The Most Cleanest Beaches In California

The Beaches at California Coast attracts us every time whether it is winter or summer. California is a state which is popularly known for its beaches. In this Article, you will know the Cleanest Beaches In California where you can enjoy the epic views, Outdoor activities and definitely, you will have a lot of entertainment there. You can visit there with your friends and family to spend some quality time and capture the beautiful enjoyable moments of life.  

Here are the Top 9 Cleanest Beaches in California

1. Carlsbad State Beach

Cleanest beaches in California
Carlsbad State Beach

Carlsbad is known as the Charming Beach of California. At this Beach you can have a private bike tour, you can visit LEGOLAND with your kids and the theme parks nearby Beach. The real Gem of this Beach is Scuba dive, Kayak, Local Aquarium of Beach and you can take a fish rod to the sea and earn your lunch by fishing there. All these activities provided by Carlsbad State  Beach made him come under the category of the top beaches in California.

2. La Jolla

Top 9 beaches in California
La Jolla

La Jolla Shores is perfect to hang out and enjoy your Beach day. This Beach is known for its Soft Sand and Broadness. The waves at this Beach during summers are too gentle than any other beaches in San Diego. You can visit Windansea Beach for better surfing waves. La Jolla Shores is approximately 1 mile long which allows you to get good space there. You can feel the softness of the sand and it is mainly known for its cleanest which makes him the Cleanest Beaches in California.

3. Laguna Beach: Crystal Cove State Park

Best Beaches in California
Laguna Beach

Laguna is famous for its cleanness. Here you can spot many of the famous Celebrities, It has a wonderful location and it is very close to the Downtown shops and Restaurants. It has all the things that will make you feel like being at home. You can join the cruise to witness the Leaping Whales and explore the wildness of Crystal Cove State Park and you can paddle along the Coastline if you are lucky enough you can spot some Sea Lions there.

4. Cambria: Moonstone Beach

Top Beaches in California
Moonstone Beach

Moonstone Beach is in  Cambria City, California. It is well known for the gemstones which we can normally found at the coast. With these gemstones, you can make some jewelry. These are not expensive but looks perfect. here you can see many Wildlife fans as there are different and beautiful Species of the birds. While evening time you can spot the beautiful Sunset here. All these features provided by Moonstone Beach makes it one of the best beaches in California.

5. Huntington Beach

Cleanest Beaches in the California, unique beaches in California
Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is located in Orange Country, California. There are a lot of things to do in Huntington Beach. It is one of the top Beaches in California. While traveling on a cruise you can enjoy Dolphin and Whale spotting. At Huntington Beach, you can enjoy Bodyboarding, Beach Volleyball and the awesome evening barbecues around the ring fire.

6. Malibu: Zuma Beach and Carbon Beach

Best Beaches in California

Malibu Beach town is famous for its Sunbathing, Awesome Surfing and some famous celebrities spotting beach town. This beach is one of the best beaches in California. Plan your day with your family on Zuma beach to see the Seals playing in the sea. Visit Malibu’s Bluff park and take an airplane ride over the canyon to explore the beautiful scenery of Malibu and you can also try paddle in the Carbon Beach.

7. Hermosa Beach

top Beaches in California
Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach is located in Los Angeles, California Hermosa Beach is known for his wide strip of sand. At Hermosa Beach you can play Beach Volleyball, Roller Blade along the boardwalk, surfing and hit the penny arcade. After taking Sunshine rays you can retreat to Spacious Rental, make dinner and enjoy your meal with a glass of wine.

8. San Diego: Mission Beach

unique beaches in California
mission beach

Mission Beach is located in San Diego, California. It is well known for its Street Performers, Amusement Park, and Beach Cruisers. The Big Factors are Clean Sand, jaw-dropping rentals and Pedestrian Path and you will have an unforgettable day by the waves. Mission Beach is famous for its long way clean sand. It is one of the Cleanest  Beaches in California.

9. Carmel City Beach

Top 9 Beaches in California
Carmel City Beach

Carmel City Beach is located in Carmel City, California. It is famous for its long wide-ranging. The Beach is totally jam-packed on Sunny days. Carmel City  Beach often stays cool and cloudy. Carmel City Beach is one of the unique beaches in California. At this Beach, you can enjoy Every outdoor activity and you will definitely have a lot of fun there.

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All the Beaches which are mentioned above are the Cleanest Beaches in California where you can enjoy yourself and spend your weekends. These Beaches are the best in terms of Enjoyment. Fun and Entertainment and you will definitely have a quality time there. Bring your Camera with to capture all the beautiful moments. Give us your opinions and reviews at the comment section and if you like our post it so that it will be helpful to others also.

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