TIME magazine listed Ahmedabad and Kerala in the list of the world’s greatest places of 2022

Synopsis: The famous TIME magazine included India’s Ahmedabad city and Kerala state in the list of the world’s greatest places of 2022. These places can be counted among the “50 extraordinary destinations to explore”

Worlds greatest places 2022,Ahmedabad and Kerala Worlds greatest Places

Ahmedabad and Kerala were ranked among the top 10 cities in the world where people would want to live in 2022. The ranking was done based on the quality of life index (QLI) developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

According to the report, Ahmedabad, the first city in India to be designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, “boasts both ancient landmarks and modern developments that make it a hub for cultural tourism. From the serene Gandhi Ashram which is situated on 36 acres along the Sabarmati River to the vibrant nine-day celebration of Navratri, everything in Ahemdabad makes it jut out among others in the world.

Additionally, it is important to mention that Ahmedabad is known as the Science City or Gujrat which sprawls various entertainment centers and theme parks. Last year also, the city unveiled three significant attractions including a 20-acre nature park, an interactive robot gallery, and a Science City aquarium.

Additionally, Kerala is one of India’s most beautiful states, according to TIME Magzine. It is located on the southwest coast of India and offers a breathtaking view of beaches, temples, and parks. It is no wonder why people referred to it as “God’s own land.” 

This year, Kerala has beak many milestones in various ways among which first is by promoting motorhome travel in India. Apart from this, the state’s first caravan park was opened in Vagamon which is already a famous hill town.

Other than Kerala and Ahmedabad, which are nominated as the best places to visit in 2022. 

TIME has nominated many other places in the list including Park City, Utah; Seoul; Ras Al Khaimah, UAE; Great Barrier Reef, Australia; Trans Bhutan Trail, Bhutan; The Arctic; Valencia, Spain; International Space Station; Bogota; Kigali, Rwanda and Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia; Istanbul.

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