The 10 Best Souvenirs to Buy from Chicago | What to Buy from Chicago

Chicago is famous for a lot of things but as the country earns a lot from tourism they have a close watch over the top things to buy in Chicago that you can take back as memories and even return to have some more. You must be fascinated with their meticulous skills which are emulated into incredible souvenirs sold on the street of these cities, where they are T-rex shaped pendants or striped flag necklaces. In fact, you can find some of the super classy and adorable presents in Chicago. Therefore, all the famous souvenirs to buy-in Chicago are curated in the given below list to make your shopping experience more easy and fun at the endless chains of shops in the city. Chicago also keeps on perfecting with the local items such a way that the visiting traveler always gets away with the best products from the city. 

List of Must-Buy Things in Chicago

1. Half Acre Beer

 Things to Buy in Chicago, Souvenirs to Buy in Chicago

Half Acre Beer

If you are really into light alcoholic beverages then Chicago is the perfect place to shop around. Half Acre is one of their famous beer which is brewed and packaged on-site at 4257 N. Lincoln Ave. Even being newly set up plane this brewery has quickly become a popular north-side neighborhood staple. They sustain three beers for a year-round, with two seasonal brews that switch out in winter and summer. Daisy Cutter, Gossamer or Over Ale beer are some of their top souvenirs to buy from Chicago. You can also fill a 64-ounce growler with your choice of golden elixir at the main branches of the brewery as well. 

2. Bean Pendant

Things to Buy in Chicago, Souvenirs to Buy in Chicago

Bean Pendant

Inspired from the city’s famous landmark, the stainless steel Millennium Park centerpiece-  “Cloud Gate,” which is also known as “the bean.”  due to its characteristic shape. This popular sculpture was designed by Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor. The sculpture possesses unique reflective properties that have made Millenium Park a photography hotspot incessantly.  Chicago’s Tiffany & Co store situated a mile north of Millennium Park sells a 9-millimeter-wide sterling silver bean necklace that carries the memory of this top landmark and accounts for being a great souvenir to buy in Chicago. 

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3. Giardiniera

Things to Buy in Chicago, Souvenirs to Buy in Chicago


If you are a consistent food lover who enjoys savoring upon various Italian beef sandwiches in Chicago then this bottled sauce is exclusively made for you. Giardiniera is basically a spicy, vinegary mix of peppers that is extremely addictive. Now, you can pick some up as a souvenir to buy from Chicago for your Italian food lovers at home. You can find giardiniera at numerous grocery stores in Chicago as well, so perhaps you won’t have to worry about the ingredient. Just enjoy!

4. Garrett Popcorn

Things to Buy in Chicago, Souvenirs to Buy in Chicago

Garrett Popcorn

If you crave salty snacks over sweeter ones, then this Chicago snack is one of the extraordinary popcorn which holds unique flavors enclose in their signature tin box of Garrett Popcorns. Garrett has been in operation in downtown Chicago for almost 70 years. Their popcorns are not the usual corn kernels popped out in the pans instead they are made from secret family recipes that you won’t find anywhere else. You can get these as a famous souvenir to buy in Chicago which comes in myriad classic flavors such as caramel crisp and cheese corn, classic butter and delicious nutty flavors, etc.

5. Chicago Ties

Things to Buy in Chicago, Souvenirs to Buy in Chicago

Chicago Ties

For finding something fancy and stylish especially for your male friends or partners the Chicago ties are the best things to buy from Chicago. There are lots of places to buy these classic ties with Chicago themes but for sports fans, Vineyard Vines and Brooks Brothers are the renowned places to buy the ties with logos of Chicago sports teams imprinted beautifully on them. Ties with unique prints are one of the most bought items that are available on several tie stores that were founded in Chicago selling high-quality men’s accessories.  Whereas, another option to buy a custom-designed tie is Bird Dog Bay, which was founded by a local designer and now it sells 100% silk ties with a variety of quirky and cool patterns.

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6. Chocolates

 Things to Buy in Chicago, Souvenirs to Buy in Chicago


A box full of sugary chocolates is never out of trend. Chocolates always seem to save the day with their euphoric vibes and delicious flavors. These are surely the top souvenirs to buy in Chicago. There are numerous places to buy delicious treats, ranging from traditional truffles to gourmet confections in Chicago. But if you’re looking for inventive and unique chocolate, that you can gift to someone else then head over to Chocolat Uzma Sharif. They tend to offer some of the bests refined handmade confectioneries in the town. There are various other places in the city where you can even buy chocolate blocks for baking, covered nuts, and many other treats.

7. Old Town Oil

 Things to Buy in Chicago, Souvenirs to Buy in Chicago

Old Town Oil

Olive oil is one of those products which you must look for while you are in a foreign city. There are some cities that hold an enormous production ground for these exotic oils but some cities are known to be the best importers of olive oils. Chicago comes under the later cities therefore possesses many kinds of olive oils that come directly from international suppliers, which would be very hard to find elsewhere. Hence, get these popular things to buy in Chicago for those dedicated chefs or healthy eating partners at your home. Surely, after watching the quality of the oil they will appreciate your shopping skills! Popular varieties of extra virgin olive oil you must look for, in Chicago are Meyer Lemon and Tuscan Herb. 

8. Sue Gold-Plated Ornament

 Things to Buy in Chicago, Souvenirs to Buy in Chicago

Sue Gold-Plated Ornament

Sue is a 40 ½-feet-long T-rex Dinosaur skeleton that towers over visitors in the museum atrium of the Field Museum of Chicago. The skeleton is named in honor of fossil hunter Sue Hendrickson who discovered the bones of this amazing dinosaur in South Dakota. Apparently, you can’t bring the whole skeleton with you but you can bring the memory of this iconic famed dinosaur into your home with an adorable Sue gold-plated ornament. The 5 ½-inch-long ornament costs around $10-$14 and comes in an attractive box accounting for a perfect present. It’s one of the famous things to buy in Chicago that a lot of visitors in museums love to take away.

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9. Wild Blossom Mead

 Things to Buy in Chicago, Souvenirs to Buy in Chicago

Wild Blossom Mead

You might be thrilled to acknowledge the core ingredient of this beverage because the regular beverage drinks are manufactured from juicy fruits or juicy plants but perhaps it is the oldest alcoholic beverage that is created by fermenting honey. Wild Blossom Meadery & Winery manufactures an award-winning mead in its Beverley shop after harvesting honey from organic farms having around 80 hives all over the greater Chicago region. The mead comes in a variety of dry or fruity flavors, such as pomegranate or blueberry, as well as creative concoctions like Chocolate Honey Buzz. These are some of the must-buy things in Chicago which you must not be missing out.                

10. Koval Distillery Spirits

Things to Buy in Chicago, Souvenirs to Buy in Chicago

Koval Distillery Spirits

The fitting name for the first craft distillery in the city of Chicago manufacturing clear spirits as a drinking beverage is none other than Koval distillery. You can also enjoy one of their initial hit single-grain white whiskeys bought up by the famous manufacturers Ravenswood distillery. They’ve been making their own spirits entirely in-house since 2008. You can even tour every Wednesday and Saturday for $10 at their home-based distillery and watch the iconic production of the spirits.

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Hope you enjoyed these top 10 things to buy in Chicago that are not only classy but you can use a lot of them in your day-to-day life. Along with these, you get some amazing ideas for what souvenirs to buy in Chicago? that you can either give a gift to your loved ones or just take it for your own amusement. There are a lot of things we initially buy for someone else but then our greedy choices don’t allow us to leave them so it’s fine it happens with a lot of people you can keep them with you, after all, you traveled so far to get them(didn’t you!). So you deserve good stuff don’t worry! By’daway there’s one more good stuff waiting for you, we have launched our Adequate travel app that you can get on play store so do check it out Now!

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