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Alexandria and Cairo are some of the favorites in the list of best places to eat in Egypt, however, little towns have a somewhat limited choice. Set buffets and menus in lodgings offer occasional Egyptian dishes with worldwide cuisine. Aside from the customary admission, five-star lodgings frequently fly in European gourmet specialists for a week-long ethnic party. In the last couple of years, the prices in Egyptian eateries have been increased and a decent feast can cost nearly as much as in New York or London. Low budgetary eateries mostly don’t serve whiskey and wine, while progressively upmarket spots may just serve costly imported wines.

Where to Eat in Egypt

1.  Fish Market

 best places to eat in Egypt, where to eat in Egypt

Fish Market

Involving the upper deck of a vessel forever secured on the Nile is the suitably named Fish Market. You can take help from maître d’ for their recommendations or you can browse yourself, at that point watch as it’s carefully cooked and weighed. The prices are sensible of excellent mezze and salads to boot, enjoy your meal with a beautiful atmosphere and views of the river which makes it a perfect dining spot.

Address: 48 El Thawra St | Heliopolis, Cairo 11511, Egypt

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2. Andrea’s Chicken and Fish Restaurant

 best places to eat in Egypt, where to eat in Egypt

Andreas Chicken and Fish Restaurant

Here you can eat one of the best-grilled non-veg resented with hummus, freshly baked bread and don’t forget to try their mezze as they serve the best mezze in town. Seating is simple here with bamboo and wooden furniture in a large garden outwards. They also have a playground and a small pool to keep kids happy.

Address: New Giza Rd, Giza 11511, Egypt

3. Moghul Rooms

 best places to eat in Egypt, where to eat in Egypt

Moghul Rooms

This might be the most costly spot nearby, yet one takes a gander at the extravagant insides and you’ll know where your money is going. This classic Indian sustenance dissolves in your mouth and the stimulation is shockingly refined.

Address: Mena House Oberoi Hotel, Pyramids Road, Haram, Cairo, Egypt

4. Bombay Restaurant

For those people who are eager for a night off from kofta and kebabs then this famous Bombay Restaurant eatery is for you. It offers a better than the average choice of exemplary curries with all the standard trimmings including naan bread, samosas, and poppadoms. this place is loved by veggie lovers and the price here is decent too.

Address: LShari‘ Khaled Ibn Al Walid, East Bank (near the Sheraton Hotel)

5. Koshary El-Zaeem

 best places to eat in Egypt, where to eat in Egypt

Koshary El-Zaeem

With an intense neighborhood following, Koshary El-Zaeem made his name as a standout amongst Aswan’s best koshari joints. Healthy portions are served with fried onion and spicy tomato sauce. Locals prefer to take away the food from here but you can sit here on dusty tables which are free to use. Koshary El-Zaeem is one of the top places to eat in Egypt.

Address: El-Shaikh Hassouna, Mansheyat as Sadr, Hadaeq Al Qubbah, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

6. 1886, Winter Palace Hotel

 best places to eat in Egypt, where to eat in Egypt

Winter Palace Hotel

The Winter Palace’s leader restaurant, 1886 has since quite a while ago ruled as Luxor’s top table. Keen not to give its benchmarks a chance to drop, the eatery has a clothing regulation of tie and coat, and the administration in the tenuous lounge area is mindful and formal. French-style with Egyptian ingredients and influence, the food is sumptuous and creative, however, the increase in the wine list is extremely steep.

Address: Corniche el Nile street 11 432، Luxor Governorate 11432, Egypt

7. Tutankhamun

This basic, provincial Egyptian eatery’s greatest resource is its relaxed roof terrace and its cool temperature, which offers awesome views over the Nile. Mahmoud, the enchanting patron, is prestigious for his home-made tagines meals cooked in shrouded mud pots heated in the broiler. There rosemary chicken presented with sweet oriental rice is very popular among visitors. Tutankhamun is a standout amongst the best restaurants in Egypt.

Address: 200m/yds south of the ferry landing; West Bank

8. Sequoia

 best places to eat in Egypt, where to eat in Egypt


The famous Sequoia is situated by the water on the northern part of this island With its laid-back and informal environment, reasonably priced food and consistent, mellow music, and quick service, with the huge amount of water pipes in Cairo. don’t’ forget to book your seats in advance especially at the time of weekends. It is one of the famous places to eat in Egypt.

Address: 3 Shari‘ Abu Al Feda

9. Koshary Ali Baba Restaurant

 best places to eat in Egypt, where to eat in Egypt

Koshary Ali Baba Restaurant

When you ask locals about the town’s top koshari joint they will definitely recommend you, Ali Baba. It might not look much but the food here is excellent. Ali Baba from inside is clean and simple, serving incredible koshari cooked every day, it’s an extraordinary spot to come to attempt Egypt’s popular, carb-substantial dish, however, prices are a little bit high for the tourists.

Address: Masbat Bay, Dahab, Egypt

10. Trianon

 best places to eat in Egypt, where to eat in Egypt


Trianon is one of Alexandria’s culinary establishments, the Trianon has an Old-World feel, wooden paneling, and intricate decoration. The affectionately reestablished eatery serves Mediterranean-meets-vegan dishes and Levantine meat, while nearby, there’s a mainstream patisserie with a patio – ideal for Alexandrine-looking out for a healthy breakfast don’t miss their omelets and some tea and a cake. Trianon is one of the unique places to eat in Egypt.

Address: 52 Saad Zagloul Square، Omar Lotfy, Qesm Bab Sharqi, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

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11. Abu Ashraf

 best places to eat in Egypt, where to eat in Egypt

Abu Ashraf

Situated in Alexandria’s Anfushi area which is famous for its street-side fish restaurants, is the much-adored Abu Ashraf. In spite of the fact that little more than tables under a shade, the seafood and fish are expertly cooked and fresh. Choose the fish you want to eat look for the weight and then tell them how you want it to be cooked. At the time of winter months don’t forget to order fish casserole as it is a favorite among locals.

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Address: Sharia al-Mahatta | Station Street 200 meters down the road, Luxor, Egypt

So all of the mentioned above places are the top places to eat in Egypt where you can eat the best veg and non-veg food as per your taste and all of these eateries are very famous among the locals and the visitors for their unique taste and friendly services. Hope the post is beneficial to you kindly read our other articles also to know more about Egypt.

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