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New York is the most famous city which all of us might have heard in either movie or some might have the golden chance to explore this fabulous city in person. But, far from all the glittery broadway lights and seashore cruises, this city has many more delicious things to offer. This dreamland is obviously one of the top stepping stones for every Hollywood star but to meet the real star you have to try the famous foods in New York that will definitely surprise you with their extraordinary flavors and textures. There are lots of categories to try different foods in New York but if you want to be the ‘Jack of all Trades’ then you must get little from every palette this amazing city offers ranging from expensive cuisines till 1 dollar slices of various street foods in New York. Pack your bag, take our given below list of top spectacular cuisines, and start your food tour in NYC.

List of Foods to Eat in New York

1. Bagel

Best foods to Eat in New York, Foods of New York


This is one of the famous snacks which you might have seen mostly in the hands of American cops while they grab lunchtime as they sit in their car. Or if you haven’t then this is a Jewish bread product originating in the Jewish communities of Poland which is formed in a ring shape, from the yeasted wheat dough, roughly hand-sized. These wheelies are later boiled for a short time in water and then baked. Some might even deep fry them, it’s your choice but it’s better in the later version. You can get this top food in New York for starting your day on a happy note at the city’s best bagels that usually have toppings of lox, smoked fish, cream cheeses, etc at New York classic, Russ & Daughters.

2. Dollar Slice

Best foods to Eat in New York, Foods of New York

Dollar Slice

This is a piece of pizza priced at $1 or less. Can you imagine such cheap food? Yes, you can get any kind of pizza slice just for one dollar in NYC. Considering the conditions of NYC if you can get such New York’s foods you can easily survive over a limited budget as well. While there are many fast-casual eateries dedicated to the dollar slice, the most consistent slices can be found at local chains 2 Bros. Pizza or 99¢ Fresh Pizza.

3. A “BEC”

 Best foods to Eat in New York, Foods of New York


This slang for the most popular food in New York stands for bodega-made bacon which has delicious creamy eggs, and cheese to make a wholesome sandwich, or “BEC”. You’ll find lots of New Yorkers lining outside various BEC inlets to ensure themselves a great morning. You will be fascinated with the size and amount of ingredients they add to prepare this meal which can easily fill up a place for a regular person’s lunch. Therefore, it’s up to you when you want to taste this star delicacy from New York.

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4. Shack Burger

 Best foods to Eat in New York, Foods of New York

Shack Burger

If you want to see the real craziness for food in New York then you must visit these food inlets. Shake Shack burgers just started their journey with regular hot dogs in 2001 but now their burgers got their own audience which is super excited to always taste their extra-delicious burgers filled with Ground beef, green leaf lettuce, Roma (or plum) tomatoes, Martin sandwich rolls, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, pickle juice, garlic powder, Hungarian paprika, salt, and pepper. It’s rare that you can finish even one of the burgers on your own if you are an interval eater but you must go for their featuring Pat LaFrieda beef, Martin’s potato roll, and top-secret ShackSauce if you want more from their menus. These burgers have become much of a local classic for any New Yorker.

5. Pastrami

Best foods to Eat in New York, Foods of New York


There would be a rare family who might have missed pastrami sandwiches while being in NYC? This is one of the best foods to try in New York that is consumed by every class of society. This cuisine is even world-famous Jewish cuisine that you can easily find in any delicatessen of NYC. Pastrami is basically a meat product made from beef brisket, lambs, or turkey in which they are conditioned just like a sausage as being brined, partially dried, seasoned with herbs and spices, then smoked and steamed again. You enjoy these pastrami patties or shavings in various burgers comprising the delicious cuisines to taste in NYC. City’s best pastrami sandwiches can only be complete with a pile of hand-carved beef pastrami, yellow mustard sauce, and freshly baked rye bread.

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6. Hot Dog

Best foods to Eat in New York, Foods of New York

Hot Dog

By far now you might have heard, tasted and experienced all kinds of hot dogs, those who die without mustard sauce and those who still crack jokes about real animal hot dogs! (Yeah! Man get over it it’s just a bad joke now) Hot dogs are basically elongated versions of burgers only difference instead of thick patties they have long sausages smoked and crispy to taste. Later you can add whatever the hell you wish to sprinkle on your hot dogs. Yes, it’s an unending debate to pour mustard sauce and tomato sauce or just to put mustard sauce. It’s up to you, but as par, discussed this is a must-try food in New York that you must never miss. Order one hot dog with two franks and one soda( when you are really hungry) to get sorted for any time. Yeah, you can eat it in the morning or after midnight it will taste as spectacular as it is. Truth be told, there’s never a wrong time to eat hot dogs. Try out your first ones from Gray’s Papaya.

7. Cheeseburger

 Best foods to Eat in New York, Foods of New York


When you add two exciting things together you get a legend. This burger story is all about the rise of a legendary burger! You cannot miss this famous street food in New York even if you want to as there’s always a guy on the street, feasting through a big cheeseburger and you can’t stop yourself from drooling. I am sure of it(self-experience!). So, just get a griddled medium-rare patty topped with American cheese, lettuce, onions, and pickles, all sandwiched between a perfectly squishy bun as your legendary cheeseburger in NYC. Try out the perfect ones at the corner of MacDougal, this spot is just as solid as the uptown original.

8. Falafel

 Best foods to Eat in New York, Foods of New York


I don’t think Turkish cuisines have even been rejected in any city where they applied for their food’s CV. All around the globe, you can visit any city and if you know Turkish people migrated there, you will get some top items coming straight from their culture. Just like this falafel as one of top foods to eat in New York that is prepared from fried chickpea fritters that are enjoyed along with other Middle Eastern dishes like tahini, fresh veggies, and traditional pita bread. Falafel can be found best only at Mamoun’s Falafel, New York’s oldest falafel restaurant with the most delicious falafel combos.

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9. Elote Callejeros

 Best foods to Eat in New York, Foods of New York

Elote Callejeros

There are lots of burgers to try in NYC but besides these bread-bundled cuisines, there is more to dwell in New York’s food. This is one of the best vegetarian foods in New York that can satisfy your cravings for all the non-veg juicy patties and oily fast food over the streets you can’t taste. Elote Callejeros comprise corn over skewers that are laced with distinctly flavoured mayonnaise, cheese, coriander, and peppers. You must try this dish of skewered, charred grilled corn on the cob steaming hot and top them with lime, queso cotija, chilli powder, and house spicy mayo if you want more spiciness in your corn(implicit non-veg joke! Let’s see if you got it).

10. Murray’s Melt

 Best foods to Eat in New York, Foods of New York

Murray’s Melt

For all the cheese connoisseurs if you want your day to be filled with the best of cheesy dishes you must try out Murray’s melt. As the name of this whole food in New York says this is a melted cheese platter, having essentially tricked-out grilled cheeses along with spongy bread slices. It’s just soul food in New York that you can never forget. The menu offers plenty of sandwich fillings, but for starters opt for the classic Murray’s Melt which is a secret blend of five phenomenal kinds of cheese perfectly melted between two parted-thick slices of the bread according to your preferences.

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11. Grilled Octopus

Best foods to Eat in New York, Foods of New York

Grilled Octopus

This is not ‘everyone’s cup of tea’ so if you are already feeling gross, then just watch the other person try this incredible food to eat in New York(oh common! I am kidding just don’t, no one wants vomits instead of octopus legs in their plates after all). These are crispy charred tentacles of octopus that are freshly prepared after your orders while being dressed in olive oil and lemon, they might look a little creepy-crawly but please don’t worry it’s perfectly dead when it reaches your table. These fishy limbs are moist, perfectly seasoned, and as tender as a good steak. Since seafood is an intricate assortment you must be very precise while trying your first octopus grills and just visit Astoria location for getting smooth tasty legs(of an octopus of course!).

12. New York Cheesecake

Best foods to Eat in New York, Foods of New York

New York Cheesecake

For ending a wholesome meal ranging from finest non-veg burgers to vegetarian fast foods. New York is always ready to surprise its travelers with the hidden treasures of refined items. New York cheesecake is one of the best foods to eat in New York after going through all of the textures of flavours. This dessert is as simple as it sounds but the star feature lies in its freshness of ingredients that you can’t find in any other cheesecake. With the fresh fruit, homemade purees, and more accent creamy slices along with spongy cake bottoms you can end your day on a sweet and soft note. This dessert is one of the city’s richest desserts that you can get at any bakery in NYC.

I hope you enjoyed the above-mentioned list of top 12 foods in New York that never ceases to surprise you with their astonishing cuisines. You can get some of the cheapest foods in New York that you might not find anywhere in America but as the city owns every class of customer you will find the star kids of famous foods to try in New York that is just exceptional in their delivery of legendary flavours you can barely imagine. So follow us as a par guide and tell us in the comment section below how much you enjoyed these dishes along with some of your personalized food suggestions if you have! For information regarding tours in New York download our Adequate travel app from play store and enjoy extra benefits.

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