The 10 Best Beaches in Toronto | Top Beaches near Toronto

You can enjoy a fully relaxing retreat at these famous beaches of Toronto that you might not find anywhere in the world. There are a lot of destinations in the city that just seem like a moving picture of any refined artist’s painting.  This city is world-famous for its exotic skyline views and incredible coastline of beaches. You might think Toronto is all about monumental tours and Canadian food but this city is the heart of the most natural beaches of Illinois. What better vacation you can have rather than spending it at the most exotic tourist destination in the world? that is appreciated for all of its natural beauty and breath-taking adventures. You must explore its serene beaches along with its nearby souvenirs shops and restaurants. Here it is, the list of 10 incredibly well-known beaches near Toronto that are perfect to enjoy the best sunny American vacations.

Beaches to Visit Near and Around Toronto

1. Cherry Beach

Best Beaches in Toronto, Beaches to visit near in Toronto
Cherry Beach

This Toronto hotspot is definitely one of the city’s favorites beaches. This famous beach in Toronto located right at the end of, you guessed it, Cherry St. And the vibe here is just as bright and fun as its name suggests. Plus, you can bring your pooch and take advantage of the dog’s off-leash area of the park.

Address: 1 Cherry St, Toronto, Canada

2. Sugar Beach

 Best Beaches in Toronto, Beaches to visit near in Toronto
Sugar Beach

This beautiful spot is probably the most Instagramable beach in the city. It’s famous for its bright pink umbrellas and it’s the perfect little oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of downtown. Fun fact, this popular beach in Toronto is located right next to the RedPath Sugar Factory. Which is likely where it got its super sweet name.

Address: Foot of Lower Jarvis Street, South of Queens Quay, Toronto, Canada

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3. Ward’s Island Beach

 Best Beaches in Toronto, Beaches to visit near in Toronto
Ward’s Island Beach

Hop on over to the Islands for this gorgeous Toronto beach. You can take a ferry straight here from the Queens Quay Terminal (just make sure you book your tickets in advance during COVID-19). Then spend the day at a beautiful away-from-but-still-technically-in the city getaway. You can stare at the gorgeous views of the city skyline. Or you can rent a bike and do a little exploring around this most visited beach near Toronto.

Address: Ward’s Island, Toronto Islands, Toronto, Canada

4. Hanlan’s Point

Best Beaches in Toronto, Beaches to visit near in Toronto
Hanlan’s Point

And also on the islands but on the opposite side, we’ve got Hanlan’s Point. This Canada top beach near Toronto is a little different than the others. How? It’s clothing-optional! Yup, you don’t have to get tan lines laying in the sun at this spot. We don’t recommend bringing children to the area. But if you do stop by, you can expect gorgeous views of the sunset over some floating boats in Lake Ontario. Oh, and probably a bare bottom or two as well.

Address: Hanlan’s Point, Toronto Islands, Toronto, Canada

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5. Rouge Park Beach

Best Beaches in Toronto, Beaches to visit near in Toronto
Rouge Park Beach

This quiet beach is tucked away in Scarborough. And it’s the perfect place to hit if you’re looking for a more peaceful and serene day in the sun. This one of the best beaches near Toronto is located at the mouth of Rouge River, which flows into Lake Ontario. And here’s a fun little fact. The reason it’s called Rouge River is because of the red clay found in the river banks that gives the water a unique color. 

Address: 195 Rouge Hills Dr, Toronto, Canada

6. Sauble Beach

Best Beaches in Toronto, Beaches to visit near in Toronto
Sauble Beach

So you’ll have to travel out of the city for this one, but we promise it’s worth it. This gorgeous little beach town is a go-to spot for a sunshine-filled day trip. It’s so popular, in fact, that for a hot minute it actually closed because of Torontonians overcrowding it during COVID-19. So, if you do go to this spot and you get there and it’s packed, maybe pick another day. But as long as you’re not contributing to the problem, this beach near Toronto is definitely a must-see.

Address: Sauble Beach, Ontario, Toronto, Canada

7. Long Point Beach 

Best Beaches in Toronto, Beaches to visit near in Toronto
Long Point Beach

And last but not least, we’ve got a provincial park! This beautiful beach near Toronto stretches along 1 and a half acres of Lake Erie’s waterfront. It’s perfect for those of you looking for a day trip. And for those of you looking for a spot for overnight camping. Either way, the gorgeous sand and bonfire smells are pretty darn irresistible.

Address: 350 Erie Blvd, Port Rowan, Ontario, Canada

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8. Tiny Beach

Best Beaches in Toronto, Beaches to visit near in Toronto
Tiny Beach

Looking for a little town, with a must-visit beach near Toronto getaway? This place’s name says it all. They’re the quiet beach town that nobody’s talking about. But we know they’d get all the hype if people knew about them. You can head here for a peaceful getaway that’ll have you feeling like you’re a lifetime away from the city, instead of the only 1 and a half-hour drive away.

Address: Township of Tiny, Ontario, Canada

9. Woodbine Beach

Best Beaches in Toronto, Beaches to visit near in Toronto
Woodbine Beach

This popular beach in Toronto is known for its boardwalks and massive surface area. 15.2 hectares to be exact. Torontonians from all over the city flock to Woodbine Beach in the summer to enjoy things like picnics, swimming, waterfront volleyball, and more. This popular spot can sometimes get a little crowded though. So make sure you have room to social distance if you decide to stop by.

Address: 1675 Lakeshore Blvd E, Toronto, Canada

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10. Marie Curtis Beach

Best Beaches in Toronto, Beaches to visit near in Toronto
Marie Curtis Beach

And if Woodbine’s got too many people around for you, just hideaway at this lesser-known Toronto location. It’s one of the quieter and top 10 beaches close to Toronto, but it’s still definitely one of the best. You can enjoy uninterrupted waterfront relaxing when you pay a visit to this gorgeous spot.

Address: The Foot of 42nd St, South of Lakeshore Rd W, Toronto, Canada

Hope you liked the above-mentioned top 10 beaches in Toronto that are filled with nature and give you a perfect retreat to have the best vacations ever. Toronto is known all around the world for its heavy tourism but you won’t feel such chaos at the beaches near Toronto as they manage a lot of people every year. So do try these destinations to make your vacations more romantic and fun. And don’t forget to share and comment. There’s a new Adequate travel app we have launched recently, you can check it out on the play store to enjoy more interesting features regarding travel journeys.

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