Best Cities to Visit in Paraguay | Major Cities in Paraguay

Nestled between touristy Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil, Paraguay, a little-known country, is rarely visited when following traditional South American tourist itineraries. The cities of Paraguay are lacking famous attractions and tourist-oriented establishments and that is why this interesting country of big rivers, vast green landscapes, and rich indigenous culture is not on the Gringo Trail. The smallest landlocked country in the entire continent is often called ‚Äď The Heart of South America, referring to its geographical location in the center of the continent. Although Paraguay is not regarded as a major travel destination, the country has been recently experiencing a constant increase in tourists. The population is dispersed mainly around the south-east regions of the state. There are also the major cities in Paraguay we visited and recommend to discover.¬† Read here some one of the top cities in Paraguay.

List of Cities in Paraguay

1. Asunción

Best Cities to Visit in Paraguay


Asunción is the capital and one of the famous cities in Paraguay with a total population of 525,244 people and a metropolitan population of about 2.2 million. Asunción was founded in 1537 later became an important town for the Spanish and played a significant role in the 19th-century Paraguayan war that saw the slaying of a majority of her population. Asuncion was actually the base from which the to the wilds of Peru and Patagonia and Spanish ventured out westwards. The town is gilded with the great National Pantheon of the Heroes, today along with one throbbing nightlife along up-and-coming Paseo Carmelitas.

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2. Ciudad Del Este

Best Cities to Visit in Paraguay

Ciudad Del Este

Ciudad Del Este is the second-largest and one of the important cities in Paraguay with a total of about 293,817 people mainly of Lebanese and Taiwanese origin with other members from Korea and Iran. Ciudad Del Este is a city with a rich and diverse culture of its residents and attracts a huge number of tourists which was founded in 1957. With transport infrastructure and media houses, a diplomatic center with various consulates from some foreign countries and an economic center Ciudad is a transport and communication center. Ciudad Del Este is one of the leading economic centers in Paraguay.

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3. Luque

Best Cities to Visit in Paraguay


Luque served as a temporary national capital during the Paraguayan War in 1868. This one of the cities to visit in Paraguay was founded in the period between 1635 and 1750. The population of 263,604 makes Luque the third most populous city in Paraguay. With a national airport, a sporting center with various stadiums and arenas as well as headquarters for organizations such as CONMEBOL this most popular city in Paraguay is an important transport center.

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4. San Lorenzo

Best Cities to Visit in Paraguay

San Lorenzo

With a population of 252,561, San Lorenzo is Paraguay’s fourth most populous city and one of the main cities in Paraguay. The city which was founded in 1775 and initially existed as a Jesuit locality is located in the central department until 1767 when they were expelled from the city. Such as muggings and gang activities, the city is infamous for criminal activities.  Including the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Lorenzo and the National University of Asuncion, the city has several facilities.

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5. Encarnacion

Best Cities to Visit in Paraguay


This best city in Paraguay is known as ‚ÄėPearl of the South‚Äô.¬† With the promise of pristine riparian beaches, drawing crowds of Asuncenos (people from the capital) during the summer and the country‚Äôs most up-and-coming boardwalk boulevard. Groomed and managed and dotted with bikini-clad fashionistas and sunbathers alike best sands are found at the end of Curupayty. Water sports are popular too, with jet skis buzzing around the meanders of Parana, below the shimmering high-rises of the city‚Äôs all-new residential neighborhoods across the bay. And when the relaxation is done and dusted, be sure to get a culture hit at the UNESCO-attested Jesuit ruins on the edge of the town.

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6. Aregua

Best Cities to Visit in Paraguay


Just a short drive from the heart of the buzzing downtown streets of Asuncion, and now almost contiguous with the capital thanks to the ceaseless expansion of its outer suburbs, little, lakeside Aregua is a fine place to go to escape the heat and energy of Paraguay’s only real metropolis. It is one of the best cities to visit in Paraguay. Travelers can expect a pretty maze of cobbled streets and alleyways where the lingering facades of colonial Spain still stand tall. This all abuts the waters of Ypacarai Lake, sailboats and ferries heading to San Bernardino forever bobbing on its sky-blue waters. Then there are the fascinating hexagonal geological formations of the Koi and Chorori hills, looming just on the edge of the city.

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7. Fernando de la Mora

Best Cities to Visit in Paraguay

Fernando de la Mora

Fernando de la Mora is part of the metropolitan area of Asunción and a city located in the Central Department of  Paraguay. The city is one of the most populated of the country with some 160,000 inhabitants. The South area and the North area, with a total surface of 21 square kilometers, the city is divided into two regions. Such as Zavala Cue, Pitiantuta, 10 de Julio, Las Residents, among others it is crossed from North to South by many paved streets and avenues. This beautiful city in Paraguay has a total number of 62 green spaces. 

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The land of lost cities, mesmerizing sites, and the best cities to visit in Paraguay are waiting for you. What are you waiting for? Plan your vacation to Paraguay and discover this peaceful, peace-loving and most visited cities in Paraguay country.

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