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The Golden State, California offers some beautiful and spectacular sights. A place of dreams, has all, stunning sandy beaches, snow-capped hills and mountains, idyllic farmlands, and ancient redwood groves, with interesting, multicultural areas. Tourists flock to picturesque San Francisco by the steep, rolling hills, sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. California is the most crowded state and as yet developing. It is the third biggest; just Gold country and Texas surpass it. A Pacific state, California is circled by Oregon toward the north, Nevada and Arizona toward the east, Mexico toward the south, and the Pacific Sea toward the west. In California, sightseers can see a different and delightful scene which include mountains, valleys, and cascades. The state shares the Sierra Nevada, a mountain extend named after the most noteworthy mountain run in Spain, with the province of Nevada. One can also observe Mount Whitney, the most elevated mountain top in the US outside of The Frozen North and in Redwood National Park, one can see the world’s tallest tree, at around 370 feet.There are numerous tourist attractions in California. Tourist can see the world acclaimed San Diego Zoo in California’s oldest city. They can likewise ride a linked vehicle, visit Angler’s Warf, influence in the breeze on the Brilliant Entryway Scaffold, or simply appreciate the view from one of San Francisco’s 43 slopes. If visitors are searching for the excitement they can surf in the Pacific Sea or go on the rides at Disneyland.

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