Beaches to Visit in Capetown, Beaches in Capetown, Best Beaches in Capetown

Top 10 Beaches in Capetown, South Africa| Best Beaches in Capetown

Capetown is best known for its exotic tourism all around the world. African capital city not only offers best-themed park journeys but also provides various interesting underwater activities to enjoy the vacations at their best. The well-known beaches of Capetown are incredible with their golden sand and sunny shores and anyone can expect a great luxury of soothing winds rolling down the frequent tides on every shoreline of the city. But the whole country in itself is a bigger tourism magnet therefore, it’s easy to be baffled by numerous beaches here. Hence, I’ve to mention Capetown’s top beaches to visit which are well equipped with better lodging and water sport activities to enhance your experiences tenfold and grant you the best luxury of relaxed and peaceful moments. 

List of Beaches to Visit in Capetown

1. Milnerton Beaches

 Beaches to Visit in Capetown, Beaches in Capetown, Best Beaches in Capetown
Milnerton Beaches

This is one of the famous beaches in Capetown which is known for its scenic views embellished by the monumental lighthouse that guides boats into the picturesque Table Bay. It is a fabulous place for any snap-happy visitor who seeks spectacular views of the mountain, dreamy sunsets and a palm-fringed lagoon in their desired beaches. This place also serves well for surfing enthusiasts. Water is slightly cooler on this section of the coast hence brave-hearted adventure geeks can brace an ocean swim whenever they feel like.

Address: 1 Woodbridge Centre, Loxton Road, Woodbridge Island, Milnerton, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa

2. Little Bay, Bloubergstrand

 Beaches to Visit in Capetown, Beaches in Capetown, Best Beaches in Capetown
Little Bay, Bloubergstrand

This beach in Capetown, South Africa is much more celebrated due to its seafood in the entire West coast of Bloubergstrand (‘blue mountain beach’ in Afrikaans) instead of its beachy vibes and gushing breeze. Bloubergstrand’s beaches not only provide adorable mountain scenes but also offer an excellent view of Cape Town along with the iconic view of Robben Island where the popular ex-president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, was held, a prisoner during the times of colonisation.

Address: Popham St, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, South Africa

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3. Clifton 1-4 

 Beaches to Visit in Capetown, Beaches in Capetown, Best Beaches in Capetown
Clifton 1-4

If you want dazzling white sand and turquoise water beach then Clifton is the best choice. It holds a variety of small beaches in Capetown out of which the first beach is particularly popular amongst surfers and beach volleyball players offering a veritable playground of sporting people. You can enjoy a lot of beach activities at this beach of Capetown without any hassle. There are other significant beach zones where you can relax and chill out with your friends as well.

Address: Clifton, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa

4. Camps Bay Beach

 Beaches to Visit in Capetown, Beaches in Capetown, Best Beaches in Capetown
Camps Bay Beach

With a wide range of colourful pavement cafés and blazing beach spots, this is a top beach in Capetown which, definitely worth a visit. It is situated, near the Camps Bay which is about 10 minutes from Cape Town city centre. Hence, being the closest beach in Capetown this destination attracts a lot of travellers from across the globe to spend some leisurely time at this beach. You can also opt for exciting underwater activities as the region between Camps Bay and Llandudno constitutes a labyrinth of underwater caverns which accounts for a perfect diving spot. 

Address: Cape Town, 8005, South Africa

5. Boulders Beach

 Beaches to Visit in Capetown, Beaches in Capetown, Best Beaches in Capetown
Boulders Beach

Located on the False Bay this is firmly a family favourite beach which surely worths a small fee to spend the day in Cape Town’s best swimming shore with its safe, sheltered and gloriously warm waters. But the fee ensures the strict protection of its occupants and the beach is always kept clean. Who wouldn’t like to enjoy with their family on a clean and secured beach? It’s the real definition of a truly relaxing vacation where you don’t have to worry about any other city’s stress or workloads. For spending a great time this is one of the best beaches in Capetown to spend vacations.

Address: Kleintuin Rd, Simon’s Town, Cape Town, 7995, South Africa

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6. Llandudno

 Beaches to Visit in Capetown, Beaches in Capetown, Best Beaches in Capetown

One of the youngest hangout joints where crowd Surfers, groups of friends, families, and tourists gather together and enjoy the golden sand beach with a soothing cool breeze. This is one of the most visited beaches in Capetown which is best suited for picnics at sunset, frisbee, beach bats, runs on beach and surfing. Bay Harbour Market is situated nearby this beach and accounts for the best beer and food stalls in the city. If markets aren’t your thing, then go for a late lunch or dinner and enjoy the surreal vibes of this divine place.

Address: Llandudno, Cape Town, 7806, South Africa

7. Beta Beach 

 Beaches to Visit in Capetown, Beaches in Capetown, Best Beaches in Capetown
Beta Beach

Since there are no strong high-speed winds and waves at this beach in Capetown, South Africa the water is perfect for snorkelling, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and shallow dips. If you are also a fan of lots of beach activities then this beach will serve you well. Not only the fine coarse sands but the clear water makes it even more exciting and easy to spot various adorable underwater creatures. You can either bring along a paddleboard, a kayak or your snorkelling equipment or rent it out from the neighbourhood at this beach to enjoy the marine life and rejuvenating weather.

Address: 10 Beta Rd, Bakoven, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa

8. Glen Beach

 Beaches to Visit in Capetown, Beaches in Capetown, Best Beaches in Capetown
Glen Beach

This is one of the best beaches in Capetown which is famous for being a pet-friendly beach. You can spot a lot of dogs and other pet owners strolling around the shorelines with their pets in the morning while surfing, is another beloved sport which practised with great admirations here. A whole day of fun in the sun without the wind or crowds can only be possible this beach of the city.

Address: Cape Town, 8005, South Africa

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9. Oudekraal Beach

 Beaches to Visit in Capetown, Beaches in Capetown, Best Beaches in Capetown
Oudekraal Beach

This beach is a private entry beach that demands cash for the entrance fee and if you consider that your Green Wild Card will get you in for free then you are completely wrong. Pack firewood if you wish to spend a nice evening at this nice beach of Capetown. The Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa is the perfect nearby spot for a light lunch, sushi sundowners or a luxurious spa treatment with a wonderful warm tea which can soothe all your stress and relieves your mind. This beach is the perfect destination for those wandering around the city in search of a secluded calm beach with rejuvenating vibes.

Address: Cape Point Cape Town 7764, South Africa

10. Long Beach

 Beaches to Visit in Capetown, Beaches in Capetown, Best Beaches in Capetown
Long Beach

One of the popular beach to visit in Capetown were surfing, sunbathing, sunset walks and walking your dogs is the featured poster attraction that calls all kinds of beachgoers together at one adorable place. A unique phenomenon which makes this beach more exciting is its pretty cold water that ironically turns into a warmer water body in winters. Some adventure geeks even take a swim in the chilly water sometimes. There are some nearby food joints as well where you can taste various seafood varieties of Capetown.

Address: Kommetjie, Cape Town, 7976, South Africa

Hope you enjoyed the brief list of top 10 beaches in Capetown that offer umpteen beach sports and fabulous scenic views of the city. There are various famous spots at the mentioned famous beaches of Capetown which deliver unique accommodations to the travellers hence go through the brief delineations of the beaches and do let us know which one is your favourite. For more engaging blogs like these head on to our other blogs and ping us in the comment sections below if you hold any queries regarding the travel destinations.

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