Italy: Ryanair and Vueling staff disclose strike dates in October

Synopsis: It seems like European airline companies are in crisis and unable to meet their staff requirements. Cabin crews and other staff from Ryanair and Vueling airlines will go on strike starting October 1st to make their demands fulfilled by the airport authorities.

The latest news from Italy has shaken the entire European tourist industry, and it seems like the situation will remain the same until authorities don’t fulfill the demands of their crew members. 

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Italy -Ryanair staff announce October strike date

Actually, Ryanair and Vueling airlines’ cabin crew have announced dates for their October strikes. Starting on October 1st, employees across Italy will go on strike. Pilots, cabin crew, and flight attendants are striking to demand a raise in pay and better working conditions. Following the condition, cancellations and disruptions are possible in Italy. 

Ryanair airline staff will go on strike for 24 hours, while Vueling staff will go on strike for a total of four hours, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Why are airline employees in Italy on strike?

Ryanair and Vueling employees are on strike in protest of poor working conditions. The protests are similar to those that occurred in June and July of this year.

According to a union statement, “Italian workers (deserve) contracts that ensure decent working conditions and pay at least in line with the minimum wages provided for in our country’s national air transport contract.”

Union came to this decision after considering the incidents that happened in the past few months. 

According to the union, Vueling fired 17 “committed and professional” flight attendants from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport which they condemned. Unions also wanted to make sure that mothers with young children didn’t have to work the night shift.

Ryanair called the unions “irrelevant” and told customers that there would be no change to flights because of them.

Last week, ITA, an Italian airline, had to cancel flights because the ground staff went on strike for 24 hours.

More than 1,000  flights were grounded on Friday due to a French air traffic control strike that affected hundreds of thousands of travelers. The wave of protests is in part a reaction to the continent’s wages being eroded by the skyrocketing inflation.

Are passengers entitled to compensation for cancellation?

According to a spokesperson, no cancellations by Ryanair or Vueling are anticipated as of yet.

Also, according to Italian civil aviation law, flights are always guaranteed from 7 AM  to 10 AM and from 6 PM to 9 PM, even when there is a strike.

However, if airlines are forced to cancel some flights, passengers are advised not to panic. According to EU Regulation EC 261 (which safeguards all flights within the EU), passengers are entitled to compensation from the airline company if their flight is significantly delayed, by three hours or more.

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