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There 40,000- 50, 000 Hindus live in Spain. So here you may get some Hindu temples in Spain. Beginning in the mid-twentieth century, Sindhis went to the British province of Gibraltar searching for a more noteworthy money related chance. From that point, they went to Ceuta and Melilla, Spanish regions in North Africa, in the long run spreading out to different urban communities and islands. Sindhi brokers and retailers flourished in the freeports of the Spanish Canary Islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife after the inconvenience of import and remote trade limitations in Spain after World War-II. They led an energetic exchange with the North African mainland from Las Palmas. Whenever Ceuta and Melilla, were additionally proclaimed as free ports, Indian businesspeople set up exchanging houses and retail shops taking into account the visitor exchange. 

List of Hindu Temples in Spain

1. Gibraltar Hindu Temple

Hindu Temple in Spain, Temple in Spain

The Gibraltar Hindu Temple, otherwise called Gibraltar Mandir, is a Hindu sanctuary (Mandir) in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. It is one of the famous hindu temples in Spain. Built-up in 2000, the Gibraltar Hindu Temple is situated at Engineer Lane. Gibraltarian Hindus make around 1.8% of Gibraltar’s populace. This is the main Hindu sanctuary in Gibraltar and it fills in as a profound place for the Hindu populace of the domain. The sanctuary is a beneficent association and means to keep up and advance Hindu culture in Gibraltar. The directing divinity of the sanctuary is Rama alongside his associate Sita, sibling Laxman and Hanuman, a vigorous fan of Rama. Also, there are numerous different murtis in the sanctuary, including Jhulelal, iṣṭa-devatā of Sindhi individuals, and Guru Nanak, the first of the ten Sikh Gurus. The sanctuary directs a recent report class identified with various Hindu sacred writings.

Address: 21 Castle Ramp, Gibraltar GX11 1AA, Gibraltar, Spain
Phone: +34 949 28 04 36

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2. Templo Hindu

Hindu Temple in Spain, Temple in Spain

Templo Hindu is located alongside the Paloma Park this Hindu sanctuary is plain with whitewashed dividers. It is not normal for most Hindu sanctuaries somewhere else which is generally a mob of shading and adornment. Truth be told, it looks increasingly like a mosque. Since it was shut it was difficult to tell whether the inside was progressively average. It’s a case of the phenomenal between religious resistance that exists in the area, and very lovely. A benevolent lady overseer made us welcome and welcomed us to glance around.

Address: Av. Gandhi, 29631 Benalmádena, Málaga, Spain
Phone: +34 627 10 89 87

3. Jhulelal Mandir(Temple)

Hindu Temple in Spain, Temple in Spain

In spite of the fact that Hinduism in Spain is certifiably not across the board religion in Spain, the Hindu people group has existed in the nation for over a century. There are very nearly a thousand million Hindus around the globe, that is, a 6th of the worldwide populace, some of them living in Madrid. In June 2013, a gathering of individuals keen on Hindu conventions arranged their first Madrid meeting in the Jhulelal Temple, on Calle Federico Moreno Torroba, in Retiro. This god is adored by the individuals from the locale of Sindh, in the Indus Valley, in present-day Pakistan. The sanctuary is available to general society.

Address: Calle de Federico Moreno Torroba, 1, 28007 Madrid, Spain
Contact: +34 626 01 98 78

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4. Radha Krishna Hindu Temple (ISKCON)

Hindu Temple in Spain, Temple in Spain

The Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Utah County, Utah, United States, only south of Spanish Fork, was worked to address the issues of the Hindu people group in Utah County. The sanctuary has occasional celebrations, weddings, gatherings, and another week after week benefits for supplication and reflection. The history behind the Sri Radha Krishna sanctuary is established in gave individuals from the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) and their endeavors to bring attention to their religion and Indian culture to the more extensive world. The impact of this development can be followed back a great many years to the essential convictions encompassing Krishna, and also to present-day advocates for Krishna Consciousness like Swami Prabhupada.

Address: Carrer del Monestir de Poblet, 8, 46035 València, Valencia, Spain
Phone: +34 647 95 09 05

5. Templo de Shirdi Sai Baba

Hindu Temple in Spain, Temple in Spain

It is a temple of “Sai Baba”, very quiet and large. You would love to see statues of God Sai. This temple is a popular hindu temple in Madrid Spain. There is a huge statue of Sai Baba in this temple, a quote is written over there ie, Love All Serve All, get the Best Road Trip Routes Spain.    

Address: Calle del Oriana, nº 23, local, 28045 Madrid, Spain
Phone: +34 910 32 14 07

6. Ganesha Mandir 

Hindu Temple in Spain, Temple in Spain

It is one of the famous Ganesh temples in Spain. People often go there because it provides a peaceful environment. Special programs or events take place at the weekends.  This could be one of the few Hindu Temples located in Spain. When you are inside it you feel like being in India at some time. 

Address: Carrer de la Riera, 15, 08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain
Phone: N/A

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7. Shivanagar Temple

Hindu Temple in Spain, Temple in Spain

It’s a beautiful temple of  “Lord Shiva” in Castellón Spain. At walking distance from the Borriana metro station in Spain. This temple is the best place to get peace of mind. The meal is free every Sunday, and all the food is vegetarian. Shivanagar is known as a famous Hindu temple in Spain.  

Address: 12530 Borriana, Castellón, Spain
Phone: +34 616 15 13 08

So far we have discussed the Hindu Temple in Spain, these temples will help you to have devotion in other countries as well. 

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