen with you in Shenzhen especially because their government offers very low tax duty over a lot of items that eventually reduces the prices of the popular things to buy in Shenzhen China. With numerous choices comes numerous confusions as well,  especially for the men when they have no idea what to shop for their women or their kids. This trouble becomes more evident for every traveller when they are in a strange city. Hence, the next misery arises: What can you buy from Shenzhen? Don’t panic! I have constructed a short-n-easy list of best things you can buy in Shenzhen

Things to Buy In Shenzhen China

1. Clothing

What to Buy in Shenzhen

Shenzhen offers a huge variety of clothing which also has a wide range of prices as well. The tailored clothing, bags and other fashion accessories such as scarves, hats and more are the best things to buy from Shenzhen, China. As Shenzhen is a very youthful city, you’ll see plenty of make-up around which is even far more versatile offering great products at duty-free costs. No matter how much your budget is you can get cloths in every range in Shenzhen. 

Best place to buy: The best places to find the trendiest clothing in Shenzhen are Luohu Commercial City, Coastal City Shopping Center in Nanshan District, COCO Park, Women’s Street in North Huaqiang.

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2. Electronics

What to Buy in Shenzhen

You might have already heard that about Shenzhen from a lot of travelers but be aware as this city is also famous for having the best replicas of the high-end products. So don’t go expecting you will get iPhone at Android costs if you do then it will be definitely fake or any good replica. Just shop for small unique gadgets that will the best shopping when you struggle with What can you buy in Shenzhen? As the Free-Trade Zone, provides electronic brands to have a huge representation throughout Shenzhen, and you’ll see shops selling technology everywhere. 

Best place to buy: The best places to buy electronics in Shenzhen are Huaqiang Electronic Plaza, SEG Electronics Marketplace, Yuanwang Digital City.

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3. Souvenirs

What to Buy in Shenzhen

There are a lot of memories when you come back fro any vacation but the relics to keep them intact and fresh are the souvenirs of that city hence if you struggle What souvenirs to buy in Shenzhen? Then worry not there are a lot of choices to choose from the incredible artistry of Shenzhen’s creative workers. Such as tea, teapots, panda plushies, cloisonne(enamel infused metal works over pots, jade, or hand-crafted paintings.

Best place to buy: Dongman street 

4. Art Replicas 

What to Buy in Shenzhen

As I already discussed that Shenzhen has the best workers who create amazing copies of the items that even the original will look fake. For those who can’t afford the great artworks or paintings can take a bunch of replicas from here that will glimmer your home and your reputation among your friends(Who’d tell its replica Afterall besides you?). Artist Villages is the famous place where thousands of artists churn out high-quality copies of the world’s most famous masterpieces in less than a day just for about  $40. Isn’t it among the top things to buy in Shenzhen China? The Shenzhen’s Da Fen Village claims around 5000-8000 artists that incredible in this job of creating an imitation of masterpieces all around the world. Some even provide worldwide shipping to different customers.

Best place to buy: Da Fen Village, Shenzhen

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5. Books

What to Buy in Shenzhen

For all the book worms who can’t afford their favorite authors due to heavy prices of hardcopies just stroll around in the Shenzhen Book City which will be your home once you look up the great variety of books available at shockingly low prices.  This is the perfect answer to What to Buy from Shenzhen? Which can be a great gift and a perfect choice for a book lover. There are around 14 chain stores, distributed in various districts of Shenzhen that offer tonnes of books from all the authors on the globe. And it will also offer generous help to foreign buyers to find what they want due to Chinese signs over the book stores travelers sometimes do suffer but the shop keepers are very nice and helpful in such cases.

Best place to buy: Shenzhen Book City, Guanzhou Province

6. Hi-Tech Toys

What to Buy in Shenzhen

With a great Chinese influence over the market of Shenzhen, you will a lot of interesting toys that even you can access for the first time. These are some of the high-tech toys available especially when you can’t decide What to buy in Dongmen Shenzhen? It is the best place to take your kids as their high-end choices won’t affect your budget and you will make them happy with a bunch of cool toys as well. Isn’t it the best place for every kind of shopping you are wishing for? Just keep strolling and bargaining you will crack the best deals from this city.

Best place to buy: Dongmen Street 

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I hope you enjoyed this easy list of best souvenirs to buy in Shenzhen that can be adored by you and your family when you sit back at home and reminisce about all your best experiences in Shenzhen. Don’t lose the art of bargaining that you will eventually learn here from the surrounding locals while finding What to buy in Shenzhen? That will prove very helpful even in other cities for you.

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